Kind Cruelty
I'm a Fake Submissive
La Diablesse Perverse
Furry Animal Femdom
Legally Binding Mistress / Slave Contract
Inadvertant Orgasm Denial
A Man and His Penis
Male Masturbation
Penile Self-Amputation
Contracts Aren't Forever
I Try a Vibrator
Kinky Superman
Thelma Twittle
Popular Culture
Role of the Dominant Female in American Society
Mad Lust
Human Punching Bag
Really Real Slavery
Preposterous CBT VIII : Duct Tape
Howdy Y'all
Asian Women Seek Groveling White Men
I Almost Died
Ms. Hyde
Sex Toys
Spontaneous Scrotal Infusion
TPE (Maybe)
10 Sins of D/s and S&M
Long Distance Boot Worship
Fundamentalist Mormons of Gor
Beastly Boyz
Shiner : Erotic Violence
On Bad Health
Submission as Innocence
Am I Too Glib?
Alpha Males & ProDommes
Nicotine Damnation
Femdom is Satanic!
Brain Pain
BDSM Erotica
Grow Some Balls Boy ... !
Eight-Pin Needle Percussion Hammer
My Hunger
Not Quite Bad Enough
My Penis
BDSM Romance
The Doghouse
Craigslist 2
Multiple Profiles?
Response on CollarMe (Today)
No Sex for You Mr! Don't Even Talk About It!
Hush of Submission
Fanmail from Chicago
Bottom or Slave
Flogging a Cock
Shame and Degradation
Notes on Corporal Punishment
Most Masochists are Male
Gender, Me and Kink
Categorical, Generic Degradation
Submissive Men as Prey
Punishment (Again)
Pop Culture
Bad Answers to Personal Ads
The Bondage Chair
My Beautiful Masochist
Give the Gift of Female Domination
Superhuman / Subhuman
Hooray for Lust!
Thank You For Being Alive
Would You Force Your Son to Wear a CB6000?
CollarMe So Far
TPE as Self-Help
Castrated Sex
Riding Her Pony
Masochism : After the Fact
In the Land of Kinky Profiles
NC ISO Profile Mark II
The Lifestyle
Sadistic Desires
Unquiet Switchiness
I Was Drunk When I Wrote This
Fingernail Torment
BDSM in Mass Culture
TV Portrayals of Dominant Women
Punishment as Education
Fantasy Comments
Male Emotional Masochism & Self-Esteem
BDSM vs. Vanilla Dating
BDSM Confusion
Femdom Kink is Vanilla
The Quest for the Unconditional
Do Dommes Want Dummies?
Reality Check
Licking the Toilet Clean : An Example
Dark Dreams and Sweet Wishes
Contempt Play
Annoying Sadistic Impulses
The Paradox of Female Supremacy
Libido Can Be Funny
Pavlovian Preemptive Wanking
Lessons of Three Years
MyDungeonSpace Account Cancelled
Sexualities: How About None?
Switch Twitch
Funny Ideas : An Example
State of Richard Update
Multiple Simultaneous Sadists
Power Exchange / CollarMe.Com Confusion
Pickle Juice and Piss
Bad Love, Mad Love
Why Bad Things Happen to Good Masochists
Is Romance Incompatible with D/s?
The Whipping Fantasy
The Romance of Boot Worship
Reality Check
Isolation and Neglect
Reaction Bottom
What I Wouldn't Be Looking For
Virtual Beer and Tea
Three Years
The End
Durham, North Carolina
Femdom and Courtly Love
Hypothetical Profile
The Briar Patch
On Being a Reaction Top
In Search Of
Preposterous CBT VII
Edifying Wanking
On Not Chatting
The Problem of Romantic Monogamy
Hypothetical Partners
Feeling Nonsexual
On Romantic Paranoia
Dreaming of Tom Allen
On Seeing Other People
Futile Lust
BDSM & Eros
Nazi Femdom
Is BDSM Sexual?
Kinky Bliss : Three Stages
Proof of Perversion
Warning to BlogSpot Bloggers
Verbal Abuse & Fear
My Monogamy : Afterword
BDSM Microcultures
My Monogamy
Switches! Don't! Exist!
Time Without Alexandra
The Man-Dog
Fantasies Flatline
Femdom Categorical Imperatives
Superior Tops & Inferior Bottoms
Female Dominants With Clothing Fetishes
BDSM as Religious Experience
An Agreement
Too Tired for S&M
How I Came to be Kinky
Make Him Submissive With Biochemistry
Empress of All Space and Time
My Genitals are Her Trophies
Bad Things About Femdom
Cat O' Nine Tails & Flogger Reviewed
The Ultimate Bondage Device?
Online Conversations about BDSM
S&M and Warm-Ups
Tops: Self-Acceptance, Self-Control, BDSM Addiction
BDSM Scenes, Titles : Aesthetics & Sincerity
Dominance, Submission and Obscure Lusts
Ludic BDSM
Bisexual Men & Female Domination
Sick & Pererted & @#&%!!!
The Random 7 Meme
Buy a Slave on eBay
The 5 Essentials of Femdom Relationships
A Knot of Bongage Kinksters
Topping from the Bottom
Distinguishing Degradation from Humiliation
Matrifascist from Beyond Space
Training Fantasies Examined
BDSM Conditioning : Various Thoughts
Training & Conditioning
Masochist Rebound Syndrome Revisited
Hit Me!
It Depends
Her Last Time Here : A Summary
Fidelity Can Be Funny
Femdom Synarchy - Insecurity?
Ideal Female Sadist
Barbwire Bondage
Ten (Eleven) Words
The Pain of Not Being Hurt
Woman Worship : The Revelation
Structure, Plan, Map
Quality of Suffering
Individuality and Kink
Structured Topping from the Bottom
Profiting From the Loss of Libido
Loss of Masochism and Libido
Loss and Separation
Icy Hot Nipples
Suffering and Struggling
Sitting on Sandpaper
Urophagia Cocktail
Perverting Your Human Pet
Chained Testicles
Creepy Pinwheel
Sneaky Endorphins
Exploring Duration
Her Aftercare
Sitting At Her Feet
Second Ritual Caning
Asking For What You Want
Making Progress
Preconceptions Ruin an Offering
25 Micrograms
D/s and Selflessness
Masochistic Wimp
Cute Suffering
Kiss Me, Hurt Me
Recovery, Slow Progress
The Pet
Kisses in the Garden
Infantile, Impotent, Spineless, Inferior (O! Those Pink Blogs!)
Too Submissive?
More on Face Slapping
Recklessly Lazy Tops
Some Guys are Hard to Humiliate
The Root of Too Much Evil
Female Supremacy as Metaphor
Bend Over Boyfriend
Blogging Ideas
Yellow Peril Femdom
Happy Fetishists as Role Models
Waiting for 3/19
S&M Bores
Our Sadomasochistic Bond
20 Maxims About BDSM
Femdom Chastity
Gender Follies II
What is Wrong With Loving Female Authority
Fire Ants
BDSM Reference
A Valentine for My Beloved
Sandpapered Nipples
Snake Goddess
Alpha Domme
Worst Description of Female Domination Ever?
Age Play
The Flame
BDSM and Libido
What is BDSM?
Domme of Decades Gone
Emotional Masochism
Sex-Kitten Interview
Play : Time, Mood, Depth, Intensity
M/s Speech?
The Submissive Person is in Control?
Beautiful Suffering
Nudity & BDSM
Face Slapping as Erotic Play
Femdom : Do It For Fun!
Just Her Human Pet
Exploring Human Pet Play
Submissive or Bottom?
What if She Tried to Commit Suicide?
Becoming a Phone Sex Operator
Vintage Femdom II
A Taser for Your Toybag?
Ring Bell for Quick Service!
BDSM and Food
Gender Follies
What Is This All About?
Have Any Kinky New Year's Resolutions?
Sublime Sardax
Current Sense of Sexuality
That Silly Old Real Slave Debate
Serene Alienation
The Romance of the Cage
Tortured Beyond Recovery
As Pretty as a Picture
Play and Have Fun
Male Chastity Devices : Their Erotic Power
Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving
A Submissive Male Can Still Be a Man
Pansexual Perve : The Interview
Chastity Devices : Their Variety and Lore
Chastity : Our Next Step?
The Fantasies : The End
10 Quotes About Labels in BDSM
Last : Constructing the Perfect Fantasy
S&M and Stress : A Scene
Female Chauvinism vs. Gynosupremacy
Yet Again: Constructing the Perfect Fantasy
She Who Must Be Obeyed
Do You Want to Die Happy?
Your True Way
D/s : Another Model
Fah Lo Suee
Watching Something Together
Femdom Lies
More: Constructing the Perfect Fantasy
Fetish Toys
Constructing the Perfect Fantasy
Queen Antinea
Paradox of Pain
Happy Holidays
Trance of Adoration
Communicating Kinks
Colossus and the Amazon Queen
Paradox of Punishment
Chastity Belt for Christmas
Paradox of Obedience
Paradox of Submission
In the Closet
Happy Anniversary
BDSM Thought Experiments
Women With a Cane
A Lifestyle Created By Us
Self-Destructive Self-Doubt
5 Kinks : Preamble
5 Kinks : Two Special Fantasies
5 Kinks : A Boy and His Genitals
5 Kinks : Herbs, Spices and CBT
5 Kinks : Testicle Weights
5 Kinks : Being Milked
Chatting With My Beloved
Bondage as Bliss
Up All Night
Slave in a Barrel
Femdom From Outer Space!
Beneath the Feet of Your Goddess
Negative Comments on Femdom Blogs
10 Best Things About BDSM
Leather Stapping
Sweetest Surrender
Yuck! My Boyfriend is a Foot Fetishist
Submitting to ...
Kinky Auction
Vintage Femdom I
Are Male Submissives and Dominants Alike?
Erotically Exciting Personas
Orgasm Denial on the Farm
Just Her Slave Animal
Foot Worship
Felt Boot Fetishism
Ownership Icons / Flag
Play? Recreation? Lifestyle? TPE? 24/7? BDSM
Testicle Kicking Technique
The Romantic Pleasure of D/s
Lost Libido
Small Penis Humiliation
Who Has the Best BDSM?
Intolerance in the BDSM Community
Petty Peeve & PreposterousClaim
To Submissive Female Readers (and Others)
Ideal Dominant
Clothes Don't Make the Domme
D/s : Just One Part of a Full Life
American Law Enforcement Discovers Sissification?
Spankings : Yes or No?
For Fun
Chastely Erotic
Wherefore Woman Rules Roost?
Submissive Men : Common False Assumptions
Motivating Things
Labels : Submissive, Dominant
Submissive Savant?
Rituals, Affirmations & Protocols to Come ...
For Kicking Fetishists Only
Objectification Room
Second Anniversary
As I Slept
From Gyno-Utopians to Gyno-Fascists
A Masochist's Lamentations
William Learns That He is Submissive
In Praise of Professional Dominatrices
Femdom Blog Holocaust!!!!
Tender, Sweet, Loving Femdom
Part of Life, Lifestyle or ... ?
Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fuzzy
Male Slave Positions
Lifestyle, Part of Life or ... ?
Interrogation Scenarios
The Problem of Freedom
Bondage Versus Submission
Remembering and Reliving
FLR / LFA Marriages & Relationships
Evil Spiked Shoes
That Old S&M Versus D/s Debate
Dommes & Vulnerability
May I use the restroom Ma'am?
Mad, Bad Fantasies
Live My Life for Me Please
Pansexual Polyfetishist?
First Femdom Novel
Playing the Helicopter
Ugol's Law
LFA / FLR / D/s S&M / DD / HoH / BDSM (Alphabet Soup Anyone?)
Trouble in the World of Phone Sex
Germanicus Divine
A Fine Romance
Dating Advice for F/m Folk
More Male Milking Machines
No Nudist Dominatrices!
Hypnotic Femdom
Make Me Your Sissy Bitch!
Referred Testicle Pain
A Superior Female's Rule is Like Heroin
Variations on a Dominant Theme
Craving Less. Getting More.
Domme Rip-Off Artists on the Web
Female Masters (as it were)
My Commonplace Masochistic Fantasies
Male Slave as Woman's Property
Evil Dom Women!
Who Will Be America's Truest Submissive
On Kneeling
Fellatio and Dominant Women
Mistress Lee
Bottom, Slave, Masochist ... ?
BDSM and Tears
The Path to Submissiveness
The Path to Here
Impotence? Castration?
How Can You Know You Want What You've Never Had?
Sweet, Soft Surrender
The Female Brain
DIY Bondage Toys
Female Domination is Emasculating?
Second-half Blowout (Super Bowl Sunday Part 3)
Pre-Game Hype (Super Bowl Sunday Part 2)
The Road to the Big Game (Super Bowl Sunday Part 1)
Femdom Search Statistics
Licking Her Boots
Forced Fellatio & Strap-On Sex
The 800th Kink Note
Emotional Masochism : Gender Bias?
Denied Sex With Girlfriend or Wife?
Ruined Orgasms
Gender : Coda
Femdom Rules
An Exemplary Blog
Mostly About Gender
Mostly About Genitals
Young Goddess' Face Slapping Party
The Penis and Female Domination
Does Not Equal
F/m Gender Politics
Ann Coulter - Dominatrix?
Preposterous CBT VI
This is a Joke
Transsexual Dommes
Let Me Share Your Opinions, Thoughts, Hopes and Dreams
Cyber Spanking Machine!
The Myth of the Fat Dominant
Principle of Least Interest
Topping From the Bottom
Again: How To Meet a Dominant Woman
1967 Venus in Furs
Asexual BDSM?
Tenderness and Pain
Ethnicity, Race?
BDSM Wishes, Hopes, Dreams, Fantasies
Holy Virgin Femdom
Images of Submission
Femdom Erotica and Emotional Health
Please M'am, May I Have Some Cake?
Of ProDommes
Free! Femdom! Stuff!
Femdom Porn
Femdom Unpopular Culture
Psychodrama vs. Roleplay : The Distinction
State of the Brain Report
She Will Need You
Free Female Domination Fiction
Preposterous Penis Claims
Femdom Pop Culture
Dominant Women in Books and Movies?
I Awoke in Chains ...
The Evil Nazi Woman
The Girl From Rio
Keeping My Nose to the Grindstone
Well, Really, There Aren't Many Options ...
My Failures ... Ah ... How Sad ... How Wasteful ...
The Trial of Stanley Scott Sadler
Virtual BDSM
A Directory of Sexual Pluralism
Holy BDSM!
The Kaotians
Bondage for Beginners
They Almost Murdered Him
BDSM & Biofeedback
Her Red Shoes
Taking a Walk on the Mild Side
A Google Search Gone Wrong
A Virtual Dominatrix
In Like Flint
Mother Turns Son into Slave
Happy Times
Slapped & Bitten
When She Doesn't Want to Play
My BDSM Card Set
The Wooden Spoon
Her Footstool
Hitching Rings in the Kitchen
Unable to Stop Masturbating
ProDomme Plans to Sue Police
Moonlight Whispers
Seductress: The Cruel Woman
The Whiphand
A Little More About the Pet Role
Submission is the Reward
Eating Cat Food
Mistress Mischa?
Safeword? Yes!
Happy Insomnia
North Carolina Castration Case
My Tears Were Tears of Joy
Victor Nieuwenhuijs' Venus in Furs
Small Clothespins, I’d Read, Hurt the Worst
Femdom Weblogs & Forums
ProDomme Bound & Robbed
Finally ... !
Spank the Gimp
BDSM: The Dominant's Risks
BDSM Toy Storage
Master Rick's Castration Service
BDSM: Best Kept Out of Sight?
Hoods, Chains, Cuffs & Stocks
Focused Fantasies
Backyard BDSM
I Miss My Collar
Boy On a Leash
Pet vs. Animal
A Happy Couple
Kneeling and Whipped
The Perfect Image of Woman Worship
$11,000 for Lady Sage
Clarity and Communication
The Joy of Her Boots
Still Kinkless
How I Got Started in Nipple Torture
Fake, Phony, Bogus Slaves
Kissing Her Shoes
The Bondage Master
Millions to ProDomme
Too Many Rules = Too Many Complications?
Crush Erotica
Sick : An Afterthought
Alexandra is Back
Punishment Switches
BDSM : The One True Way?
Bob Flanagan
Icy Pain
Preposterous CBT V
Work to Scale : 3
Work to Scale : 2
Work to Scale : 1
Mistakes: Don't Bother with Shame & Blame
When Play Spankings Become Punishment
Questions & Observations by Others
Horse Ranch Helper
The Toys That Time Forgot
Their Journey Continues ...
CBT Macramé & Other ...
Near Future
The Search for Advice
Cheap Testicle Weights
Over Communication?
Male Milking Machine
Nickname? Pet Name?
Dominant Women Are Looking For ...
Suffering For Her Pleasure
Bondage Dreams
Chastity Therapists
On Loving a Transsexual Woman
How Do You Milk a Man?
A Human Pet's Yearning
What Are Your Hard Limits?
Honest Fantasies
Chastity as a Means of Emotional Recovery
Mostly Pervertable
Night Thoughts
It’s All Legal
Exploring Orgasm Denial
Under Her Thumb
When BDSM Becomes Abuse
Erotic Hypnosis and D/s ... ?
Have an Icy Hot Time
Asking for Permission to Beg
Let Us Review Your S&M Toy or Bondage Device
Websites for Submissive Men
Preposterous CBT IV
Pam Grier
Stories By Others
2: Horse Of A Different Color
1: Horse Of A Different Color
A Few Words of Thanks
The Pet, the Slave Needs His Owner
A Masochist's Submission
Pervertables that Bite : Clips & Clamps
Chemical CBT
Boundaries & Limits
Incompetent Dominant?
Foreskin Confinement
Laughter & Humiliation ... ?
Financial Masochism
Contractual Obligations
Enforced Chastity Inexpensively
My First and Likely Last Limerick
Her Consensual Slavery Contract
No Safeword
The Femdom Police
A Dozen Roses
Abusing People is Fun
Ideal Slave
Ideal Dominant
Favorite Fetish or Kink
Your Favorite BDSM Toy?
Your Deepest Fantasy
Report from the Silly Slave Mind
Sweet Cruelty
Communication & Honesty
New Seduction
Caged Penis: Afterthoughts
Caged Penis: Me in Chastity?
Caged Penis: Moderation
Caged Penis: On the Web
Caged Penis: Stallion Guard
Tiredness & BDSM
On My Fragility
Lady Heather on CSI
Bratty Bottoms
Submission vs. Surrender
Your Sexual & Affectional Orientation
The Pleasure of Pleasing
Girls Are For Loving
Nonphysical Punishment
Happily Needy
Five Long Months
Dominatrix Misaki Saiki
Thirst & Pain
Masochist's Erections
About the Writer
That Stubborn Penis Plug
Are Femdom Relationships Male-Centric?
D/s Webcomic
The Romantic Fetishist
F/m Stereotypes
Midori On the Good Domme
Wild Side Sex
Sexism and Male Submission?
Bad Manners
The Pretty, Pervy Band-Aid Called D/s
Erotic Humiliation
Uncomprehending Readers
A Few Special Evenings
Disciplining a Submissive Husband
Pleasing Me (Finally)
He's Given Her Complete Control of His Sex Life
Rimba TENS Unit : Too Weak?
Pleasing Myself II
But One of Many Slaves
F/m Fiction
Abusive Domme?
Electric Toothbrush + Penis
Mistress Lauren M
Her Bored Slave
Do Dommes Want Sissies?
Midnight Longings
Midnight Doubts
Pleasing Us
Pleasing Myself
Pleasing Her : Trample
Pleasing Her : Object Crushing
Why Do We Need to Feel Helpless?
Testicle Torture: Guidance
Pleasing Her
Why Do We Need Bondage?
Women Spanking Men
A Handbook for Submissive Men?
Testicle Torments
A Metal Collar About My Throat
Do You Want to Be Remade?
F/m Games
Masculinity, Ideology & Woman Worship
Discrimination Against BDSM Orientation
Punched in the Face
On Being Broken
Slave Vocabulary Game
But Honestly ...
Fantasies : Unlikely & Impossible
Human Draft Animal
Attitude Adjustment : Coda
Attitude Adjustment V
Attitude Adjustment IV
Attitude Adjustment III
Attitude Adjustment II
Attitude Adjustment I
Are BDSM Relationships More Honest?
What Folks Are Looking For
Innovations in Penis Bondage
The Persecution of Michelle Silva
The Church of My Owner
Note on Boot Worship
Male Slave Checklist
Femdom Foot Fetish Forums
A New Year's Resolution for Submissive Men
Dom/mes Rights
Morning Greeting
Male Milking : Keeping it Healthy
D/s & Begging: Theory & Practice
Still Striving to Learn How to Beg
Kinky Yoga?
What Dominant Women Look For
Images of Retifism
D/s: The One True Way
Rules for Voluntary Slaves
Desideratum from F/m Artwork
Her Christmas Present
Trying to Get Rid of an Unwanted Guest
A Slave's Path No More
Pin-up Dominatrices
Chastity Belts for the Masses
Male Masturbation Under Female Guidance
Wanting to be Punished
BDSM Voluntary Slavery Contracts
Merry Christmas
Shades of Submissive & Slave Needs
Sissification Gone Mad
The Case of Empress M
Kneeling In the Corner
Slave Training
Man Invited to Lick Feet Bites Toe
Fantasies ... Fantasies ...
Kinky Fiction
Humiliation Play : Share Your Pleasures
Electroplay Toys
Franco's Art of Domestic Discipline
Living for Moments of Submission
An Evil Angel
Defining Domme
Missing My Beloved
BDSM & Stress
Quarter-million Dollars in Dominatrix Fees
ProDomme vs. Indianapolis
Famous Foot Fetishists
Male Submission & Self-Esteem
Let Me Share Your Words
Male Genital & Body Shaving
Goddess - Mistress - Domina - Miss - Lady
Psychopharmacology & BDSM
Slave and Partner
Blogger & BDSM Blogs
Online Game Includes BDSM Roles
How About Images of Happy Dominas?
DIY Chastity Devices
Seeing What You Want to See
S&M Tic-tac-toe
Silent Service
Romantic Submission
Asymmetry of BDSM Desires (A Follow-Up)
A Part Time Male Slave's Statistics
Naïve, Clichéd Look at D/s & S&M in Psychology Today
#5 : TS-Domina
On Missing Her
Early F/m Photography II
Early F/m Photography
Dommes in Movies
My Supreme BDSM Fantasy
Church of Woman Worship
BDSM Desires : Keeping in Phase with Your Partner
D/s, S&M : The Infinite Variety
Tell Me About Your Lover, Domme or Slave
Dreams, Hopes, Memories
Capitalization Protocol
#4 : TS-Domina
F/m Movies
Bad Movies (Really Bad Movies)
Want Some Advice?
Convert a Garage into a Dungeon?
How Young Were You?
What Do You Keep In Your Living Room Closet?
Tall Domina
Build Your Own Dream (Nightmare?) Dungeon
Love & Adoration
BDSM Labels
A Gentle Domme
Preposterous CBT III
Your Most Humble & Obedient Servant
Venus on Top
Gender and BDSM, D/s, S&M
Current Fantasy Life
Slave or Submissive?
Chained Nutless Faggette?
Whips, Fem Supremacy, Slave Routines & Permanent OD
#3 : TS-Domina
Damned With Asexuality
Orgasm Denial as Virtual Viagra?
#2 : TS-Domina
My Transgendered Domina
Audience Participation : Suggest a Topic
Name Your Favorite BDSM Fantasy Person
#1 : TS-Domina
First First Anniversary
S&M (Wooden) Horse Riding
Invisible Eyes
F/m (& BDSM) Forums
Kink & Fetish Notes Elsewhere
Preposterous CBT II
Where'd Your Kinks Come From?
Down On My Knees, My Tongue Open for the 400th Time
Healthy Humiliation & Degradation
Intoxicated BDSM
Going Non-verbal
Preposterous CBT I
Sadistic Nurse
Play Safely
Slave Initiation Ritual
A Nurturing Sadist
Cowboy Quirt & Single Tale Whip
Smiling Female Sadist
Slave Punishment Cards
The Joy of Tasting Her Shoes
D/s and Masturbation
Cuckoldry and Traditional Spankings
BDSM: Adapting & Clarifying
The Psychology of Enforced Chastity
One Domina's Fetish Alphabet
Of Piss and Humiliation
F/m Erotica: What are You Looking For?
Still Not Asking . . . !
How's She Doing?
Submissive Males & Impotence
The Mystery of Orgasm Denial
The Thrill of Orgasm Control
To Heck With Cybersex
Making Him Responsive to Her Touch
ProDomme Weblogs
My Goddess is Gone
You Can Always Tell, Ask or Make Me . . .
Profile of a Telephone Dominatrix
On Acquiring Kinks
Gyneolatry vs. Gynarchy
Her Boot On His Neck
An Evening with ClubFEM's MCD
Keeping Count
Her Human Doormat
Thanks for the comments
Submissive Men: Their Relationship to Pain
The Humbler: First Experience
A Spoken Collar
Leashed at Work
Femdom* & Gallantry
Slave Attire (Of a Sorts)
My Poor Right Nipple
Mental Imagery
On Uncontrolled Desire
Penis Confinement: A Follow-up
Pansexual + Transsexual
Penis Confinement: An Experiment in Symbolic Surrender
I'm a romantic single tail
Protocol : The First Time
Alexandra as Lady Discipline
Masochist or Slave?
A Slave's Sleeping Arrangements
Funk Is Not Funky
Her Heel On My Neck & . . .
Her Rules
Eating Food From the Floor
Penis Kicking
Mercilessly She Giggles at Your Helplessness
The power of protocols, rituals, rules and ceremonies
S&M while you sleep
On Perceptions
The Fault of Being Inarticulate
Expanding the envelope . . . ?
S&M as a balm?
I've been quiet but she hasn't
Muddled musing
Slave Pet
Notes on Humiliation II
Human carpet
Make me your plaything
Can't get no . . .
Tell me your unrealized BDSM dreams
Fantasies fade
The Bad Dream
Ask a masochist a question
Fetishes: W
My Feminization Fantasy (Sort of)
Begging (Provisional Note)
Practice makes better?
New Bondage Gear
Fetishes: V (Verbal Abuse)
BDSM Glitches
Discovering That You Are a Masochist or Sadist
Fetishes: T
Happiness Stings
BDSM Foreplay
Playing the Game
Pain 101
Shoes and whiskbrooms
Fetishes: S
Fetishes: R
Fetishes: P
D/s without D/s or . . . ?
Fetishes: N
Fetishes: M
The Day of Her Return
Fetishes: L
Greetings to the Rest of the World
Fetishes: K
Femdom Artwork: Intellectual Property Rights
Fetishes: I
On the Origins of Extreme Fantasies
Fetishes: H
Me! Me!
Fetishes: G
Fetishes: F
Fetishes: E
Fetishes: D
Fetishes: About the Checklist
The Sounds of Pain and Pleasure . . .
Fetishes: C
On Self Doubt
Fetishes: B
The Gap
Fetishes: A
Make Your Own Teeth of Kali Bracelet
Surrendering My Bladder
Wireless Anal Pervert
Oh, please do it to me!
About Me
Playful But Dominant
Urethral Amplification
F/m Forums
More responses to art
Stilletto Heel In the Shape of a Man
The Cruel Girl
Vulgar Fantasy
S&M vs. or plus D/s . . . ?
Possible Origin of My Slave Needs
The Joy of Consensual Nonconsensual
More Retifism (my favorite Paraphilia)
Prickly Penis Toy
Washing His Mouth Out With Soap?
Some of Her Footwear
Ask Me Anything
Dear Reader, Who Are You?
Safe Electroplay Toy
Affectionate Torment
Silly me . . .
Not Always On My Knees
Urophilia, urolagnia
Bondage wishes, hopes and dreams
Master arrested for forced labor, aggravated sexual assault
She's Coming Back!
Penis Crushing
Rimba TENS Unit I
Casual Meditation on Enforced Chastity
On Penis Restriction
On Being Kicked
D/s as Chivalry
Milking the Male
Responses to art
Fear and Uncertainty
Females spanking males
The Heartrending Power of Spit
Erotic Fear and Breath Control
Testicle Leashing: Instant Omnipotence
Strap-on Romance
Goodbye Personal Pronouns
Dental Mouth Gags
Whimsical BDSM?
Analingus Appliances
Dominas ISO ... ?
Penis Adornment
Genital Stock
Liberating Degradation
The Other Kind of Milking
Yikes! Spikes!
Penis Leashing
The Wrong Kind of Pain
My Domina
Old Fashioned Public Humiliation
Pinned to the floor
A Night Under Her Mattress
What is Pain Like for the Masochist?
Humbled By the Palm of Her Hand
Fetish, Fashion, Sex and Power
Pillory Table & D/s Eating Torment
Chastity: A Speculation
Kneeling Beside the Toilet
The Finger PIllory
An Experiment in Shoe Worship
More Inexpensive D/s Slave Cage Ideas
Femdom & the Male Ego
Testicle Pillory
Slave Clothes
On Being Punched
Steel Head Cage
Caging the Human Slave Economically
Confinement: Cages & Boxes
Life in the Box
Just Her Boot Slave
Burning hot pokers and S&M play
Now at Dreamhost
Cattle prods and S&M
Shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leather
Cages and Degredation
Free F/m Fiction
Slave Shock Prod
My Mood
Nipple Clamps and Clothespins
Carbon Dioxide Suppositories
No F/m Neck Corsets?
Bitten By the Teeth of Kali
How to Woo a Domme Online
Strike, Dear Mistress, and Cure His Heart
The Beauty of Shoe Worship
You Mean They Fake Bondage & S&M?
Taylor Hammer Torture
From Claws to Stiletto Heels
Domestic Discipline?
BDSM Software
Bluetooth BDSM
Of Hygiene and Canes
My Goddess Isn't My Therapist
Quirky Quirts
Cock Ring FAQs
I Guess I Must Be a Submissive Pet
Lady Myles & Domme Depot
Submission as a Gift?
On Having a UPC Barcode ...
Sensory Deprivation
Choosing a Hairbrush for Spankings
If Only We Could Get Femdom Strapon Stuff Out of Google
Erotic Caning : a Two-phase Sensation
D/s and Human Pets
Venus in Furs
How to Beat, Whip, Spank &etc. Your Slave
Electric Slave Goad
Do-it-yourself S&M projects and pervertables
Masochist gone mad?
The Lash & the Spreader Bar
Mystery of the Domme's legwear
Bell Torture Collar
Masochism: An Oxymoric Experience
Rituals to enrich our relationship
Core Fantasy: Human Furniture
My Timidity
Testicle Tapping
24/7 D/s
Recreational Femdom
Dominance: Natural or Nothing?
Books About Female Dominance
Genitorture, CBT
My Personal D/s Idiolect
Japanese Dominas
Orgasm Denial
Flexible sexuality (and personal freedom)
Buying quirts, floggers and straps
Domina Alexandra
Hunger, Need?
Otherwordly Kingdom
Core Fantasy: Being Used
Femdom: The Word
Jack in the Pulpit
Finding Objects for My Fantasies
Woman Worship: First Inklings
Masochism: Earliest Stirrings
Time Without Her
Bondage Practice
Posture Bar
Achieving the Slave State
You Can Never Have Enough Whips
Getting Into the Mood, Setting the Mood
D/s: An Imperfect Session
Sjambok (Prelude)
Spanking & Flogging Books
Striving to Please Her
My First Time
D/s and sleep
S&M Dreams
Missed Cues
No Matter How Unreasonable
On Not Fantasizing
S&M without D/s?
Intense S&M
Original & Quality
Disparity of my D/s and Conventional Desires
Duration of Our BDSM Play
After Two Months
Core Fantasy: Bondage
Unequal Dominant/Slavish Desires (A Follow-Up)
My Lady (Demarcations)
Wearing Her Collar
On Wanting More Than Her
Creativity & Variety in D/s
Begging for Mercy
Licking the Mud from Her Boots
Trapped in the Gates of Hell
Are Masochists Mentally Ill?
Masochist's Envy
Awkwardness and Confusion in D/s
Core Fantasy: Whipping
Femdom Screensaver
D/s and Ritual
On of the Joys of Masochism
Focusing on Pleasing Her
How Do You Punish a Masochist?
Bondage as Humilation
How Alexandra and I Met
Of Wanting More D/s Play
Notes on Humiliation I
Part-time slave?
Abrasion Play
Bondage and voluntary slavery
Smart Assed Masochist (The Long Night)
Clothespins (The Long Night)
Bound wrists (The Long Night)
Cock leash (The Long Night)
Transitions & collars (The Long Night)
More pain creates more cravings?
Cruel Laughter
Verbal Abuse
Eating from the Floor
Needing to Obey
Boot Worship
Unequal D/s Desires
Being Spat On
Discovering slave space
Face slapping
Collar and Leash
The Cane
The toy game
Goddess of pain
Chastity and Crushing
What a way to wake up
A dog's life
Unfaithful worm
The Leg Leash
Down Memory Lane From the Future
Three days of 24/7
Naked on Roller Skates
Groin Kicking
Satanic Seductress
The Very Long Day
Running board
Smart Assed Masochist
In the back yard
Evening in the attic
Sweet suffering
Too many canes
Shoe sadism
Kick chase
Under the mattress
Anal worship
A little warmth
Choked and beaten
Attic Stairs
My Perineum
Brutal whipping fantasy
How to end a quarrel
Slave initiation
When I was Her rug
My Fashion Mistakes
She knows my needs better than I do
Fun with food
The trample platform
Finding the high note
Kneeling at the door
So many shoes
Confused and kicked
Boot spanking
Muddy boots
Short chains
Trampling and kicking
Human Pet?
No Collar That Night

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