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Inadvertant Orgasm Denial

COPD can really interfere with maintaining a blog.

I Almost Died

Atrial Fibrillation, waking up in Durham (North Carolina) General Hospital and pansexual sodomite health misadventures.

Three Years

An abbreviated summary of my years blogging on the web.

It Depends

Writing about BDSM and fetish is necessarily an idiosyncratic, highly personal act.

Sex-Kitten Interview

Interview with a sex blogger.

What Is This All About?

Why write a personal blog about female domination, fetish, kink and BDSM?

Tortured Beyond Recovery

The ugly and terrifying night when my poor uncle's mind was destroyed and he was left a helpless vegetable. Not fiction.

Pansexual Perve : The Interview

An interview with the slavish fetishistic man who writes Down On My Knees.

Happy Holidays

Seasons greetings to my site's readers.

BDSM Thought Experiments

I hope to write about fetish and kink in a humane and open fashion. Without pretension or pomposity.

To Submissive Female Readers (and Others)

Comments are welcome from anyone involved in D/s, BDSM, S&M, WWITWD, RACK who has an opinion, thought or expertise to share.

For Fun

Femdom Narratologies and Heuristics: Towards the Hermeneutics of the Hypostatization of the Womanist Power Experience (CUNT Series of Discourse and Dialectics in Neo-Sexist Post-Deconstructionist Paradigms)

Submissive Savant?

Eclectic erotic literatrix Angela St. Lawrence bestows a title.

Second Anniversary

Femdom, BDSM, D/s blog/site concludes the second year of operation.

Femdom Search Statistics

What submissive men looking for on Google and other search engines.

The 800th Kink Note

There are more femdom blogs, journals, diaries and online personal stories, memoirs and autobiography than before.

Mostly About Genitals

F/m play and male manipulation: the role of penis and testicle control and punishment in female domination.


What does a pansexual polyfetishist like to read, listen to and watch?


Interior life of one pansexual kinkster.


Down On My Knees was rendered inaccessible in IE due to a faulty style sheet.


Contact form - let me publish your story or opinion or test your BDSM toys.

A Directory of Sexual Pluralism

Erotic inclusiveness - atypical sexality and gender identity - is the goal of The Polyfetishist Directory.

A Google Search Gone Wrong

How Google's algorithms can confuse innocent folk searching the web for advice on health and other issues.

Near Future

Often much or often I may or may not add new pages to my BDSM website.

Your Sexual & Affectional Orientation

Comments from lesbians, gay males, heterosexuals, bisexuals, pansexuals involved in BDSM, D/s and S&M are welcome here.

About the Writer

Personal history and context of a man who maintains a Femdom website, weblog.

What Folks Are Looking For

F/m website statistics: search engine queries.

Let Me Share Your Words

An offer to post anonymous writings by dominant women and submissive men.

A Part Time Male Slave's Statistics

F/m search engine query stats.

Audience Participation : Suggest a Topic

Femdom weblog invites readers to tell the writer what they'd like for him to talk about.

First First Anniversary

My F/m weblog reaches a milestone of sorts.

Down On My Knees, My Tongue Open for the 400th Time

Why are there so few Femdom relationship blogs? Are submissive men and dominant women unable or unwilling to express themselves?

You Can Always Tell, Ask or Make Me . . .

Femdom weblog question and answer pages inviting your feedback.

Thanks for the comments

Appreciation for readers responses to my weblog about Woman Worship, D/s and S&M.

On Perceptions

Life isn't always fetish and kink. Like most F/m couples we spend our time doing ordinary things.

Ask a masochist a question

Curious about some aspect of sadomasochism or D/s? Ask a question, suggest a topic.

Femdom Artwork: Intellectual Property Rights

Discerning, locating artists and copyright holders to F/m artwork found online. Requesting notification by artists if your work has been used here.

Fetishes: About the Checklist

The list of BDSM desires and limits was just one way we communicated online.

About Me

I'd lover her even without D/s.


Weblog of a male slave appears in Fleshbot sex blog roundup.


I enjoy reader comments on my D/s weblog but know that many people may not feel like or be unable to post a response.

Now at Dreamhost

I've moved by BDSM webite, blog to Dreamhost.


What sort of visitors does my Femdom weblog attract. Hits from Google and other search engines.

Flexible sexuality (and personal freedom)

I'm male pansexual as well as a part-time slave with a transsexual Goddess.

Original & Quality

Jane's Guide has kind words about the Down On My Knees male slave weblog.

How Alexandra and I Met

How this male slave met his current owner.


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