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I’ve exchanged words with some of you to where it is almost as if we know each other in meat space. I thought I’d supply a smidgeon of my background and ambience.

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When I discovered my sexuality I thought I was gay. Several years later I fell in love with a woman. I’ve never really identified with the term bisexual but it was what I guessed I must be. Eventually my sexuality evolved to where the only label I can accept is pansexual.

About the only sexist thought I recall having was that I should open doors for women, give them my seat on the bus and the like. That I moved away from that was because the only close female friend of my youth found it sexist. (Alexandra allows me to open doors for her because she knows how much pleasure it gives me.)

I grew up in Savannah Georgia. What the city is like now I have no idea. In my youth the local ethos was colored by a sense of being traditionally southern. What I absorbed from that was an old fashioned sense of good manners. My possibly excessive politeness actually embarrassed one of my closest friends.

Before moving to central North Carolina I lived in Atlanta, San Francisco, West Hollywood and Manhattan (my abortive month in Boston doesn’t really count).

Since leaving home I’ve rarely associated with conventional people. Not that I greatly esteem people who fancy themselves outsiders or avant-garde. I’ve had few friends; almost always fairly close ones.

Mostly I’m out of touch with mass media and contemporary popular culture. My TV connects only to a VCR and DVD player. I know the names of few celebrities and have even less an idea what most of them look like.

This often leaves me feeling disconnected with much of what I see in “Femdom” culture. Often it seems predicated on gender stereotypes that are void of meaning for me. Maybe most heterosexual people are from Mars and Venus.

When I see phrases like “male ego” I draw a blank. Human ego I know: we all have one. My penis is my god. Though my strongly romantic nature has slammed me into more than one brick wall.

I don’t lose my sense of romance after an orgasm.

For a long time I’ve owned a used bookshop. The only two people that I work with are my best friend and a man who is so kind and diligent he is almost a saint. Again cutting me off from much mainstream nonsense.

Five words that sum the best things in life: reason, clarity, passion, empathy and enjoyment. I try to allow each just proportion. Though the first two sometimes leave people feeling as if I’m so cool and indifferent as to barely be human.

This portrait may seem self-flattering but each day I’m confronted by my many failings and frailties.

I try to write without axes to grind. My site is for self-exploration and I hope helping a few of you to better realize certain aspects of your sexuality. Lofty goals, I know that rarely will I succeed.

Hoping to not seem pretentious I’m a very complicated and quirky man. Thankfully Alexandra has been willing to take on the challenge of coping with me.

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