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Fundamentalist Mormons of Gor

Do some submissive women fantasize about being the wife of a fundamentalist polygamist?

Alpha Males & ProDommes

Stereotypes about the men who visit professional dominatrices.

BDSM Romance

Reflections, comments and all manner of things pertaining to kink, fetish, D/s and S&M.

The Lifestyle

Does power exchange, sadomasochism, kink and fetish define your life or are they just things that you do?

The Quest for the Unconditional

Ultimate emotional goal of most sadomasochistic fantasies, kinky dreams, BDSM wishes.

Reaction Bottom

On the mutual cultivation of responsiveness in dominant and submissive persons.

BDSM & Eros

The sexual psychology of sadomasochism is more subtle than many people seem to think.

Is BDSM Sexual?

Is seeing a disconnect between power exchange, sadomasochism and visible sexual response a failure of language, psychology or erotic empathy?

BDSM Microcultures

Fetish cultural studies: our different lifestyle referents and assumptions about words, labels and terms create barriers in the discussion, communication of atypical sexuality. Particularly how the visible portion of the kink community differs from the invisible majority.

Switches! Don't! Exist!

Some claim you must be master, mistress, dominant, top or slave, submissive, bottom. That you can't honestly and honorably mix the two power exchange orientations.

Female Dominants With Clothing Fetishes

Are there any female tops whose dominance or sadism is stimulated by certain ordinary articles of attire on males?

Empress of All Space and Time

Should intelligent people titles in D/s? Is there a way for men and women to eliminate self-consciousness about the foolishness of BDSM honorifics?

Bad Things About Femdom

False stereotypes and bogus clichés in discourse in the subcultures associated with erotic female domination and male submission.

BDSM Scenes, Titles : Aesthetics & Sincerity

Can the theatrical component of D/s and S&M be acknowledged without compromising the emotional purity? What value is there in the titles often used in BDSM role play?

Dominance, Submission and Obscure Lusts

Do some submissive men respond more to women with a certain shape? Do some dominant females care if a male is circumcised or uncircumcised? Do breasts and foreskin have hidden erotic power in BDSM?

BDSM Conditioning : Various Thoughts

Psychology of BDSM training rituals and conditioning protocols and regimens to enhance, explore, expand power exchange, F/m roles, sadomasochistic scenes and sessions.


Men who masturbate about wives and girlfriends who deny them orgasms are sort of symbol of some of the paradoxes within BDSM.

Ten (Eleven) Words

Playful summary of what certain words mean to me in the context of my loving BDSM relationship.

Individuality and Kink

Beware internet truisms about BDSM. Learn how to be the dominant, submissive, masochist, sadist that you really are.

20 Maxims About BDSM

Personal philosophy of consensual sadomasochistic play, respect for other people's fetishes and kinks within D/s and S&M.

Emotional Masochism

Psychological roots of the desire for humiliation and degradation play.

That Silly Old Real Slave Debate

This lexical narrowness based on chattel slavery keeps pointless discussions about what makes a person a real slave going on within the BDSM community.

D/s : Another Model

A different way of thinking of the dynamics of BDSM, play, interaction and relationships.

10 Best Things About BDSM

The attributes and aspects of D/s and S&M that make sadism and masochism satisfying for dominant and submissive men and women.

Are Male Submissives and Dominants Alike?

Do male masochists and sadists want more intensity than their female BDSM play partners?

Erotically Exciting Personas

BDSM blogs allow us to meet if only Platonically interesting and arousing dominant, submissive, male, female sadists and masochists.


The possible use of the word within BDSM, D/s nomenclature.

In Praise of Professional Dominatrices

Confusing a dominant woman in a relationship with a ProDomme. The virtues and social values of BDSM sex workers.

Part of Life, Lifestyle or ... ?

BDSM can go beyond and outside LFA and FLR: only the participants imaginations, inclinations and tastes impose limits. A short survey of dominants and submissive persons opinions.

Lifestyle, Part of Life or ... ?

D/s, S&M, BDSM, kink, fetish - how does it fit into, what role does do they have in your life overall?

FLR / LFA Marriages & Relationships

Was John Grays' sexist pop psychology an inspiration for Elise Sutton's work on female superiority, male orgasm denial and chastity?

That Old S&M Versus D/s Debate

The silly idea that masochists can't be genuinely submissive. That S&M is easily distinguished from D/s rather than most often commingled within the individual.

LFA / FLR / D/s S&M / DD / HoH / BDSM (Alphabet Soup Anyone?)

Loving Female Authority, Female Led Relationships - how do they fit into the culture and history of bondage, domination, sadism and masochism?

Bottom, Slave, Masochist ... ?

There's little inherent lexical logic in BDSM labels but you should qualify the words you chose to designate your role in kink with nuance.


Female domination and male submission beyond stereotypes, without clichés: imaginative and creative.

Female Domination is Emasculating?

Femdom relationships with the male as sissy: do they indicate that some guys feel guility for being men or masculine?

Forced Fellatio & Strap-On Sex

Do male bisexuals find sexual self-realization in Femdom play, relationships?

Ann Coulter - Dominatrix?

Political Femdom - conservative mistress and liberal slave: or vice versa.

Transsexual Dommes

Stereotypes and rejection faced by some mtf transgendered dominatrices.

The Myth of the Fat Dominant

Some claim that Dommes and Doms are more likely to be overweight than average people.

Asexual BDSM?

Are S&M and D/s possible without sexuality or at least erotic feelings?

Holy Virgin Femdom

Religious psychology and Femdom, BDSM, D/s - are you aware of a connection or parallel or do you feel a sexist God violates submission and domination in a loving, romantic fetish relationship?

Femdom Porn

BDSM erotica - maledom or femdom: does it keep either the submissive or the dominant from understanding the real dynamic of D/s?

Psychodrama vs. Roleplay : The Distinction

BDSM discussion: how does a master, mistress, submission distinguish between role playing and enacting, experiencing a psycho drama? Do you know?

Dominant Women in Books and Movies?

Did some fictional dominatrix that you read about or saw in a film or on TV capture some Femdom quality for you: a woman that you wanted to be or to worship?

Virtual BDSM

Scholarly paper on virtual D/s in Second Life online role-playing game.

BDSM: The Dominant's Risks

Physical, legal, emotional and social dangers of engaging in S&M and D/s.

Fake, Phony, Bogus Slaves

BDSM profiles and personal ads by sadists, masochists, masters and misstresses and D/s self-knowledge and understanding.

Too Many Rules = Too Many Complications?

BDSM M/s relationships: how many regulations, prescriptions, prohibitions do a D/s couple really need?

The Search for Advice

Using the web to learn and grow in D/s and S&M.

What Are Your Hard Limits?

Masochist or sadist: some acts seem wrong, bad or you just plain cannot tolerate. What kinds of BDSM play are beyond your tolerance and acceptance?

Under Her Thumb

Gynarchy, female supremacy, superiority, matriarchy: foolish ideology, bad sociology, wicked politics and a way to make money from submissive and masochistic men.

Incompetent Dominant?

What if a slave willingly chose an inept, silly master or mistress because serving such a one would be horribly humiliating?

Laughter & Humiliation ... ?

How does a dominant act when an attempt at humiliation or degredation causes the submissive partner to laugh and giggle?

Are Femdom Relationships Male-Centric?

Are F/m relationships controlled by the male in his search for satisfaction. Are Femdom relationships really male-led?

F/m Stereotypes

Are male submissives responsible for the clichéd images of Femdom love affairs and relationships you find on the internet?

Sexism and Male Submission?

Do men who want female-led relationships, dominance have sexist attitudes?

Why Do We Need to Feel Helpless?

Psychological etiology of the submissive man’s desire to surrender and be controlled by a dominant.

Why Do We Need Bondage?

Seeking to understand the submissive, slavish need for cuffs, collars and chains.

Masculinity, Ideology & Woman Worship

Femdom relationships aren't politics, sociology or an attack on manliness are they?

Are BDSM Relationships More Honest?

Are F/m couples forced to be more open and trustworthy than men and women in vanilla relationships?

D/s & Begging: Theory & Practice

Some slaves feel inhibited when their mistress or master wants them to beg. A few insights from dominant and submissive men and women.

Rules for Voluntary Slaves

Ten precepts or guidelines for slaves in consensual BDSM, D/s relationships. Your thoughts invited.

Desideratum from F/m Artwork

Why don't Femdom illustrations show the men enjoying, happy with their enslavement to a woman?

Shades of Submissive & Slave Needs

BDSM submissive men and women have a range of needs and desires they wish to act out with their dominants. Which are you?

Defining Domme

Definition: dominant woman, often in a Femdom or female led relationship who enjoys D/s, BDSM and S&M.

Male Submission & Self-Esteem

Dominant women are often looking for potential male slaves with ability and self-respect.

Goddess - Mistress - Domina - Miss - Lady

How do imaginative and cultural references shape the choice of Femdom honorifics and titles?

Psychopharmacology & BDSM

How do psychiatric drugs affect D/s relationships and S&M play?

Slave and Partner

No Femdom 24/7 for me. Most of it is made up by men who want to be male slaves but have never been in a relationship.

D/s, S&M : The Infinite Variety

BDSM relationships span a rich spectrum from the seemingly heartless and harsh to the tender and romantic.

BDSM Labels

Meditation on slave vs. submissive and other D/s terms.

Venus on Top

Femdom politics and sociology: a look at female led relationships and the implications of the phrase.

D/s and Masturbation

Can too much leave a male submissive unable to communicate or enjoy a real F/m relationship? Would orgasm denial be a helpful treatment?

F/m Erotica: What are You Looking For?

Are you searching for Femdom videos, photographs, drawings, audio files? What fetish or kink are you wishing that you could find?

On Acquiring Kinks

Do you know the etiology of your sadomasochistic fetishes?

Gyneolatry vs. Gynarchy

Female supremacy as a bad ideology based on silly sociology.

Submissive Men: Their Relationship to Pain

Femdom question: are men more masochistic than women are sadistic.

Femdom* & Gallantry

Are some F/m relationships an attempt to escape the sexist world of John Gray's Mars and Venus?

Masochist or Slave?

Submission or masochism: which is more satisfying?

S&M as a balm?

Can masochism offer relief, comfort?

Make me your plaything

An invitation to weblog readers to suggest a BDSM scene to be acted out.

Ask a masochist a question

Curious about some aspect of sadomasochism or D/s? Ask a question, suggest a topic.

BDSM Foreplay

How does a masochist coax a sadist into the mood to play?

Playing the Game

Personal honor in masochism and submissive role play.

On the Origins of Extreme Fantasies

Unsatisfied masochist desire leads to crazy BDSM fantasies.


Female supremacy is just plain silly.

Fear and Uncertainty

Can random cruelty be incorporated safely into BDSM play?

Whimsical BDSM?

Is playfulness incompatible with D/s? Can sadomasochism mix laughter with the pain?

More Inexpensive D/s Slave Cage Ideas

Plexiglas and PVC tubing are among the options for building an inexpensive cage for BDSM play.

Femdom & the Male Ego

In female dominant, male submissive relationships often the women see the man as nothing more than an ego and a penis.

Slave Clothes

Being forced to wear tattered dirty clothes to reflect my status as a slave.

Caging the Human Slave Economically

Can a pet cage be used for BDSM, or with a little inventive DIY maybe you can make your own D/s cage.

How to Woo a Domme Online

My suggestions for writing to and talking with dominant women online if you are trying to use the web to meet a Domme.

You Mean They Fake Bondage & S&M?

Many BDSM photos and movies are carefully edited and the torture you think you see never really happened.

Domestic Discipline?

My own feelings for woman worship do not include anything as pedestrian as domestic discipline punishment.

Bluetooth BDSM

Imagine using wireless sex toys and BDSM software to manipulate your slave at a distance.

Submission as a Gift?

Submission and dominance: are they gifts to be given, or innate qualities to be shared?

24/7 D/s

Femdom and other D/s lifestylers. Why I wouldn't enjoy being a slave 24/7.

Dominance: Natural or Nothing?

Doesn't erotic dominance have to be natural. Can someone fake being a Domme or masochist?


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