Ann Coulter - Dominatrix?

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An idle mind is a playground of sorts …

I found myself wondering for how many men Ann Coulter is the dominatrix of their dreams.

Maybe very liberal submissive guys. Do they fantasize of being tied up and forced to watch Fox talk shows. (I don’t have even cable TV so I’m just going by rumour.) Not unlike race play.

Given her success in the popular media I’m sure there are many.

Not that I’d knock another man’s fantasies.

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Sorry, Richard, but I’m a Libertarian and after seeing Ann in leather, I’d risk a session or three. ;-)

But I draw the line at a double session with Rush or Hannity.

I guess then Ms. Coulter has an alternative career path should her work as a public entertainer falter.

Actually I’m not sure what she even looks like but the quotes that make the news indicate that she could write some pretty intense S&M porn.

Interesting experiment, Richard. I tried and failed. No fantasy here, because I cannot get past the image of her real-life career.

She, like talk radio and cable news personalities, is in the business of selling, and to achieve this, she, like they, will make the most outrageous statements the brain can conjer. Stir up the sh#t; boost your ratings; sell more books.

I avoid talk radio and cable news panels, as well as the books that these programs create.

It makes my blood boil and I have no desire to become dependent on drugs to control the pressure, so I ignore them best I can.

There is nothing erotic about people who base their careers on spewing hate.

The eroticizing is in the mind of the person with the fantasy (it isn’t one of mine).

Many of us know and accept that there are men who have fantasies about Nazis. And most of us accept that. I wonder if some people would find a man fantasizing about someone like Ms. Coulter more disturbing. The effect of her being contemporary, while Nazis are long in the past.

I hope nobody finds any man’s fantasy too disturbing. After all, unless it’s played out with unwilling participants, a man’s fantasy does not effect us. It’s his secret world, not ours.

It is a contemporary issue that prevents me from getting into the Ann Coulter fantasy. The Nazi problem was resolved by an earlier generation, so I can isolate and re-arrange the history to suit my purposes. The reality is far-removed, whereas Ann Coulter is here and now.

For the same reason, I cannot fantasize of Neo-Nazis. The hate is too close to me.

Not so sure about Coulter, but Dr. Laura is quite literally an emotional dominatrix - bisexually inclined. She abuses pretty much everybody who calls, and they must enjoy it because they keep calling.


As a conservative, and submissive, I have to say that the thought of Ann Coulter as my Domme is a thought of dreams come true. You made my day here.


I just finished blogging about Coulter, over at Graphictruth. But now that I think of this, there is a whole dynamic here that validates her insane behavior - or rather, causes far too many people to give her positive feedback.

Frankly, she reminds me of abusive and fragile wannabe dominants of all genders, who think that spewing abuse is dominant.

But it’s display for the voyeristic who like to see her abuse others, not the sort of intimate dynamaic D/s - even frankly commercial D/s - is about.

I believe the appropriate term for her style is “Hooker with a Whip.”

You might be interested in the open invitation Henry Rollins gave to Coulter to be his “Anne Friday”, concubine and general slave. Search for “rollins coulter” on YouTube.

I remember meeting her around 1990 and thinking she was very attractive and even flirting a bit. I had awful taste in women and am forever instinctually drawn to EVIL. I know this now and try to make allowances and avoidances. Love Ya Anne, Mwah!

I think Anne is a filthy repulsive slut and I publicly vow here not to masturbate to any other image but hers for one whole year beginning on this date. I vow not to touch myself except for once a week when I lock myself in a public toilet stall and jack off to a photo of her. I urge all of you whom want to Mistress Anne to be your mistress to do the same - no matter how sorely tempted you are to masturbate to another woman or to her more frequently.


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Ann Coulter - Dominatrix?
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