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Ordinarily I’d have published it here. But somehow the theme seemed better suited to the section of Femdom Blogs devoted to helping D/s and S&M bloggers come up with topics to address on their own blogs.

It weaves together

  • The aesthetic and psychological appropriateness of the term “Mistress” (not that “Master” couldn’t have fit just as justly).
  • Seeing power exchange and sadomasochistic play as a form of theater.
  • The purpose and aesthetics of D/s role titles in general.

There are those who find accepting BDSM scenes as deliberately achieved events threatening to their notions of authenticity:

While some people resent describing power exchange sessions as theatre, BDSM as constructed drama works very well for me. The objections are much of a kind with those of describing it as play.

And perceptions of honory role terms seem to vary widely:

Is your title something you take seriously? Even if you are bottom and addressed as “slave” or similar?

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BDSM, D/s, S&M: Speculations
BDSM Scenes, Titles : Aesthetics & Sincerity
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