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Slave spanking machine

Artist unknown.

Pity I didn’t know about all the wireless devices available when I wrote this sketch. The idea of being remotely controlled is as spooky as it is exciting. Imagine being in a room by yourself and having some part of your body being manipulated by someone in another part of the house. You become a mechanical toy.

It was discovering Wireless Vibrating Nipple Clamps that had me wondering how far the experience could go.

… Nipple Cushions and an Adjustable Pressure Key that provides Nipple Pinching Pleasure!!! May also be used to excite the Clitoral area!!! [Or attached to, say the testicles? -R] No dangling cords allows the Freedom to maneuver in any position during use…The Powerful, Quiet Motor insures Maximum Performance and the Strongest Vibration ever introduced…and the First Multi-Speed Pleasure Dial allows you to control the Intensity of your Excitement!!!


Another Bill Ward dominatrix embodying extreme cruelty.

Wireless sex toys must be popular since so many of them are appearing. I think I saw a wireless electrical butt plug for sale somewhere (talk about a means of control).

I did just a tiny bit of virtual window-shopping. It was a surprise to see how inexpensive some of the dog training collars that I’ve read of being adapted for genitorture are. I think I remember reading a Domme who used one to let her slave know when he was wanted.

Who needs a cage when you can confine someone with a wireless fence?

I remember reading that one of the electrotorture companies has software for programming sequences of stimulations. Being at the mercy of a computer program is weirdly tantalizing.

Male milking machine

I think I got this from Orgasm Denial.

I wonder how profitable these inventive sex toys are. Probably very since some of the companies making them have been around for quite a while. (I notice that Greenery Press has a small handbook on high tech sex toys.)

While not remote controlled one of the odder scenarios I read online recently suggested making a man wear a battery powered cock ring until the batteries ran down. It was suggested as a cock tease but having never worn one I can only wonder what my penis would feel like by the time the batteries were exhausted.

Eventually we’ll have the WiFi slave. All manner of devices attached to him to tickle, tease or punish him at the push of a button.

Suppose someone hacked your wireless slave?

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Sometimes these high-tech toys scare me. Not to mention, they are so damn expensive and they tend to break so quickly.

One of the reasons I bought my last vibrator was because it had a 1yr warranty. It died 3 weeks later. Like I’m going to return it?

The electrotorture toys certainly spook the heck out of me. Though the ones powered by 9 volt batteries probably don’t do that much. It’d be OK with Alexandra if I bought something but often I wait until she expresses an interest.

What I want to blow my budget to pieces is the dungeon furniture. There are a couple of sites where I habitually window shop. Pity I don’t have carpentry skills.

The URL is the to the site that we bought our remote Electric toy. It is not Blue tooth but the remote works well in a 3 story house.

The little 9v battery can kick some punch. I can only take it up to about level 50 they have 99 levels!

The sensations are like that of a pin wheel and kinda like pins and needles. This toy has different modes like training and stroke and pulse. I had a Tens unit before I got this and that just hurt and wasnt made for BDSM play. The punch this toy gives is definatly not week. I am a male with both nipples and frenum + tatoos and so can say that the 9v can deliver what you want. We both where shocked when the device made me cum from the eletric shocks alone. After testing out all the different modes I came using wave and not stroke starting out low and building up and down on the power. The other modes this thing has cause pain or pleasure or fustration. Pulse is just like someone tapping you. Drives me insane. We use to penis bands with it and it works fine. It is a little pricey at about 200 bucks but if you want a remote device for training and BDSM play its really worth it. It even can activate electric by sound which I hate.

Hope this helps?


Eros Tek products are supposed to be very good.

The TENS unit that I bought proved to mild to induce any actual pain. Some odd sensations and I have heard of people uses the weak ones to induce orgasms.

The ET-302R isn’t within my current budget so I’ll just have to envy you.


My owner has trained me extensively and the use of shock collars does make you obey totally.

Nexus braught a bluetooth vibrator out.

moi c’est ma tante qui a donné une trayeuse électrique spéciale penis pour que ma femme puisse me traire le pis par derrière pour me faire dégorger avant ma femme me trayait le pis par derrière à la main pour me purger entièrement mais elle préfère avec la trayeuse électrique elle a juste qu’a placer la bite toute raide dans la trayeuse et le pis se fait traire tout seul comme ça ma femme peut faire autre chose en attendant que ça dégorge tout seul souvent elle reste là avec ma tante et ma belle mère pour regarder la bite se faire traire toute seule et pour voir le petit jus gicler tout seul par petites giclées saccadées

English translation of prior comment:

me is my aunt who gave a special electric milker penis for my wife to me milking the udder from behind me to drain before my wife milked the udder from the rear hand to purge myself completely but she prefers with the milkmaid Electrical she has just put his cock stiff in the milking and udder is milked all alone like that my wife can do something else until it disgorged alone she often remains there with my aunt and my step mother to watch the cock be milk alone and see the little squirt juice alone by small jerky spurts

if u ever find a way to remote me through a computer and bluetooth to it, so you can be in america and me in Aussie send me the rings etc for my cock and you can zap it whenever you like


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