Incompetent Dominant?

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I posted a shortened version of Laughter & Humiliation … ? on The Fetish Forums.

Someone made a novel suggestion about a submissive person deliberately seeking an incompetent, downright goofy dominant.

My reply (with quotes from him):

unable to attach to a sufficiently cool top decides to humiliate herself by serving, well, a doofus.

You think you’ve heard every possible idea, then someone surprises you.

(please flip the pronouns around if they don’t apply and if you’re a little mortified that I’m not doing it for you then that’s great.)

All shades of gender are sexually attractive (to me).

That is to say a genuinely rewarding humiliation arising from her top’s native inability to actually generate a genuinely rewarding humiliation?

I really can’t get into the idea (doesn’t mean my imagination may not suddenly get it somewhere down the line. Honestly, the idea of being under the control of someone inept is worrying in a bad way.

I suspect Lord or Lady Dimwit would pick a series of dull but traditional humiliations. It would be the clever dominant that punished you with a series of things that weren’t satisfying. Masochism denial as it were.

… and he’s trying to combine his interests in Star Trek, SCA and Gor …

Ouch! Safeword! Hard limit!


The idea of a nerdy fanboy/girl dominant is chilling isn’t it?

The whole thread and his various proposed scenarios: What if an attempt at Humiliation Provokes Laughter?

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There’s a whole slew of them [nerdy fan*’s] in the anime / otaku / cosplay community. There’s apparently occasional dressing up (for conventions) and frequent online roleplay. In my area, anyway.

Your feelings?

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Incompetent Dominant?
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