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When I read of couples where both often laugh during BDSM play I’ll confess to feeling a bit of envy.

Minor envy. No complaint about what I have with Alexandra.

Our frequent separations and distractions have limited how many styles of play we’ve yet to experience. If anything I’m often surprised by how well we’ve progressed in BDSM. And this time I feel that our intimacy has increased while apart.

I just want it all - one day.

Thinking about laughter and D/s caused me to wonder about humiliations gone awry.

Left me wondering if during a scene how often a dominant has enacted a humiliating act that was so outside the submissive partner’s D/s sensibilities that the latter has just burst into laughter.

And with what grace the dominant has been able to handle the bottom giggling even if still striving honorably to grovel?

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When I was exploring what my true needs and wants were I met a Dom (I didn’t know till the second date). On the second date we went back to his house where things started heating up. I was in control for about 10 minutes when the roles turned to him giving me orders.

Ok, I don’t like being told what to do or can not do, but my twisted mind wanted to play a game… so, what was my reaction? I laughed everytime he told me what to do, then I would do it, but with a twist. It didn’t take him very long to figure out he was with another Dominant. But, was I going to come and tell him?..Oh, hell no! I was having too much fun…lol

I have a sub partner now and some times we do get to laughing when one of us says something that is way too funny to just ignore. It’s not that I’m incompetent or a dufuss Domme, but being too serious ALL the time bores the hell out of me. Make me laugh or else! you Fool.

“Make me laugh or else!”

Yes M’am. Well I can’t say that.

But it is a lovely statement.


Laughter can be a wonderful thing in a scene. A few weeks ago, Amethyst was slapping my balls over and over, smiling this radiant smile and occasionally laughing. That was incredibly hot! Wow.

I’ve never been one to laugh during a scene, unless something funny happens. But one time, she was kicking my balls with a fair amount of force, and for some reason I got the giggles. That’s really not a good time to get the giggles. She handled it well though. I’m still not sure why that happened; at the time, I was thinking “stop laughing, dammit! she’ll kick harder!” but I just couldn’t stop.

Your feelings?

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Laughter & Humiliation ... ?
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