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Some years back I found myself chatting with a shoe fetishist. Mostly because I thought he was a D/s dominant and was local. Once I discovered he was a half a continent away I stopped. His obsession with footwear had hit deep red on the Boredom-O-Meter.

He’d directed me to a site selling what was described as Roman slave sandals. The idea of wearing certain clothes when acting as a slave was arresting.

Digging way back in my earliest S&M fantasies I don’t think I thought about what I was or wasn’t wearing. But there was an early image of me wearing a rectangle of cloth in front. Probably some dim apprehension that my own genitals wouldn’t be of any significance. Conscious thoughts of either my genitals or being kept naked wouldn’t come for many years.

Janpanese Domme with Slave

That whipping must’ve put tears in his eyes before tears in his pants.

The sandals did make me imagine a slave’s uniform of sorts. A ragged t-shirt and equally tattered short pants, probably cut off jeans. Their contemptible condition a visible statement of my contemptible state.

Obviously not a popular idea or I’d have seen it in a number of drawings or stories.

The only consistent image I’ve seen used for heterosexual male slaves is the (sexist) sissymaid stuff.

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A slave should almost always be naked, it shows his inferiority since objects don’t wear clothes (well, apart from those dust jackets you can get for keyboards). Plus it leaves those thingies exposed, what are they called? Oh yeah, nerves.

Don’t know why the idea of a slave uniform ever passed through my mind. Just my slave side in its infinite variety. Might be handy to have something regular to use if we do get to play in the backyard.

Wait, I’m getting more ideas about slave clothes, hehe..

Given your imaginative powers I await them with a tiny bit of trepidation and great anticipation.

The only slave clothes my wife/mistress has me wear in the house is my chastity device. I wear a CB2000 on a 24/7 basis.

i love to be uniformed in tight overalls with panties underneath and no shirt so my nipples are always availale for HER use.Mistress loves me in overalls because they are the ultimate in work pants.they clearly denote my status as HER chore boy.SHE loves to break my ego by keeping me busy doing the most degrading chores imageinable(scrubbing floors and toilets on my hands and knees).my panties also help remind me that i am not to be considered a real man,but more HER own private overalls ,also gives me an image of a naughty boy in need of harsh discipline.not many adult males ever consider wearing them,because they are not manly.SHE also loves to watch me fumble with all the buttons and snaps when SHE orders me to ” DROP ‘EM” for a myriad of reasons(changing into another pair..i have several…preparing for punishment,general inspection or getting ready for HER strap on).finally,when i’m in overalls,SHE can be comfortable wearing HER jeans,because i must be uniformed at all times in a fashion that denoted HER superior status to mine.

i have some pics of myself in my overalls shackled while scrubbing the kitchen floor and showing off my recently whip[ped fanny.i would be glad to share with anyone ,who has an interest.

The overalls confuse me. When I think of them I see what carpenters wear and they are usually considered very butch.

I am also confused about the overall bit. Are they actuall overALLS, in which case I do not understand where the loss of dignity comes in, or are they just work trousers.Men should ALWAYS be shirtless anyway; shirts are a totally unnecessary garment for a man. I agree with Alexandra, slaves should be: Naked indoors. Naked in the garden or courtyard if possible, otherwise in shorts or trunks, no footwear. Shirtless when out. Shorts and sandals in summer. If wearing a jacket in winter, definitely no shirt underneath.

If I work my imagination overtime I can sort of envision someone who is very finicky, if not prissy about clothing finding work clothes demeaning.

I had a tall privacy fence built several months ago so Alexandra could have me out there however she wished without fear of observation by the neighbors.

I am my mistress’ committed love slave both in and outside the bedroom. Wanting to give her the gift of being able to render me instantly naked in any public place she might choose, I went to work on a practical solution.

Instant Easy Strip-away Clothes.

Select clothing items, ie. shirt and pants, of any easily tearable fabric such as cotton or chenile. Take a sewing machine needle and, using a fine sharpening stone (readily available at any hardware store), put a “chisel” point on the needle (sharpen it into a “V” shape). Using a very fine stitch setting and no thread, “sew” the item of clothing along the desired tear lines. Pay particular attention to seams, run over them three or four times. When you hold the item up to the light, you should be able to see that it has become finely perforated along its tear lines. A slight grab and flip of the wrist will tear the item like it was made of tissue paper! With a little practice, you can produce perfectly acceptable public wear which is nevertheless, “booby trapped” to turn into tatters in seconds.

A shirt, pants and a pair of sandals fits a slave for public escort through the mall or at a restaurant for an intimate dinner but allows him to be stripped to his very brief underwear (or even further) in the parking lot for his ride home to other duties.

Most males find sewing machine tasks both incomprehensible and feminizing. No sewing is required with this perforation technique and the “perf” lines don’t need to be particularly straight, so, with a minimum of instruction, your little seamstress should soon be well on his way to making his own tear-aways.

Be careful to mark and store your chisel-pointed needle away from your other needles as it will ruin any sewing project if it’s used mistakenly.

That is certainly one of the most inventive strategies I’ve read in some time.

I love the tight overalls uniform too! Please write me to, or better still we can chat in the same address at yahoo messenger. Greetings!

A male slave should always be in skin tite jeans, shirtless inside and often outside, in boots when required to wear shoes,and when appropriate a chest harness, armbands, wristbands, and collar. The slave should appear macho, but conquered.

Drake - that sounds like a pretty standard description of slaves in the leatherman community but I don’t think it is all that common among submissive heterosexual men.

Not sure why.

I agree with Eloverol. Males slaves should always be in tight jeans, very well-built, with groomed hair. No shirt unless required, boots are great.

The Marc Ouest ( catalog has lots of clothes designed to show off male anatomy.

Attire for male slaves in an interesting question. There are coveralls as worn by workers and prisoners. There is also the butler image, of archaic formal attire. Uniforms on men tend to suggest power, while they can have the opposite effect worn by women.

I’m kind of surprised that having submissive guys dress like “boy toy” eye candy didn’t catch on. Perhaps that will change if popular images of attractive men diversify – “metrosexuality” – more.

“If I work my imagination overtime I can sort of envision someone who is very finicky, if not prissy about clothing finding work clothes demeaning.” - I can completely identify with this. I think of myself as a careful dresser. I go to work everyday wearing a suit and am always particular about my woolen suits, fine shirts, silk ties, cufflinks, pocket squares and polished patent leather shoes. The idea of being made to strip off thoese fine clothes and wear something dirty and demeaning is an absolute turn on. I particularly like the idea of a slave “uniform”, especially one consisting of an oversized tattered and dirty t-shirt, tattered denim shorts and a pair of very simple no-lace white canvas shoes like the ones they wear in prison.

Ricjard, I know you don’t think much of OWK, but they have a few good ideas.

Their ideas of slave uniforms aren’t too bad, I suggest. Total vulnerable nakedness, for one, save only the collar (OWK isn’t big on cock-cages, though). This is the default uniform whenever an OWK Madame is pleased to confer the gift of a whipping on a slave.

Next step up is what They call a “slip.” That’s a black leather g-string — not quite an athletic supporter — with a single thong through the center of the arse. This wonderfully exposes the slave to Their crops, canes or whips, whilst, as They like to say, shielding the ugly male organ from OWK Ladies’ eyes.

At other times, OWK slaves wear small tight black shorts, and now and then a tee-shirt printed with the word SLAVE or occasionally one reading “Slave Property of Madame —————”.

The other uniforms prescribed at OWK are prison garb —- either classic black-and-white horizontal stripes or the awkward ill-fitting orange canvas trousers and coat reminiscent of the Nazi slave-labour camps in World War II.

Feminised uniforms, in the style of the French maid, are featured now and then in OWK films and pictures (I have expressed misgivings here before that males are not worthy to dress like any female, even a subservient one).

There are also what might be called “animal costume,” a worm-wrapping and the harness and butt-plug tail of the pony.

Finally, OWK have a few suits of 18th-century footman outfits which They use now and then.

boot licker

I don’t really have anything against the Other World Kingdom. It was once the source of many, many fantasies.

Naked on on the knees is certainly the norm. You quickly forget that you aren’t wearing clothes.

Wearing ragged dirty clothing can be done in real life without complications. Now something like b&w jail suits would leave me feeling like I was in a cartoon.

I do remember one guy who wore dress clothing and a tie when he served his wife dinner.

… males are not worthy to dress like any female …

That is just sexist. And while I don’t share the feminization fetish many women enjoy inflicting it.

… males are not worthy to dress like any female … That is just sexist. And while I don’t share the feminization fetish many women enjoy inflicting it.

With all due respect, Richard, is not “sexism” a strong part of the Female Domination scene? i rest my case.

However, if an individual Mistress-Owner chooses to impose this sort of thing on Her male slave property (and if She knows that Her slave will be affected by it in a way that pleases Her), why then, of course, it is right.

In the final analysis, whatever She decides is right, with no questions asked. And if questions are asked, then it’s “punishment time,” big time, followed by a long and loving apology involving the tongue of a slave and the toe of an imperious boot … ;-) bootlicker

That sexism is a part of something isn’t an excuse for sexism.

Some people involved in F/m relationships are very sexist: especially the men.

Conscious gender play is not sexist.

i’ve been slave to several women. For one, i was allowed only a p-harness and bathrobe indoors, or caftan to wear both inside and outside. For summer the caftan was light and see-through and no fences in the way of neighbors watching as I worked or played with kids. One mistress before she went to work, my clothes were locked away in the morning, so naked all day, i did not go outside. One mistress had me disrobe before i could enter the house after coming home from work, and since it was a condo, i could not know if she had guests at home or not, and one time allowed me to wear only my brief single color gray spandex bathing suit, without seams or lining, to a semi-formal party where the men all wore jackets and women were in long dresses. An event i won’t soon forget. My last mistress gave me commands to work outside only in see-through shorts split to the waist band and with no liner. For colder weather i was allowed sweats with hole for genitals and nipples exposure, both indoor and outdoor. Perhaps slave clothes should be a nylon slip with straps that hold the penis in whatever position the mistress wants.

a slave should wear only cut off jeans, bare feet, no shirt, easier if you need to lash him accross his back plus you can see him sweating to make sure hes working hard. knees should be bare so he can crawl. he should be chained to the wall at night wrists above head and fed only once a day.

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