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Nazi Femdom

Stalag fiction - stories of Nazi women in concentration camps torturing men - highlights what many consider the darkest side of sadomasochistic fantasy and play.

Kinky Auction

S&M British vehicle registration plate and number for sale on eBay UK.

Mistress Lee

Dominatrix seeks to become governor of Nevada - if she won would all the gynarchy fans move to that state?

The Trial of Stanley Scott Sadler

Master accused of kidnapping girl. He claims she lied about her age. Demon2ownFe-male (Stanley Scott Sadler) faces prison.

The Kaotians

British Gorean group that bases their lifestyle on John Norman's Gor novels.

They Almost Murdered Him

Kasseopeia Morris and Christopher Gonsalves give BDSM and sadomasochists a bad name with their dangerous treatment of a guest.

Mother Turns Son into Slave

Chatroom master convinces woman to turn boy into submissive sissy slave.

ProDomme Plans to Sue Police

Gina Pane aka angelabella - a professional dominatrix - seeks $2,000,000 from Greenburgh, NY police department.

Mistress Mischa?

American actress poses as a dominatrix in fashion ad campaign.

North Carolina Castration Case

Sadomasochistic castrations provided by Richard Sciara, Michael Mendez, Danny Reeves. It wasn't SSC or RACK. Is it BDSM? Were the men victims?

ProDomme Bound & Robbed

Mistress Venus, English professional dominatrix, attacked by fake client.

Master Rick's Castration Service

Felonious castration arrests in North Carolina: Richard Sciara, Danny Reeves, Michael Mendez charged with genital mutilation, practicing medicine without a license.

$11,000 for Lady Sage

Through The Looking Glass, an online company run by an Ohio-based ProDomme, Lady Sage.

Millions to ProDomme

Dominatrix - professional mistress - Rie Eto cheats man out of millions of dollars.

When BDSM Becomes Abuse

Berta Jean Webb's slave/Master relationship: emotional pain and physical torment.

Her Consensual Slavery Contract

A woman, Berta Jean Webb assaulted by Terry L. Meyer who called himself her Master.

Mistress Lauren M

Professional Dominatrix's client died while waiting tied to a torture rack in her dungeon.

Discrimination Against BDSM Orientation

Human Rights Tribunal investigates the case of Peter Hayes, a Gorean D/s master refused license by Vancouver Police Department.

The Persecution of Michelle Silva

BDSM website operator Empress M harassed by local Enfield Connecticut police, left in poverty.

The Case of Empress M

Michelle Silva owner of BDSM video website in Enfield, CT has her computers seized by police department.

Man Invited to Lick Feet Bites Toe

Man spills beer on woman's feet and is told to lick them clean.

Quarter-million Dollars in Dominatrix Fees

Man steals money to pay Lady Sage for kinky BDSM sessions.

ProDomme vs. Indianapolis

Melyssa Donaghy, professional dominatrix, fights city officals over zoning laws.

Play Safely

Did sadist Matthew Caddy kill masochist Daniel Everson with a heavy BDSM caning?

Submissive Males & Impotence

Are men in BDSM relationships more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction?

Profile of a Telephone Dominatrix

Femdom professional: humilating men on the telephone from home.

Stilletto Heel In the Shape of a Man

Fetishistic boots at an aesthetics of exhibition on the aesthetics of women's clothing.

Master arrested for forced labor, aggravated sexual assault

Glenn Marcus - did he practice nonconsensual BDSM?


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