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My inflamed foot is still keeping me off the computer but can’t resist pointing to this article about Stalag Fiction:

Nazi women beating men in stalag novel.

Stalag fiction paperback cover art.

Read under the table by a generation of pubescent Israelis, often the children of survivors, the Stalags were named for the World War II prisoner-of-war camps in which they were set. The books told perverse tales of captured American or British pilots being abused by sadistic female SS officers outfitted with whips and boots. …

“I realized that the first Holocaust pictures I saw, as one who grew up here, were of naked women,” said Ari Libsker, whose documentary film Stalags: Holocaust and Pornography in Israel

In the 1960s American “Men’s magazines” - True, Men’s Adventures - had mostly covers of Nazi men torturing women but there were a few like the above.

And while it squicks some people there are men and women to enact concentration camp fantasies though it approaches the almost unmentionable within BDSM.

New York Times Israel’s Unexpected Spinoff From a Holocaust Trial

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I love Nazi-Femdom - it can´t be brutal and sadistic enough for me but I can´t find many pictures on the web or decent videos / DVD´s where the scenes look authentic (e.g. correct uniforms) It´s perfectly natural to get sexually aroused by evilness and brutality even though one is intellectually totally opposed to it in reality.

Wow it is fascinating that you actualy have pictures like that. My uniform fetsih got aided when learning about the Nazi era when I was 13. I started to have fantasies of playing an SS mistress later in life. I was surprised that not much Femdom had that kind of theme despite seeing many girls dressed up like Marines and other military-inspired uniforms. In looking for just that I came across this and well…im speechless! Those girls are hot ;)

Nazism is the ultimate obscenity, the perfect pornography. So why not tap into that despised cultural history. Hitler was the quintessential dirty old bastard. Certainly some of his inner circle were super-fags of the worst sort. All fertile material for creating disgusting literature about ultra-repulsive scum undeserving of being thought of as humans. If we enjoy this kind of horrible speculation, Nazism is the perfect setting: the worst people you can imagine, doing the most evil and repulsive things to innocent victims. The Nazis deserve to be remembered by posterity as just that kind of pigs. Now, whether or not Saddam, Stalin, Putin or Mistress Lindy and the House of Abu-Ghraib will get the same treatment from history still remains to be seen.

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