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The story of Master Rick, the now infamous North Carolina provider of free castrations, continues in the headlines.

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Bill Leslie, a lawyer for [Danny] Reeves, insisted that his client had “absolutely nothing to do with” the surgeries, but asserted that the castrations were not related to sadomasochism.

“Our position is it’s certainly not a sexual gratification thing,” he said. Asked if they were performed on men seeking sex changes, he said, “Our position is that’s not the reason either.”

He declined to elaborate. …

Bill Jones, the lawyer for Mendez, said it was incorrect to refer to the castrated men as victims.

“I would hesitate to use that word. Even what the police are saying is that this was consensual,” he said

Both lawyers are going to have a hard time with the jury.

Prosecutor: While cameras rolled, N.C. trio castrated willing men

Dan Savage offers his view:

But some castration fetishists, as we’ve seen in North Carolina, actually do have their balls cut off. While I believe that folks have a right to do what they like with their own bodies, I don’t think a castration fetish is a desire that should be indulged and certainly not by a non-medical professional winging it in a dungeon in Bumfuck, N.C. Castration cannot be regarded as safe or sane, and even if someone agrees to it heck, even if they long for it castration is so extreme that consent to castration has to be regarded as evidence of a man being of unsound mind, and therefore incapable of giving his consent, at least until a qualified shrink and licensed doc determine otherwise.

A fetish that takes balls

Earlier: Master Rick’s Castration Service


Castration fantasies are not always crazy. Some males, gay, bi, straight, and in-between have that desire and it can be for a number of reasons such as to prevent future prostate cancer, prevent baldness, religious piety/purity (see book of Matthew) or for reasons unknown.

The procedure for removing the male testes is NOT rocket science, although better done by a licensed urologist, very few will do it unless disease is present. For those who enjoy the fantasy of having a “master” perform the castration, it is no wonder that they have to turn to backroom cutters and then things go wrong; like running afoul of the law and having one’s good name ruined in the press.

My hat is off to a competent, qualified cutter. Train others who are interested is my advice.

I have an open mind and am into BDSM myself but come on. This is going to give the industry a bad name. We can’t have masters cutting off balls of male subs. That has got to be way too far for 95% of the community and I’m sure the NC court is going to come down on it with a hard clamp. To make matters worse, the spin this will put on our lifestyle in general will be negative. Negative in the courts, awareness throughout the nation and an overall negative opinion of the lifestyle. Like the article says, If someone wants their balls cut off by a master in a dungeon they have to be of unsound mind. This is a very unfortunate incident that I hope goes away quietly and with the BDSM’s community standing on the side of te law. To lend any credibility to this activity is political suicide. Ask a PR executive. Nothing but damage. It is very unfortunate it happened, and in my state!

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