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Some of you have read of Michelle Silva (also known as Empress M) of Enfield, CT whose home was raided by local police without a warrant. Ms. Silva ran a BDSM pay site using computers in her home. They were seized, effectively putting her out of business.

Here is part of a comment she left on one of my other sites:

This has ruined my life. I’m losing my home and will be on the street because this website was my source of income.

they have taken all my equpitment that i use to shoot video and my computers and sofeware to update my site .. no one will buy memberships because i cant provide updates.

i cant pay my bills or get a job because [police put my name in the papper with out even arresting me. no charges or arrests yet after 1 year of there investagation and 8 weeks since they took all my stuff. everything is two months behind ..i need a job..we are taking donations so we can live

Complete text here.

A pretty chilling example of how vulnerable we all can be should some authority have an urge to take a swipe at us.

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It’s very scary, and very sad.

I just found out about this awful situation today. Hopefully she has been in touch with the Free Speech Colation… Does anyone have any information about how to contribute to her defense fund or an email address for Michelle?

She left some information here:

I was good friends with her and was lucky to be her sub for a brief few months. She is a very nice person (and was once a mother I might add).After her kids had grown up she finally got to do what she always wanted to do. She was a very generous dominant and was professsional in all respects…never going beyond my limits. The state effectively ruined her life. I now have a deep seated hatred for governments and they most certainly CAN’T be trusted to do the right thing. We are living in stalinist russia or nazi germany. Take your pick.

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The Persecution of Michelle Silva
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