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Her Last Time Here : A Summary

How our BDSM and S&M play went when my beloved sadist was last home with me.

Icy Hot Nipples

Mentholated cream gives nipple torment a pungent conclusion.

Sitting on Sandpaper

Being forced to sit on a sheet of coarse sandpaper. Are sandpaper pants to follow?

Urophagia Cocktail

A mixed drink consisting of your girlfriend's piss and vodka or scotch whiskey or rum or tequila or whatever liquor seems most appropriate.

Chained Testicles

She binds my balls - scrotal sac - to my ankles with chains and a testicle leash and ankle cuffs..

Exploring Duration

Seeing if we can have longer and more intense sessions of D/s and S&M : choosing how harsh, how much protocol and length of time up to 24/7 or even more.

Making Progress

Ritual act proves psychological trigger for restoring my masochism when I seemed to have become asexual in BDSM contexts.

Preconceptions Ruin an Offering

Drinking a glass of my girlfriend's piss but diminishing the emotional impact of the scene.

Masochistic Wimp

Struggling to cope with my masochistic libido being low and making my dominant sadistic partner happy.

Cute Suffering

What does a submissive masochist's face look like during play?

Kiss Me, Hurt Me

Deep erotic submission and nonbiological orgasmic like experiences.

Face Slapping as Erotic Play

Why would a man enjoy having a woman slap him in the face? Is it a safe fetish?

Serene Alienation

The queer, quirky emotional states, mood transformations of shared loving sadomasochistic exploration between two loving partners.

Interrogation Scenarios

B/D or D/S or S/M sexual interrogations play are quite different in dynamic than most military interrogations.

Happy Times

Locked in a posture bar/collar and licking crushed egg from her boots.

Slapped & Bitten

Alternately she danced and tormented me.

The Wooden Spoon

Heavy, slotted kitchen tool becomes a fine S&M pervertable pain toy.

Her Footstool

Happily kneeling and being her human foot rest.

Hitching Rings in the Kitchen

DIY restraints built into the wall of our house.

Eating Cat Food

D/s: She made me eat pet food from a bowl and the floor.


Nipple sensitivity as S&M play.

Finally ... !

After a lull our sadomasochistic dynamic returns and I spend an evening getting whipped.

The Joy of Her Boots

Pleasure of retifism: happily worshipping her boots late one night.

An Evening with ClubFEM's MCD

Erotic genital torment using a male chastity control device.

Her Human Doormat

Flat on my back as she dragged the soles of her shoes across my tongue.

My Poor Right Nipple

A happy night of BDSM play: beatings and other fun.

Protocol : The First Time

I had to use a safeword when the scene got risky.

Eating Food From the Floor

A happy evening as her worshipful slave.

Penis Kicking

The night my Goddess kicked and slapped my cock.

Human carpet

A male slave's happy night being used by his Goddess.

Posture Bar

The night my Goddess bound me with a posture bar and collar.

Licking the Mud from Her Boots

My owner forced me to lick vile tasting mud from her boots.

Bound wrists (The Long Night)

Having my wrists locked in cuffs was deeply satisfying.


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