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I have big balls. Judging from the responses of my male lovers this could be considered boasting. (How many women care about testicle size has probably been neglected by social scientists.) But it is just a biological truth.

Larger than average genitalia is a real hindrance to finding bondage devices that fit.

Take last night’s experience with the Humbler.

We tried it long ago but had so much trouble getting it on that we gave up. Recently, knowing how excited I was by it, Alexandra asked me a few times if I’d like her to try putting the Humbler back on me. That I kept demurring proves what a fragile state I’ve been in of late.

Knowing I was being foolish I assented instantly when she made the offer last night.

This time - with the aid of moisturizer - it went on easily.

You know those photographs in the toy catalogs of the Humbler snug against the back of the man’s thighs keeping him firmly on his knees? That wasn’t the scene in our house. Our Humbler just dangled loosely and uselessly. Admittedly I was aroused so my scrotal sac was probably at maximum expansion.

Damn. A fantasy of years standing shot dead. (Though we may try using something like lots of bondage tape above the testes to make it hold tight.)

Next we tried femelle’s suggestion.

Alexandra put on the ankle cuffs and genital leash. Then linked them with chain. Ah, success. My testicles were lightly tugged at when I crawled. I’d long dreamt of this.

Her labor gave Alexandra an appetite so she went to reheat some noodles. The microwave went out. Still locked in my new portable prison I crawled to the dining room to see if I could fix things.

Judging by the erection test that Mistress 160 often employs I was in slavish heaven. It was impossible to properly express my gratitude to Alexandra: I was living and old and cherished fantasy.

My joints didn’t allow me to stay locked up for long. Though I hope she will enjoy making me helpless this way often.

(A core corporal punishment fantasy has always been to have it snug enough that when my body moves in response to a blow there’s a light jerk on my balls.)

Later Alexandra led me on a nice walk in the back yard. Then I licked her boots: a special pair with lots of buckles. And I just knelt there in the yard at her side basking in the happiness she’d created for me that evening.

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It was great watching your lumbering crawl. Now I just have to find an incentive for you to crawl besides the microwave. Like perhaps because I’m making your butt sore?

I cannot speak for other women.

But I have always been completely indifferent to testicle size.

Now, a set of balls that doesn’t try to recede completely into the pelvic cavity when I’m trying to bind them, that’s a feature I appreciate.

You, I’m sure have found some interesting ways to bind, manipulate and torment the male testicles.

i am a tranny who loves chaining her balls to a sturdy hasp screwed to the floor i have about 2metres of freedom .the chaining of my balls consists of a hard wire shaped like a clip with two eyes in the ends so you push the flesh between your balls and your cock into the gap which is about half an inch wide until they are captured .i then put a small bolt into one eye then the end of a stout chain then through the other eye then two nuts which are tightened with small spanners to lock them . i then take the spanners to another room so i cannot reach them then the other end of the chain is padlocked to the hasp on the floor , by the way iam fully dressed inpanties bra and stockings suspenfders and heels and i feel so sexy being helplessly chained up . I have a timer attached to a doorjamb up the hallway which has a mechanism to release the key to set me free the key has a lenghth of cotton thread so i can drag it to me . i then talk dirty on the net to get horny so i can masterbate so my balls might shrink so the hasp will pas over them .some times it works after masterbating a few times but it starts to hurt if you cum that many times so i generally have to wait for the timer to operate .the other week i set the timer to pm instead of am and was stuck for twenty hours .i had tightened the bolt too much and even after cumming about twelve times my balls didnt shrink enough in fact i think they swelled a little from the constant chafing of the hasp thank god i didnt have anybody calling on me that day . as it got light outside i was so nervous someone would knockon my door and getting no answer would break in to find me dressed so sexy in heels and all and chained up so. i still do it as its so a relief to get free and i get so huge erections as a matter of fct i am chained up now and have wanked 3 times . i have kept some com and rubbed it over my balls to make them slippery but to no avail the damm thinng wont let a ball through i think i have around 4 hourd to go as i dont have a clock to tell me when the times up

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