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An old entry on face slapping has gathered over a hundred comments. The page is getting too long. So when Yvonne asked a couple of questions I thought I’d respond in a fresh entry.

… I think I might even enjoy slapping his handsome face if he’s asking for it.After all I do own a pair of lace up leather boots. However I’m scared because if this guy ever raised his hands against me in the heat of the moment, I think he’ll knock me down unconscious easily.

If anything I bet a guy who is open about his kinks is more likely to be stable and safe than some ordinary seeming fellow who has suppressed his uncommon desires.

Do people enjoy being slapped because of the pain or because it’s a punishment?or both?

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For me it depends on the context. All my early images of it were of being treated with contempt, a form of humiliation. Don’t let that throw you: a person can enjoy being humiliated in erotic play space without that bleeding over into the rest of his life.

Surprise: there’s huge psychological impact when you don’t expect it. That fits in ideally with punishment. At times I like being found at fault and chastised.

Pain: I’m a masochist so I translate hurt into pleasure.

So for me the thrill of having my face slapped may evoke any one or a mix of the above.

For others it may only be just one specific element, perhaps with a certain special twist.


For me, slapping is more about the power. I find it erotic because of a mix of masochism and mild humiliation, and at the same time, it reinforces the power exchange between us. It’s an especially powerful experience when she’s got me pinned down or has my hands restrained. But if it’s more of a thuddy slap, then it feels more like a punch, and I don’t find that erotic. Overall, slapping (as you said) can have an intense psychological impact, and that’s one reason it appeals to me.

I think it’d be amazing to recieve a full-on slap like you see in the movies, but that sounds a bit too risky for me; people often say to support the face with the other hand in order to avoid neck injury. So I’m just not sure how much of a risk it’d be to try a more “movie-like” slap.

You sum up my own feelings about it. It hit both physical and emotional sweet spots.

What some men think they want would give them a dislocated jaw: a stupid thing to ask a woman to do to you.

I was really surprised to find that I enjoy face-slapping. I just wasn’t expecting to, I’m not sure why. But I found that it was a wonderful expression of power exchange, that a woman could toy with me like that, for her own amusement. My role was to endure, and keep leaning forward, offering an easy target for as long as she wanted. The pain itself wasn’t so bad, and the psychological effect was very fulfilling.

I love, love, love faceslapping!

Although for me it’s almost more of a way for him to get my attention, put me in the proper headspace, really “proving” somehow that I am the one on my knees and he’s going to do whatever he wants with me. It’s probably the easiest way to move me from the nervous, giggling expression of pain to the crying expression. It’s my first small “breaking” in a scene, and the more I think about it the more I wish I could have it every time I played.

Face-slapping is something that I too quite enjoy. Although for me it is more of a tool to get me into subspace than a punishment. At least that’s how it is when I bottom/sub to my gf.

When I top her, I use it more as a lighter means of punishment, more to reinforce the fact that I am in charge than an actual punishment. And I can tell that she really enjoys it too.

To me it feels so very right. When I have all of my boy’s attention what could be more perfect than a friendly slap in the face or twelve to make sure I have every last bit of it?

I may not have wings but I /do/ have hands to help me soar ;)

Wow! This topic definitely hit a hot button with you readers. And with me, too.

As you know, I don’t draw a big dividing line between kink, vanilla and BDSM, thinking/believing that they really are different facets of the same erotic play.

But…I have to say, I do enjoy the game of face slapping when doing domme/humilation calls thru my fem-dom phone business. This can also go along with spitting, for some reason.

But what really ups the temperature for me is to smack said sub/slave/today’s flavorite terminology in a public setting. Which also ties in with him being “pussy whipped,” which I find very hot.

Yum yum, Richard, lovely entry. Thank you!

My goodness, four fingers and a thumb across that precious little face? How endearing…especially when I see the outline of my power linger.

Again, you plead? Not a second thought…

with love…

I think spitting and face slapping both having qualities of expressing contempt. To me as a bottom a very pure form of objectification. Though slapping has the advantage of being something that can be performed across a scale. Spitting - for me - is a one note experience.

“Spitting - for me - is a one note experience.”

Spitting in the face, yes. Very hot, but not much of a “scale” to it. There are other ways to do spitting though……..letting the spit fall slowly into the sub’s mouth (or onto the face) or spitting in the sub’s drink. All very erotic in my opinion.

I have to add a slight twist, which I was surprised to find I really enjoyed. Has anyone tried being face slapped with the soles of a beautiful woman’s feet? As a foot fetish trample and a face slappng combination, it is entirely mindboggling IF DONE WITH CARE. In stockings, the caress of the foot and the anticipation of the slap is fascinating!

roo roo,

I guess I was being too simplistic. Alexandra once spat on me several times in quick succession and I wanted to just crawl out of my skin.

Drooling is a bit different. There are a couple of Sardax drawings that I can hardly look at. Not by any means a limit but I just don’t talk about it.

Frank, That is certainly very interesting. Sounds like considerable work for the woman but thanks for sharing that.

I’ve experienced being “foot-slapped” by a couple different women. Since I have a foot fetish and find slapping erotic, you’d think this would be an amazing experience; I didn’t much care for it though. It felt very thuddy, almost like a punch, even when it was lighter slaps. To me, the stinginess of slapping is erotic, but thud only gives me a headache. Like most other things though, this is a matter of personal preference.

I pretty share your feelings about stinginess vs. thuddiness with the face.

While the idea sounds exciting it seems very cumbersome for the dominant to execute. And no small risk of perhaps injuring an eye with a toe, which would be especially awful if it were with a toe nail.

Very interesting comments on this site which I enjoyed reading. I also enjoy being slapped by a good looking and strict female. Not sure why, but perhaps it gives the female a superior attitude which is appealing to me.

I too love having my face slapped by my partner. I find the experience is the best expression of her dominance over me and her ability to humiliate me at will. My partner is a teacher by profession and often likes to create classroom scenes where she punishes me in this way for some notional breach of school rules. The repeated clouting continues until my face is quite red - or her beautiful hands are sore. After this, she usually has me sit in my classroom desk and spend some hours writing out lines for her - while she enjoys a long soak in the bath after all her hard work.


My wife likes to be on top when we have sex. She likes me to pump her hard and fast as I hold her hips and thrust upward. If I get tired, to keep me motivated to thrust hard enough and fast enough, she slaps my face over and over again. She might snarl, “I said harder” or “I said faster” just as she smacks my face, first with her right hand, then her left. It drives me wild with desire more than anything and I have great orgasms from this sort of play.

Hello, I have just discovered your site & I congratulate you for it. I want to share my experiences with your readers, too. I simply adore being faceslapped by a dominant mistress. My favorite position is a complex one, though. I will be kneeling in front of a naked mistress who is wearing only a pair of high heel shoes, as I am handcuffed behind my back, naked of course except for a dog-collar & lead, plus a length of rough twine tied to my scrotum sack in a self-tightening loop when pulled, and have my cock placed on a special slanted two-legged wooden stool wedged between my balls & my stretched out cock. A round brush may be pushed up to my anus with it’s handle sticking out, to stop me from sitting down. My mistress would be sitting in an armchair in front of me, allowing me glimpses of her genitals to tease & humiliate me, as I hope to serve, please & worship her orally after the faceslapping session. This session, which may last up to an hour or more, and could add up to several hundred, if not one thousand slaps in one session, is basically this: She steps on my cock with her shoe-clad foot & crushes it on the wooden stool while she yanks hard on my so-called scrotum-leash from under the stool, so I cannot pull back & escape her trampling foot, or, her faceslaps, as she will slap me either at will & repeatedly with her free hand, left & right, or whenever she has made me shout out in pain, due to her cock-trampling. This is a vicious see-saw, because she will try to make me shout with her foot on purpose, and she will punish me for it, if & when I do. As I cannot hold my screams back, she will get even more angry & slap my face harder & harder, screaming at me, “I told you to learn to keep quiet, dog”, while all the while, I know she is laughing at me deep inside. I had this experience with a few dommes, but the best was when I had convinced an unsuspecting middle aged “vanilla” masseuse to do it to me & she simply loved it so much that my face ended up all puffed up & sore & pink after an hour & had headaches & aching cheecks for a few days, not to mention the state of my utterly bruised cock & scrotum sack. The worst was that she continued right through 3 ejaculations of mine & she did not even let me eat her pussy afterwards. It was 20 years ago, but I can never forget this experience. Have a nice day. rex

Nothing seen for months. Now who do I send my photos too

Hello, I’m a foot fetishist as well as I have enjoy to be slapped by the hand of a lovely woman. I like much the sound of a slap as well as the feeling on the face. So it was obvious for me to combine both my desires and I let my face slapped by the foot of a young woman. In my imagination before it was betten than it was real, because the sound of the slap isn’t that good than by a normal slap. But found it quite funny and sure I will do it again some day.

Sounds pretty complicated to me but I’m glad you found humor in it.

I have been undergoing through face slapping every day. My wife is a sadist. Every night she ties me up hardly so that she can do anything to me. Then she slap on my face hardly along with spitting she continues it until she wants to stop. In spite of my screaming she continues it. After some minutes session I will be crying and pleading for her mercy, but she goes on with spanking etc. but at the end she will come to me and start kissing me with loving words, all over my face. this is our play….it is more extreme….usually she spanks me even after bleeding, she puts alcohol on it and continue spanking…………we are good partners, we only have sex in between ourselves only, not with anyone else….

i wanna be slapped by a women as well … i really want to be dominated and slapped hard by a young women .. but i dont have an arrangement for that … i remember being slapped by my teachers in school .. that was really good … i love to have my ears pulled as well .

i agree, it is highly erotic, and deeply submissive to be foot-slapped by your Goddess wife/GF. the mere fact to see her in full divine glory from that position and your face smacked by those divine feet, at the same time she berating/admonishing you, its quite out of the world experience.

I did not know face slapping could be a fetish..I never heard of it until just recently..and even then I thought someone was making it up..but sure enough, I researched it online..and was amazed how many men love to be slapped in the face..I personally do not know if I would like it or not..in fact, I think there is 99% chance I would be aroused to anger because it would bring back instant memories of my abused childhood…I became an olympic weightlifer and bodybuilder in my young adult life as a result of being abused…it was to not only show strength but to have the ability to fight back when attacked..but anyway, very interesting fetish..oh, by the way, do not slap me!..haha ;-D

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