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Alexandra and I have both written of how tiredness and health problems can interfere with our BDSM play.

Last week I was unable to rest properly. This left me passionless (but thankfully not unaffectionate but admittedly not as attentive as I like to be). Dominants often note how they need energy for their role. Weariness deadens anyone’s erotic impulses - D/s is always at least faintly erotic - so feeling submissive also requires a sense of well being.

Thankfully last Thursday evening I was feeling strong enough to play. It was fun but my energy ebbed much earlier than I wished. I was a little disappointed with myself.

But at the end as I was licking her boots all of my submissive feelings blossomed. Reverently I took care to not hurry, not miss a spot. Then I lay on my stomach as she rested her heels on my back serenely happy to be beneath her.

The next nigh was even better.

Alexandra placed me in the posture bar / collar: that knocks me into submissive space. I was very grateful that she’d rendered me so helpless. But - sadly - too muddled to thank her.

When Alexandra went to the kitchen I could only wonder what she would bring back. Earlier I made a joking reference to the possibility of her crushing a boiled egg. That night I found myself licking fragments of one from the heels of her boots. It was quite disgusting, which is not a complaint.

Often submission leaves my memory blurry; my recent tiredness makes that even truer. So read Alexandra’s account of that night: Play Becoming Serious

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