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Interrogation play certainly invokes some of my darker desires.

The first time that I encountered it - in a story on the Nifty Archive I think - it took me a couple of weeks to get it out of my head.

Since Alexandra and I can't really imagine adopting made-up roles - acting as Godddess and slave within a scenes feels perfectly natural - we're not apt to engage in interrogation scenes but maybe you'd like to.

Part of the initial post of a longish thread on interrogation play.

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But for many here, I think, the fun comes in precisely the things that are not allowed under the Geneva Conventions - that is, in close confinement, nudity, hooding or blindfolding, electrical shock, humiliating postures, sexual teasing, and so on. In those cases, better ideas may come from the horror stories reported in the newspapers, or from fiction, than from the public military manuals.

My own impression is that having the power to do what is clearly "forbidden", or placing oneself in a position where you consent to someone doing something to you that is clearly "forbidden", releases a major power dynamic and has significant implications for what this group calls "headspace". Do other people experience this (the "forbidden" aspect of some interrogation or compulsive techniques) the same way?


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