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Take one shot of vodka and about 15 ounces of urine and you have a Urophagia Cocktail. A tall drink that takes a fair amount of time to finish.

I had one last night. Alexandra had been saving her urine for me.

But only one. Due to prior and unrelated eating and drinking my stomach began to feel so bloated that I was barely able to drink anything.

Sipping a glass of your lover’s urine sounds a bit nasty doesn’t it? It is. Particularly the aftertaste.

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“Sipping a glass of your lover’s urine sounds a bit nasty doesn’t it? It is. Particularly the aftertaste.” That’s one thing that makes it so hot. When you take little or normal-sized drinks, it lasts…….much different than chugging it down.

Exactly. Once again the subtle approach is more potent than quantity.

I like reading yor comments. They are so different than my thoughts when I am lucky enough to be with my mistress. I found the taste of her urine intoxicating without the alcohol. I guess that being a true bottom, I thrill in anything that turns my mistress on. Even if it something I never wanted or dreamed of, if she wants it done, to me, or to her, or her doing something to me, or me doing something on her behalf I will follow the order. I have come to realize that I will like doing whatever her hearts desire comes up with as she is true top and really loves to give the orders.

Congratulations on having found such a wonderful relationship. Best wishes to each of you for many joyous times together.

I like this. Happy birthday.

There is a real thrill in expressing submission and the drinking of my mistresses urine is one of the holy grails for me. I have been allowed to watch her urinate and lick her clean on occassion, savoring her salty golden drops glistening on curly hairs, but we’ve not yet progressed this far, though it has been openly discussed. It is my hope that drinking her fluids, whether directly or from another vessel will become as natural a form of behavior as what we currently do.

Have I practiced with my own? Of course!

I prefer my Urophagia Cocktail to be served directly from the source. My lady hasn’t peed for quite a while and she’s had several drinks that have been excersized her kidneys.When she starts to complain of her aching bladder, She’s already placed a small pillow under my head and a much larger pillow under my neck. With my head forced up and back and my chin high, she sits full-weight on my face in the reverse position (facing my feet). My mouth is now directly under her vaginal lips and I use my tongue to tease her urethra as she wiggles with increasing discomfort from her well-stretched bladder. Eventually, I tasted a drop, then two or three drops, then a half-dozen, then a dozen or so of her sweet salty necrar. Then the flood gates opened and I must have swallowed at least a quart of her warm golden urine. I’m now addicted to her and her urine!

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