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No Sex for You Mr! Don't Even Talk About It!

The femdom fantasy of permanent male chastity, lifestyle, lifetime orgasm denial.

Castrated Sex

Some men fantasize that castration will render them helplessly, permanently chaste. They are wrong.

Femdom Chastity

Risk aware consensual F/m tease and orgasm denial play.

Male Chastity Devices : Their Erotic Power

The psychological and emotional value of using a physical device in some male orgasm denial scenarios.

Chastity Devices : Their Variety and Lore

Do you know the secret history of male chastity belts and restraints? Who decided that preventing masturbation was for fun and not morality?

Chastity : Our Next Step?

My beloved and I talk or beginning a period of orgasm regulation and control for me as a way to recover sexually from the damage of my prior relationship.

Chastity Belt for Christmas

A submissive man foolishly thought he should buy a male orgasm denial device for his wife when it was really for himself.

Happy Anniversary

One man's year of chastity: milked ejaculation, neo-tantric orgasms only.

Chastely Erotic

Happy sexual desire without need or desire for an orgasm.

Ruined Orgasms

Orgasm denial technique for inducing humility and sexual frustration in a male slave.

The Penis and Female Domination

Femdom stereotypes about male sexuality and lust.


Trying to discern the reality of my BDSM, masochistic and slavish desires from what I really need as a submissive man who love the woman / Goddess in his life.


Ejaculation during orgasm after a few weeks of denial was unpleasant and stinging.

Chastity Therapists

Orgasm denial as a career for mental health professionals - it is just a joke.

Chastity as a Means of Emotional Recovery

Sexual recovery, psychological healing from an orgasm denial program.

Exploring Orgasm Denial

Exploring enforced chastity to deepen my submission to the woman that I love and worship.

Foreskin Confinement

Orgasm denial and enforced chastity devices and techniques for the uncircumcised male. Are there such specialties for the uncut penis?

Enforced Chastity Inexpensively

A written label may work for inexpensive orgasm denial play.


Self-imposed orgasm denial keeps me from getting enough sleep.

Caged Penis: Afterthoughts

Psychological effects of chastity play with the woman that I love and worship.

Caged Penis: Me in Chastity?

An exploration of orgasm denial in a female dominant, male submissive relationship.

Caged Penis: Moderation

Will I be one of those male slaves who finds orgasm denial easy to accept?

Caged Penis: On the Web

Some Femdom sites paint an ugly, sad image of orgasm denial. In others men share their pleasure in enforced chastity.

Caged Penis: Stallion Guard

An inexpensive effective male chastity device. A leather cock cage that confines the penis and prevent erections.

That Stubborn Penis Plug

Mistress and slave write about inserting his chastity belt penis plug.

Male Milking : Keeping it Healthy

D/s orgasm denial, enforced chastity may encourage prostate cancer unless the male slave is milked often enough.

Chastity Belts for the Masses

D/s chastity belt use, reviews and trades.

DIY Chastity Devices

Making your own cheap male chastity belts and rings.

Orgasm Denial as Virtual Viagra?

Can enforced F/m chastity be used to help with overmasturbation, impotence and erectile dysfunction?

The Psychology of Enforced Chastity

Femdom orgasm denial: behavior modification, encouraging respect and the men really enjoy mandatory ejaculation control.

The Mystery of Orgasm Denial

Enforced chastity in Femdom relationships. Why to the men enjoy it? Do they really need to misbehave when allowed an orgasm?

Penis Confinement: A Follow-up

How wearing the penis cage to work one day worked out.

Penis Confinement: An Experiment in Symbolic Surrender

Wearing a penis cage to focus on our D/s roles outside our normal BDSM play.

Casual Meditation on Enforced Chastity

Is enforced male chastity, orgasm denial really phallocentric?

Milking the Male

Prostate manipulation, exhaustion as a part of enforced chastity or orgasm denial play.

The Other Kind of Milking

Enforced masturbation that continues long enough to cause penis pain.

Chastity: A Speculation

She’s away, I’m alone: would enforced chastity boosted or worsened my mood?

Orgasm Denial

Chastity belts and orgasm control seem to be very important to many Femdom relationships.

Chastity and Crushing


Story fragment with chastity as an enhancement to woman worship.


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