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Wife gives husband a chastity belt for Christmas
K.D. Pierre did several of these orgasm control themed cartoons then vanished. The women are always cheerful: true in real life?

A guy wrote that he was doing his Christmas shopping:

i also spotted a cb-3000 chastity device in a toy store nearby work, and i want to buy it for Her and present it to Her. Trouble is She probably wouldnt know what to do with it! So what i was thinking was trying to locate some stories or real life testimonials about the advantages of keeping your husband in chastity, i would present the device to Her at christmas along with all Her other gifts and let Her read the stories to spark Her rmind

You can just see the look on his wife’s face when she opens that mysterious looking thing. Though I do remember a few men who got a chastity device as a birthday or Christmas present.

A few people replied. As did I:

Much of what is put up on the web about “advantages” of chastity is just folklore. A man who is better behaved because he’s wearing a CB-3000 is really one who misbehaves as a way to get it put on him.

I think you should just honestly tell her that you would appreciate it if she’s help you explore this because you think it will make you happy. If she does then make sure her kindness to you is reciprocated by kindness to her.

Since she loves you your happiness will make her feel good. And as your life-partner she will appreciate any additional helpfulness and attentiveness you bring to your relationship. I think you’ll see it is really easier to cultivate and sustain a D/s dynamic that is rooted in mutual happiness than BDSM fiction.

It got me to thinking about instances in my own love affairs when either I or my lover should have expressed some desire clearly and directly. It is easy to go unheard if you are coy or mumble your wish under your breath.

And to strive to be more obliging. Often I fear I failed to be. Intimate times with our partners might prosper more if for fifteen seconds we paused to get past the “No” that instantly rises in our mind and weigh the mutual happiness that might be found in “Yes.” Often our objections are rooted in trivia.

Anyway the guy came back to say:

… i think its best leave it for now as rightly pointed out this is probably for me more than my Wife, its Her birthday the 31st Dec so there’s a few more presents to be bought


just sold my sony psp for 270 euro… so could spend some of that on the cb 3000

Maybe he’ll return and let us know how it went.

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This will be my 4th Xmas in a chastity device.My current one is the curve & I have had it on for 15 months. Mrs insists that this is the way it is going to be for me the rest of my life. I no longer have any body hair below my hairline. I must provide her oral sex for about 4x for every time she permits me to orgasm. Good luck is wished to every poor guy that receives a chastity device for Xmas & has to wear it.

As people have written about these things and from what you’ve said it seems like a fairly mild sort of orgasm control. But that is up to the individual.

If the chastity device is making you unhappy why don’t you refuse to wear it?

i have had trouble keeping my “stallion guard” in place…my cock slips unintentionally out the back, but in front of the back, leather strap behind my cock and balls. i have experimented with adding additional locks on it, but nothing seems to work for long term chastity (weeks, months, etc.) Is there any way to keep long term chastity with this device?

I own something similar.

Some chastity devices can offer the erotic reinforcement of “bondage” but require trust between the man aiming to remain chaste and the woman to whom he has promised this. Actually this is true of almost every male chastity device.

If you require more physical security/restraint - a very common and understandable desire - then you will have to invest more money for a somewhat more secure form of penis confinement.

Addressing the idea of giving CB-3000 to wife for Christmas: This would definitely not have worked for me. I tried for 20 years to interest my wife in exploring Femdom/sub for my sake. She professes to be repelled by the idea, and only reluctantly over the yeasr participated in some role playing. Her play was uninspired and her attitude very negative,and combined with my home-made chastity devices, the sessions were very unsatisfactory for both of us. Last month I purchased the CB-3000. I asked her to be the keyholder, to decide if I could be unlocked at night (or go overnight), and when unlocked if I could orgasm. No other actions requried by her, so I thought she might go along, but so far, very disappointing. I may have to end up mailing the key to myself, or freezing keys in ice, somehow to enforce my time in chastity.

I’ve heard of guys using time lock safes and the like.

There are women who will act as keyholders for a fee. And there are some who will do it for free. The latter would only consider doing it if your wife knew.

It is always hard to know what to say to people who have a fetish their partner isn’t able to satisfy. People want neither divorce nor frustration.

My wife got me a new chastity belt made of metal and locked it on me four years ago and broke all the keys and put apoxi into the key slot that way the belt never will be removed becose she was tired of me masterbating all the time and sense then I pleaser her using a strap on realistic 10 inch by 3 inch dildo and my fingers or my mouth and my pleaser only comes from pleasing her and she never cheets on me and she loves me for permanently giving up my dick for her and I never agine get to tuch or even get to see my dick ever sence the belt has been locked on me and I never get hardons ever no mater how horny I get and we selabrate my chastity just like a birthday and she tells me all the time how glad that I am in chastity and she loves to brag and say that having me in chastity allways is the best thing she has ever done and loves the attention she gets from me and she loves to brag of the power she has over my sexuality and all of our friends have seen me in the belt and she loves me to talk with her when I get horny to help me to get over wishing for sex wich I will never have agine

My woman got me a chastity device after I was unfaithful. It was either wear one and stay with her or leave. So on it went, keeps me from cheating.

ok i must know this how does a guy pee in a full out chastity belt i dont understand i get how devices such as cb6000 work but how do ya pee with a belt?????

A male chastity device prevents you from touching your penis or having an erection. It doesn’t block the phallus’ opening. You can urinate while wearing a MCD.

i am put in a chastity belt, it was me asking for one. at first she said no. but she would put rings on and other things. then i came up. i know a other man she would love to miss with. so i told her. if i was in a chastity .and you mail the key from work, you got horny. you could have him. she thought it over one night ,then after we had sex she said i do it. the next day i had it on. two days later she ask how i like it. i said i love it. that night she had me to go down on her. i got so horny in it. but she didn’t let me out. she said in the morning that she was mailing the key. was i up to it. i said yes but steal horny. she said come here, she pull up her dress and said look how wet i am over this place eat me. i did. and went to work hornier then i could ever reb. then two days went by .no key in the mail. she said that night can i miss around him tonight. i said. want iam i going to do. she said you going to eat me after i get home if you aver want that belt off. i ask do i get it off tonight, she told me i cant i forgot the key at work. i said you don’t go back for a other week. she said sorry but you said i could. i said true , have fun. and it sound like she did. and yes i clean her out every night she went out. after the week was over and she went to work, i ask did you reb. the key . she said yes my love i did. i mailed it today but was late so the mailman can’t get it until later. it came five days later. and i got out after saying afterwords i will put it back on. and then as i was just about to cum. she pull off me. my dick jump up and down in the air. i ask please just touch it. she just sit on me and wanted to talk. my orgasm was gone. she said as she was a little wet spot, on my body not much cum for someone that hasn’t, i said i am still horny. she pull on my balls as she put the hardness back on and said i love it when you are horny ,you eat me lots better, and plus and better man . so to all you i love chastity belts.

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