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The many schemes for preventing male masturbation, a popular activity of Victorian times, are pretty well documented. An unwholesome obsession with preserving imagined purity.

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But who was the first person to see male chastity belts and cages as a means to erotic play? When did the restraints of puritans become the toys of perverts like myself? Some member of the Old Guard?

I’m a cheerfully self-confessed fan of bondage and S&M gear. Like many I get aroused looking at all the amazing devices for restraining a person and inflicting torment. Naturally this includes the assorted mechanisms for confining a man’s genitals.

Looking out I see the Miller products: CB-2000, CB-3000, the Curve. There’s also TolleyBoy, NeoSteel, Exo-Belts (and Flexo-Belts). Mr. S has some phallus prisons that you never see discussed but are amazing to behold. And how could I forget Lori and her assorted tubes.

In some of my fantasies I envisioned a male chastity unit that would allow a man a full erection but no way to touch his penis. I saw a long wide clear tube in my mind. While much in awe of the penis prisons that prevent erections I couldn’t help but wonder how my imaginary container would compare. Not that it could be worn invisibly under clothing.

Aside from the chastity devices themselves there are piercings and homemade enhancements sold on eBay. There’s a virtual underground economy in the world of male orgasm regulation.

And I’ve read many reviews and responses by men wearing these chastity mechanisms. Each and every device has admirers and men who can’t tolerate it. Choices and solutions are idiosyncratic and individual. Phalluses - I think we can all agree - are funny things.

For a man to test each and every male chastity device available would cost thousands of dollars. And I haven’t mentioned the Teeth of Kali like devices and obscure forms of phallus confinement barely known except to the most dedicated D/s toy fan.

So there will never be a perfect chastity toy review. No one will ever have the necessary experience.

It hardly matters. I’m broke and what we’ll use will be - for me - a compromise. But life is full of these imperfectly realized dreams and wishes.

If you know any of the lore and history of male chastity devices, how they became a part of BDSM I’d appreciate it if you’d share that (via the comment form below).


I too am interested in chastity play and T&D, but I am worried about how much of a bulge would be visible underneath my dress pants at work.

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