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No one has to explain to me the emotional power of a device that you don’t have the physical ability to remove.

I was thinking of how escapable some chastity devices are, especially those that use leather straps.

The ClubFEM MCD came to mind.

The Domme attaches a handwritten note to a tie that the guy would have to break in order to escape the MCD. There’s no way she won’t know that you’ve cheated.

So if you’d like to explore wearing a chastity toy and don’t have much money but do would be stopped by visible dishonesty this may be an affordable alternative to the Curve, CB-3000 and the like.

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I gave my wife the idea of chastity back in october. It came up because i am a chonic masturbator and can’t stop. She felt it cheating and stopped having sex with me. I left the chastity website on my favorites along with a message to her that it was beyond my control. Christmas she gave me a shirt that read “i’m saving myself for her” and handed me her credit card. It came quick and I looked at pics of how it’s supposed to go on. Nights were hard since i’d get hard balls swell and there’s no room. I’d be whimmpering “mama it hurts” but she’d stay asleepor sometimes would give me a gentle satisfied kiss on the lips thenturn over and let me know that she’s added time to my lock up. Now I get up use the ice pack and find something to do. I love anal also and in private I’m constantly fingering fisting and doing other thigs to my smooth torn bottom. She caght me and said it was hers too and she bought a $150 strap on. We’d had a cheap one but she’d lose interest because of the poor quality and not staying on to get her off. Now sometimes if i, good she’ll hear be whining and she’ll slap me, roll me over put the pillow ovewr my head like “he” used to do, and she rapes me to her orgasm. II push hard with those inner muscles and pee/cum all over the bed.

i was force to wear a chastity belt once and i have to admit I LOVED IT!!!! i was denied pleasure for nearly 6 months and i was more happier and content… plus the orgasm was OUT OF THIS WORLD. i think every man needs to experience enforced chastity at least once, and i wish i could find a lady or a female male couple whose into that, and whereby i can totally submit, i would submit BOTH in and out of the bedroom. please post my email address: [we do not publish email addresses]

I agree with don. I am happier and get about twice as much work done when my wife has me locked up. I guess i’m like most underendowed males in that I can’t stop masturbating. My little penis erects at the slightest thought of anything sexual and I have to stroke it. The longest she kept me locked was a month and the ejaculation was SO POERFUL AND SEEMED LIKE IT WOULD NOT STOP. It was the best I had ever had. As more and more women embrase using a chastity device on their husband or mate it will become common. I could see there being three classes of males when this happens. The young still free males, the males that are kept locked up by their wife, and the free more endowed males that are in demand for all women.

i love it, i love to be enforced chastity , iam not a masturbating without her telling me to. i love the feeling of it and she loves the power she gets. she has made me were it for month without letting it come off. then make me go without it ,as she does other things to me and knows i want it on, then one night it goes back on. it’s hard to sleep the first couple nights and she loves that i have to get use to it again. but she teases me more when it’s on .and she gets more hornier , i don’t know why.but she does.. but i love it. and do thank more man should have to were one.

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