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That silly myth that sexual denial enhances athletic prowess is pretty old. A few weeks back I read that in Ancient Greece there were athletes who bound their foreskin near the end to enforce their own continence.

A quick check showed that at least when flaccid there’s plenty of material available. So I wondered if this anatomical truth had or could be used for orgasm denial play.

Given the record from classical times some sort of string or rubber strips can safely bind the end of the foreskin ( - for how long?). Since it would be easy to cheat it would satisfy few. As I suggested in an earlier speculation it is often possible to apply labeling that would be distorted or damaged if the penis were forcibly manipulated. Or destroyed if the bindings were removed.

Which still wouldn’t be good enough for guys who need imprisonment.

Piercing is popular. So I wondered if there was something that could be locked into pierced foreskin that would make masturbating very painful even if not impossible.

Not that this would help many American men since circumcision was foisted on the American public about a hundred years ago by anti-masturbation fanatics who had the delusion that a circumcised young men were less likely to wank.

But in the European Union most males are uncut so I wonder if any of them have developed techniques for using their foreskin for enforced chastity games.

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Foreskin piercings can be very effective in ths regard. options is a ring woven threw the foreskin (4 piercings). a barbel installed vertically, or horizontally also can work. several poeple wear locks through these peircings, once they are properly healed. Care must only be taken that the foreskin strech,rendering the chastity uneffective

I remember running across something along those lines on a body modification site, probably BME itself.

Can’t deny that it is a very exciting idea. Thanks.

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