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It has been sometimes suggested that ancient priests often held power over kings and warriors because the latter were in awe of the mystics’ ability to defy the lusts of the flesh.

I read many BDSM blogs. Most guys best enjoy those by dominant women: the kinkier the better. Those can be fun. The romantics of D/s have a special place in my heart; most strongly those men who strive with honor to please the woman in their lives.

I’m a faithful reader of Ramblings of a Slave. His entry “A Full Year” rather awed me:

Mistress and i were talking today and it came up that it has now been a year since i have had a “normal” ejaculatory orgasm. Yes i know i keep bringing this up, but its my badge of honour and i will flash it if i want to.

Often in the past when I’ve read a statement similar to this it has been accompanied by “but I’m a worthless man and it is all I deserve.” (Notice how the emphasis is on himself.) Really their Mistress is a stained tissue paper.

But I don’t doubt that Mistress Jen and jssubc are real. Nor of the very special relationship they share. While I’ve long read the blog I had to dig through the archives to get my mind around it properly.

This seems to have deepened his sense of “internal enslavement.” To have given him peace in being able to more fully offer her adoration. That the experience is beautiful and true.

This short entry has been hard to write. I don’t want to project any thoughts into his mind. In a web filled with much falsity it is good to be able to read a report like this and both believe it and see the good in it.

And I wanted to congratulate jssub on his anniversary.

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Wow. Thank you for writing that. We are real for sure. It’s one thing that jssubc really tries to put into the blog, I think, that we have our fights and our bad days. Toys don’t work. Girls think in girly ways. Men are stupid (only kidding!!!!!) I don’t remember where you live but maybe one day if you are close enough any two or three or four of us could get together and have a coffee.

Anyway. Wow…and thanks.

p.s. if you know a bit about electrical play I have some questions. Mainly: is it safe (below the waist) if jssubc had a heart attack 8 years ago. (some questions you just can’t ask that darn doctor). I have this fantasy of…oh never mind.

Thanks, I was so greatly moved by what he wrote, both in his entry and his reply to my comment.

I live in North Carolina and my beloved sadly lives too much of the time on an island off the coast of the UK.

Electro-play, I guess Alexandra and I should really do it sometimes (we have the toys), you are the second person to ask me today. Weve been pretty skittish (Im going to have to send my masochism merit badge back).

Below the waist is supposed to be very safe with anything battery-powered. Women really do use the puppy control collars on mens genitals. While I read a warning against using the electric fly swatters sometime sold as S&M paddles in a book Ive since read any number of couples who do use them for buttocks spankings. And Mistress Matisse has written of doing some amazing things to men with electrical insertables.

But all this is secondhand.

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