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I had an orgasm last night after about 3 weeks of abstinence.

There was some abstract neurological relief. But any potential excitement was killed by the sensation of my ejaculate passing out of my phallus.

It was hot and stinging, more annoying than anything else.

Is this normal under the circumstances?

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My husband, who routinely goes without orgasm for weeks (and sometimes months) at a time also complains of some discomfort during ejaculation on the rare occasions when I allow it to occur. He describes the sensation as distracting — a little like having his testes squeezed too firmly.

I personally think that more experiences should given at it is very interesting to know the results from different types of chasities and long term results do’s and don’ts

That is the only experience I have to share so far. Maybe some other folks will add their own stories of what ejaculation is like after an abstinent period.

My wife is not allowing me to orgasm for the last 7 days. She says I will never get one unless I would do what she wants. It looks it will take many months for me to get a relief. I will tell you about the experience.

Please do. I’m always interested in the experiences of others.

OH YEAH! even after shorter periods of intense teasing/denial i’ve had this, too. Like after 24 hours or so with a whole lot of teasing.

I wonder what causes it.

I would have to imagine that this is a different form of blue balls. Perhaps from the constant on off, on off the body could adjust to that and then when it finally gets to go past just on and you do cum it leaves you sore. I’ve not started any long term play yet, but I would be curious to learn more about this possibility.

i know the pain vary well. as it comes every time that i do get to cum. i know it’s from the teasing and holding off so long. but i come to enjoy it, because i know it’s going to be there. when i do get to feel a orgasm.

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