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I’ve posted a few notes about milking via prostate / vagus nerve stimulation. There’s also the technique of the ruined orgasm. The penis is stimulated. An ejaculation does occur but with no or minimal orgasmic satisfaction.

I’ve never (yet?) experienced this but there’s no doubt it must be powerfully humbling.

In the scenario below the man has been kept in chastity for a month.

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I then very quickly and vigorously, almost viciously, from behind, jerk his organ with my rubber gloved hand. He is so tense that it rarely takes even a minute before he is ready to spurt. I am watching this very closely and as soon as I note a slight start of a spasm I stop, take my hands away, step back and watch amused as he spurts, in a most frustrating fashion into his condom.

I assure you there is no orgasm when this method is employed, try it yourself and see! The look of frustration, total and utter frustration, is a picture to behold. Even now after several years of this treatment, he cannot quite comprehend just how frustrating the experience is. It leaves him yearning and desiring satisfaction, dreaming of what he used to experience. He remains totally unrelieved of his sexual tensions and urges, indeed they are multiplied ten-fold as a consequence of the frustration of being so near, yet so far from an orgasm. All that has been released is his semen, not his sexual tension.

Monthly Ritual

This excerpt is from an essay by Mistress Nahemah. One of the best and most detailed I’ve ever seen:

No lubrication is used, and the glove is not allowed to slide over the organ. At the first twitch, pulsation, or other indication of approaching orgasm, she quickly removes her hand. She does not resume the almost mechanical “Milking” for a full minute. Sixty seconds is a long time when excitement is high. It is, however, necessary to wait out the full time prior to resumption. This same routine is carried out again and again, ceasing each time that there is the slightest muscle twitch observed or suspected. During the sixty seconds that the “Milking” is not taking place, the Mistress should tell the slave how well he is doing, how much pleasure she will get from his having a dribble orgasm, how displeased she will be if he has strong contractions, how he must relax and not do anything to spoil her pleasure, etc. This, in conditioning terms, is the reinforcement stage. The grand finale is a little squirt from the cock slit, followed by his slime slowly oozing out. While this is occurring Mistress should again give positive reinforcement. …

Prostate Massage and Milking

For some people ejaculation is not the end of the session:

As to maintaining erection after the milking session is complete, there may be several means. I do not believe any of them would be connected to the milking experience directly. Visual stimulation, manual stimulation or a combination of both should result in the slave’s ability to maintain a post-milking erection. I have sucessfully combined mild electrical stimulation with visual stimulation for this purpose. An electrode inserted into the anus (there are purpose made devices for this) along with electrodes on the slave’s cock produce very satisfying post-milking fun. The slave, drained of his jism will fail to achieve a satisfying orgasm despite intense stimulation, by whatever means. If he’s well trained, his cock will become rock-hard, but he will be unable to cum.

Question about Milking and Errections

While lubrication probably isn’t necessary for most uncircumcised men an uncut man may experience nothing more than irritation without a cream or lubricated prophylactic.

Some men express surprise and disappointment that the amount of ejaculate isn’t greater. Seminal fluid is reabsorbed regularly reabsorbed. So a longish period of denial won’t increate the amount of fluid ejected. Teasing beforehand would but will also make insuring the orgasm is unsatisfying a little trickier.


I LOVE ruining an orgasm. Instead of letting go at the point of ejaculation, I like to stop it with my finger or palm, etc, feel it build up and let it go. Sometimes it shoots up, other times it just pours down. Either way I find it hightly amusing. I have numerous other ways I like to interrupt the orgasm. I have just let go at the point of orgasm but it is not as fun for me to watch.

As I said earlier, I love to block the ejaculation, then watch it spurt out(sometimes it just pours down which is not as amusing). The other day I blocked the ejaculation and removed my finger and the fluid poured out. This happened several times. I call this “Bleeding the Orgasm”. Althought it is not as amusing to watch. I know that it is truly ruining the orgasm actually causing pain and removing any sensation of pleasure, In other words, the man has the build up which I love bringing him to that plateau but never a release. I Love this. It is not enough for me to deny a man an orgasm or let go I have to somehow intercept and change the orgasm. I will be back and tell you about “Thwacking” soon. xo Mistress Taylor

Now, that’s real torture, and yet it does not involve physical damage to Mistress’s property.

Any Mistress with an imagination can think of variations to continue the torment for hours. While Her slave is “cooling off” between stimulations, of course, She can — depending on if or how She has Her slave immobilized — allow him to bring Her to another orgasm with his slave tongue, of course.

Finally, the strongest and most obedient slave will fail, and the cum will come. Then, the final chapter of the evening’s story: he licks it from Her glove, Her boot, the floor, or wherever he has the misfortune to disobey Her command that he may not cum, while She, if it pleases Her, punished his disobedience with Her whip or otherwise at Her pleasure. Perhaps, then, She may graciously accept his fervent apology and permit him to give Her one final orgasm in atonement before locking him in his cage and stretching out on Her soft bed to sleep.

Isn’t this a lovely fantasy?

My former wife had a means of conrollong my orgasm i have never heard read about before. By placing a catheter into my penis and stoppong just above the prostate, my ejaculate is blocked. Rather than cumming, my semen passes retrograde into the bladder. There is no peasurable sensation. I am completely at her mercy and not allowed to ejaculate on my own.

I have practised Chastity Control on my sissy sub for two years. There nothing funnier than ruining his orgasm after hes waited two months for it. I basically restrain him so he cant move, then masturbatedhim. At the moment he cums, I squeeze the base of his cock HARD between my thumb and finger. This complete ruins the orgasm, stopping the muscle contractions, and leaving and the semen to dribble out. This I follow with a stiff whipping, and the cock restraint is placed straight back on. This is usually enough to produce some very pleasing tears of pain and frustration, and of course, total obedience for two more months.

If I ever arrive for a spanking with an erection, I am told to get a towel and return for a milking. She calmly lowers my panties just enough to remove my hard penis, which is stroked methodically and without much talk in a very businesslike manner. The moment any spasm is detected, she lets go. My hands are behind my back and I ejaculate in a most unsatisfactory display of stupid male behavior. I almost dance around as my penis is looking for something…anything…to touch, but, alas, none is forthcoming. When I’ve stopped dripping, (I’ve messed the towel, of course), she simply pulls my panties back up. When I’d normally have them lowered for the bare bottom part of my spanking, instead, they’re pulled up into my bottom crack, leaving my bottom exposed for the spanking I’ve earned, but now my penis and other private parts are encased in the nylong panties. My penis is VERY sensitive and spankings are more painful just after a milking….and, of course, being milked is a humiliating way to start my punishment.

A side benefit to ruining an orgasm is the mistress is able to do it more than once, since a satisfying orgasm has not been reached. I love to combine a ruined orgasm with some kind of pain, esp. ballbusting. Not only does the male not receive an orgasm when his body expects it, but testicular pain is substituted. Paddling the testicles with my fingers as he’d dribbling out his ruined orgasm is very amusing for me. - Mistress Lauren

Fantasize: After a ruined orgasm the slave has a short time limit to acheive ogasm. Of course the mistresses limit is always seconds to short. OR She ties the base of his penis tightly, after full erection & watches with amusemsnt as the poor thing pounds away until she is satisfied with its colour.

I love ruined orgasms. I have shoot a lot of tease and denial and ruined orgasm videos. Recently, I have been hiring a lot of new girls and porn guys instead of slaves. I tell the girls I hire what they will be doing before the guy gets there and they have all been extremely excited while some have been a little freaked out. I don’t tell the guy what will happen because I love to see the look on his face when it happens and there is nothing he can do about it. I also love to watch how much fun the girl is having. I have done sessions for years with slaves that were into orgasm control, ruined orgasm etc and I have tons of fun with them but there is something really fun about doing this to someone who has never experienced it or watching a female experience doing it for the first time. I did a session with a new 19 year old dom that I just shot in a tease and denial Ruined Orgasm video last night. I had been seeing the slave for about 10 years and although he likes tons of heavy cbt I have never ruined his orgasm. For years I send him home from our sessions with a beat up cock very turned on to have sex with his wife. This time was different, as I trampled him the other dom was slapping his cock as hard as she could. Out of nowhere, she started stroking his cock really fast he started to cum and she quickly blocked it removed her hand. With each spurt of orgasm she kept blocking and removing her hand. He was tied up and could not move so she kept stroking it trying to get him hard so she could do it again.

like squeezing firmly at the base of the penis to prevent release of fluid there is a spot between the penis and anus that, when pressure is applied, also prevents release. it can be felt by a small indentation and pushing on it with a single finger seems to work very well. have fun.

It seems to me 3 other factors can reduce the fun. One is what i call the over beaten beast - that is the fantasy getting you there while mastrubation is done is removed again and again. Eventually it is almost impossible to cum and when you do it is limp, this less enjoyable. The other is water, i don’t get the same enjoyment when i am mastrubated wet.
Hot and cold Last anbody any experience ?


The perienium. Certainly a part of the male body that can produce some unusual responses and sensations. I’m surprised it doesn’t show up more often in descriptions of BDSM play.


One of the things you describe is an alternative form of “milking” in which penis pain is induced by repeated stimulation. Something I’d like to experience but never have.

I don’t quite understand what you mean about water.

Yesterday I could feel the erotic power of my mistress as if she was in my room. But she was not. She was on a far away distance and ordered me by telephone. I could hear how horny she was and how she enjoyed possessing me. Since 10 days she owns me and it feels like it has never been else before. Since that day she has forbidden me any orgasm and I don’t know why, but I obey her in every way. And it turns m on.

She enjoys knowing her slave obeys her in every detail.

At first she wrote she expected me to mail her first how I love to be hers. If my words shouldn’t satisfy her, she would neglect me that day.

But I know how to satisfy her..

I had to lay down on the floor, bottom up, a slave waiting for his mistress’ phonecall.

When she would phone me -without speaking one word- I had to whip myself “as long as you think you need it. When you think it’s enough, you ask me to hold on.”.

Of course she was not satisfied and ordered to give 25 more till my little ass was red and my cock hard.

She told me how she was laying on her bed, naked and relaxed like a lazy animal using her vibrator exactly as she wanted to. She told me though my good behaviour not to expect any orgasm that day. While it arouses her to know I was locked up in her will and I was only there to please her. Then she laughed and ordered me to drip hot wax on every part of my naked body, meanwhile telling her in every detail how I seduced and fucked my wife the last time I had the opportunity.

“And I don’t want to hear any thrill in your voice when the wax is dripping painfully at your skin and specially your hard cock, cause you know where I want them the most, my naughty boy”.

It was difficult to obey her strict wishes, the wax was dripping everywhere, also at my hard cock and that was very painful. So I could not control my voice and obey her high standard and she immediately ordered me to slap my hard cock with a leather cane. “Starting with 20 times”, she said, “and be happy that I am not so cruel, because I could order you 100!”

I did not know what was happening to me, because this slapping is the most painful punishment and every time I have to do it, she gets enormous orgasms because my pain turns her on. And so it does me! I begged her please to train and discipline me that I could slap my hard cock 100 times for her!! She laughed and said that she was not the person to decline my request. She ordered me to slap and.. now, she dictated my rhythm and forced me to listen to her fourth or fifth delicious orgasm.

Then my mistress ordered me by her horny voice to jerk myself. As if she was not so strict at once. But when she heard I was coming, she stopped me and laughed. And repeated this orgasm denial several times till I was so desperate that I begged her to stop torturing me this way. With her sweetest voice she said: “My little slave, you may come now but I want you to ruin your orgasm. When you feel you will come, I want only a poor little stream of sperm is coming out, but I don’t want any exaltation for you. Do you understand? Jerk for me. Now!”

How can I describe the feelings of desire and disappointment of my tortured body and mind? It is impossible. Even for me… Only when you, men and boys, will have such a splendid perverse mistress as mine, you could imagine that feeling.

Thank you, my perverse mistress for using me this way.

Luuk, Holland

I have been in chastity since the CB2000 came out. It was largely unsatisfactory as my scrotum was too tight and bunched up. A long period of ball stretching did wonders and by the time the CB3000 appeared, I could wear it for quite long periods.

All my ejaculations are supervised and controlled by my wife and I am only permitted if I have been a very good boy in the preceeding month. If I have been less than satisfactory, I will be given a ruined orgasm, which to me is worse than no orgasm at all.

I am secured (handcuffed behind my back), and leaned over a low hassock on the coffee table. The wife uses her gloved finger to massage my prostate while very slowly pulling/stroking my penis.

As soon as she feels any contractions internally, she stops the massage and releases my penis. After a few cycles of this, I am desperate to cum, but she has become an expert in judging how close to the edge she can bring me without triggering an actual ejaculation.

Eventually, just at one of my impending orgasms, she will release my penis and keep slowly massaging my prostate. A few globs of semen will dribble out in a totally ruined ejaculation onto the saucer below me. After I stop dripping, she repeats the sequence over and over. It usually takes five or six cycles of this until my dribbling has emptied me completely and no more semen can be produced.

The frustration can be incredible and I am often “humping the air”, (to her amusement)desperately trying to get any stimulation at all when she ceases her massage and stroking.

Of course, when it’s all over, she “recycles” what has dripped into the saucer.

M’lady enjoys stroking Her cock to the brink of orgasm and denying Her slave the oppurtunity to have an orgasm, and repeats this process of stroking and teasing until Her slave is going crazy with frustration and begging to even be milked even though he knows that he will be even more frustrated after he feels Her cum dribble from Her cock…

i have recently got into ruined orgasms after years of enforced orgasm control both self and from my Mistress, i have been trained to hate cuming and g ofor long periods with no orgasm whilst masturbating every day, i have such an empty feeling after cuming and a ruined orgasm adds to the feeling of worthlessness and reduces the feeling of male worth, i usually asl to cum straight into my own mouth when i do cum properly its the only reason i can see for a full ejeculation. ruining the orgasm also maintains the sexual frustration whilst removing the full feeling i enjoy so much.

My girlfriend has trained me to remain completely still while she milks my cock, teases my balls and nipples, and anus. I cannot react in any way, and must continue to have normal conversation with her, or makes me tell her how submissive i feel and how my cock belongs to my mistress. The whole time she keeps me on the brink of orgasm, not knowing if she will let me cum. Sometimes, after being denied orgasm, I am ordered to sleep behind behind mistress in the spooning position with my cock inside her, but I cannot move.

Sick women; even sicker men. And sickest of all, those men who read about it and get excited.

FungBung, you are wrong. Its harmless fun between loving couples and requires alot of trust.

My girlfriend uses the head of my penis to masturbate herself to orgasm. I cannot cum as I am over stimulated by the whole thing, and find myself trapped in a curious world of pleasure and pain. The moans I make in my discomfort add to my girlfriends pleasure who cums multiple times, then when she finally has had enough she allows me to masturbate whilst staring into her eyes as her tounge flicks out into my mouth. Occasionally she will let me cum, tapping my balls lightly as I do, others she will hit my balls hard enough to take all desire of masturbation away from me, at which point she will walk away and leave me to recover.

We love each other very much.

ruined orgasms, is painful but sweet,as my wife, loves for me to go weeks without cumming. as i have to go down on her as she say, or put it in her so she can feel a hard dick. i am not too cum until told too, i have go fast or slow ,after she has all the orgasm she wants she says take it out or she does it. she graps my balls and pulls them up in the air hard until my dick goes soft. i go down and kiss her pussy , and i sleep nude. i am not to play with myself never. as i steal reb. once .i didn’t get to cum before she saw me. she whip my dick and balls so much they hart for weeks. and steal had to gave it to her . it was 3 month before she let me cum again.and then i had to eat it.the best part is she cums harder when she make me have a ruined orgasm. and she does it as she seating on my face. as iam eating and drying her up. ps. she glad i find this place .and so am i thanks

wow, some lucky people there!! I was wondering if anyone knew some devious ways to truly ruin an orgasm, the whole enjoyment of the masturbating and cumming thing.

I am heavily into having my pleasure decided by a female based on my past performance or behaviour or just because she thinks i do/dont deserve the pleasure.

Abandoning is obvious but what about ways to take all pleasure away. Perhaps weeks of denial followed by 2 hours of porn and then a 30 second wank into a blocked O, things like that that truly take away the whole enjoyment.

For me the stroking working up to even a ruined orgasm is so enjoyable and if my mistress says i dont deserve any pleasure i want to be able to show her your suggestions.Anyone?

Especially interested in ways of making an abandoned orgasm even less stimulating wth only the tinest drop of cum dribbling out each time to prolong the torture

I was once locked in a CB6k for a month. when we met, i was secured to a chair facing a TV. cock unlocked, made me watch a full length sm movie. i was timed me with a stop watch whenever my cock gets hard enough to lift off the chair. after the movie, i was masturbated for the duration of the time i was hard during the movie and ordered not to cum. punishment was, the jerking will continue for the full duration whether or not i cum. if i manage to hold off cumming, i will be given 30sec to explode. i managed it throughout without cumming, but the 30 sec… my cock was not touched at all! i was locked back into the cb6k for another month totally frustrated.

OMG, thanks for the ideas

The only women in my long life that enjoyed ruining my orgasms, or denying them, were also the only women I became close to who had never experienced a true vaginal orgasm. Anyone else notice this?

My mistress allows me to come once a month, and insists that I retain a desire for pussy even though I will never have hers or any other.

On my day, I am not allowed to touch myself and she does not touch me either, this is where the pussy desire comes in….she purchased a fleshlight and takes great delight in reminding me it is the only thing which will ever give my cock pleasure, not even my own hands ever will. I must bring it to her and then kneel in front of the sofa with a towel around it, then I push it in between the cushions at cock height. This routine of course has me harder than hard already, especially after the month long wait.

Then she forces me to lick it like I lick her, then I am allowed to lube it up. After so long, even sliding my fingers inside this plastic pussy nearly makes me cum. At this point, she ties my hands behind me with a belt so I cannot grab my cock in a state of frenzy during what comes next.

Now, I am told to fuck the fleshlight for her pleasure….but the difficult part is, I am not even allowed to penetrate it all the way. Only the head of my cock is allowed inside the fleshlight, and I am in constant danger when fucking it because if the entire head actually disappears inside it, she will immediately make me stop and lock me up for another month. I have missed at least four cums because of this and it is infuriating..once, twice in a row.

Once, early on, I totally lost my head with desire to be buried deep inside something, anything, even this plastic pussy, and for the insanely intense, never equaled by anything, 2 or 3 seconds all the way inside it’s silkyness I was immediately locked up for my longest period ever, four months.

Following this four months I actually had premature ejaculation on my first time out just from the lubing up phase…after so long and after licking it extra long to please her, my cock was like concrete and when she told me to lube it, I exploded all over the floor when my fingers slid inside. Mistress was not pleased, but I was a good boy that entire month and so she didn’t punish me further.

The tension of trying to feel as much fake pussy as I can without penetrating too deeply and losing it all is extremely difficult, as is the fact that in addition, I cannot come inside anything or anyone, ever again, including the fleshlight, and she never allows me more than ten of the tiny strokes at a time.

If she feels the whim or thinks I need to be reminded who is boss, she will order me out no matter what number of strokes I am on, and if I do not pull out immediately, my session is over.

When my cock is about to explode, I am to pull out (from only the head being in, what torture!) and since I cannot touch it, all my orgasms since this began are ruined ones. By the time I am worked up enough from the denial and the tip only torture, my cock jerks and bucks like a banshee, but feeling only cold air as my cum spurts and then dribbles.

If I have been a good boy, she allows me to aim the spurting and dribbling at the plastic pussy instead of the towel, always reminding me the first inch or two of the fleshlight is all my cock will ever feel again, and that I will never come in or on her again, and that the spunk dripping onto the plastic pussy, under her strict supervision, is as close to her as I will ever be.

Following this routine I never actually get soft, I am usually hornier than when I started, and as she locks me back up for another month I am already fantasizing about the next tens seconds at a time trying not to ram all the way in past the first couple inches of plastic pussy in one month’s time. It drives me wild and I can’t help it.

Last month she had a friend come over and she let the friend dictate the ten count to me, both were fully dressed and drinking wine, it was pretty humiliating when I spunked onto the pussy and they both started laughing.

My wife only agrees to masturbate me once per month and only after putting numbing cream and a condom on my little dick. She almost always gets too tired to allow me an orgasm, and if I try to touch myself to achieve my completion, she kicks me in the balls so hard that it knocks me down. On average I get to cum about 3 times per year, yet she forces me to perform oral sex on her regularly. She never ever allows me to penetrate her anymore, since I am never able to last more that about 20 seconds inside her.

My girlfriend regularly ties me to her bed after giving me 2 viagra to prolong the teasing of my cock she masterbates me very slowly building to orgasm again and again but stops when im about 2maybe 3 strokes away from cumming.she loves makin me beg plead and scream to cum she loves to laugh at my frustration it makes her so wet.she recently invited her girlfriend to help her frustrate me their favorite way 2do this at the moment is for both of them to lick the underside of cockhead while im wearing a cock ring it drives me insane with need to cum they verbally tease me askin if i want 2 cum but i cant answer as im gagged so they take my lack of answer as a sign to tease me way past screaming point its crule but i dearly love it.

Many years ago when we were courting my wife decided to build up my orgasm then as I shot she squeezed the tip of my glan to stop the spunk form shooting out. I felt my spunk build up and build up as she masterbated my shaft then shoot to immediately start a frantic pulsing wich went on and on for some time subsiding to leave a dull pain in my groin. She said that was great I could feel your spunk pumping to get out but I decide when it can come out now so you better get use to it. After we married this became her fetish, Being a nurse she thought up all sorts of ways to ruine my orgasm as painfully as possible.

As mentioned before my wife developed a fetish for controlling my spunk and always ruined my orgasm . When she wanted to ride my hard shaft she would put a clip on the base of my shaft to close the urethra. She liked to tie me down then put the clip on and get me real hard before she mounted my shaft and rode me to loud orgasms. I would try not to shoot as I knew it was painful but after a while I would feel my spunk build up and build up then shoot with great force to immediately start a painful pumping spasm which sometimes went on and on for a long time before subsiding leaving a strong pain in my groin. My shaft would usually stay hard so she would continue rindeing my shaft for more orgasms. This was very uncomfortable for me as my shaft had a ticklish feeling but after a while would feel aroused again. She would usually stop for a sip of wine which she would pass to me by kissing my lips. She would play with my shaft and get it hard then ride it to more orgasms. Sometimes my spunk would build up and shoot for a second time which was more painful which seem to make her horny . She would put a thick leather glove on her left hand and grasp my shaft tight so my circumcised gland would bulge then pick up her small flogger with her right hand and start whipping my bulging gland. The pain was intense and I would cry out which seem to make her more horny and continue whipping soft then hard for a long time until she was building up for an orgasm. She would stop put a condom on my bruised and bleeding gland then ride me to a loud orgasm. She would then fall forward on to me and we would embrace.

Many years ago my wife and i decide to try something new. We read a lot about bdsm and whant to try it. Soon my wife became a really cruel that was painful and great at same time. she tried a lot of ways to ruine my orgasm as painfully as possible. One day she said that i could make my orgasm more frequently, if i will agree to strap-on (oops blackmail). That was really ashamed but very exciting. Now we have really interesting new life and we happy.

My girlfriend hates my foot fetish and my weak cock. She developed very strong psycho torture method for me. She starts to yell and calling me dumb, loser, and sick person. After that I start to lick her toes while she looks me with a grin. I have to bring her in a lot of squirting orgasms and to drink it all. She puts her big ass in front of me and order me to put my tongue inside her anus. I lick it like a pig while touching myself. I look into her perfect soft soles and want to spurt on it. She says that I am not alowed to cum because I’m like a gay in bed. After that she strokes my cock with her foot while she crushing my balls with her other foot. She laughs like a bitch while she removes her foot, only to put it in my mouth. I cum with no senses at all, only pain. Then she orders me to sleep like a pet, with my nose burried into her soles. I was virgin when I met her, now I’m 33, and I had never came with her.

My wife and I are a Hot Wife/Cuckold couple. She gets to have all the sex she wants/needs with all of her boyfriends and I support her in every way. I only get my prostrate milked and ruined orgasms which I have to recycle. Life is Good!

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