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Brain Pain

Current emotional and physical masochistic desires, felt needds.

Reality Check

On the possibility of acting out, actualizing harsh and extreme BDSM desires in real life.

Licking the Toilet Clean : An Example

Remembering one of my earliest images of degradation. The slavish desire to feel owned and controlled.

Masochist Rebound Syndrome Revisited

Emotional stress, erotic strain of frustrated male masochistic cravings to be hurt, feel pain.

The Pain of Not Being Hurt

When male masochistic desires become emotionally overwhelming: erotic anxiety and sexual desperation.

5 Kinks : Preamble

On confessing my deepest submissive and masochistic desires to my loving, dominant partner.

5 Kinks : Two Special Fantasies

Pulling her behind me in a cart and having her lock me in an iron cage.

5 Kinks : A Boy and His Genitals

The thrilling variety of genitorment within even loving sadomasochistic female dominant relationships.

5 Kinks : Herbs, Spices and CBT

All the natural holistic ways with which you can reduce a masochist to willing tears.

5 Kinks : Testicle Weights

Having something having from my scrotal sac leaves me feeling very submissive.

5 Kinks : Being Milked

Involuntary orgasm and eating my own ejaculate.

Slave in a Barrel

Another interesting Steffi illustration. This of a male slave kept in an unusual combination of barrel and cage, then left in the woods. Can't help but smile at such over-the-top F/m artwork.

Remembering and Reliving

In your masochism, submission, fetishes are their experiences from your past that you are trying to recreate?


Trying to discern the reality of my BDSM, masochistic and slavish desires from what I really need as a submissive man who love the woman / Goddess in his life.

Hoods, Chains, Cuffs & Stocks

Confessions of a man who enjoys and dreams of having a woman confine and bind him with chains and fetters.

A Masochist's Submission

I need for her to be a sadist, but her sadism has power only when it gives her pleasure and I am under her control.

Ideal Slave

What qualities to you hope to find in a submissive man or woman, someone who might serve as your slave?

Ideal Dominant

Tell me your image, idea of the perfect Domme, Dom, Mistress or Master.

Pleasing Me (Finally)

A list of some of my strongest unsatisfied desires as a male slave masochist.

On Being Broken

On the slavish desire to be hurt until your body, mind and mouth begs for mercy.

Wanting to be Punished

The masochistic desire to suffer for failings and flaws real or imaginary.

Fantasies ... Fantasies ...

Trying to manage my Femdom fantasy life.

How Young Were You?

At what age did you know you were Mistress, Master, slave, submissive or whatever BDSM label you prefer?

The Joy of Tasting Her Shoes

While my Goddess is away I dream of being able to once again worship her shoes, boots and feet.

Slave Attire (Of a Sorts)

A voluntary F/m male slave's joy in being cuffed and collared.


A day of erotic frustration when my slavish desires are a burden.

Mercilessly She Giggles at Your Helplessness

Femdom stereotype: the cruel and heartless schoolgirl.

Expanding the envelope . . . ?

Exploring unconditional surrender and maybe 24/7 female domination.

Muddled musing

Genital torment as a form of BDSM punishment.

More Retifism (my favorite Paraphilia)

On the joy of being a foot worshipper and boot slave.

Shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leather

On my adoration of my Goddess' boots, shoes and feet.

Sensory Deprivation

Imagine your Domme has you bound, gagged. She puts a device on you that flashes lights before your eyes and music in your ears. Perhaps she spices it up with electrotorture.

Masochism: An Oxymoric Experience

How does a masochist capture the love and hate of pain?

Hunger, Need?

I'm hungry to please my Goddes, I need to surrender to her totally.

No Matter How Unreasonable

Two Eric Stanton drawings showing a dominant woman taking complete control of a man.

On Not Fantasizing

I'd rather not indulge D/s fantasies while waiting for us to play in real life.

More pain creates more cravings?

The more this slave is punished the more pain he desires.

Unequal D/s Desires

I'm a masochist who wants to experience more pain than my owner is yet able to subject me to.


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