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Dreams of being helplessly bound came to me early in life. My mind is rich in images of having my mobility limited, chains, cuffs, manacles.

Often I’ve pictured myself with my wrists, ankles, neck and genitals linked together rendered either immobile or clumsy.

No BDSM artist I think drew more scenes of men in complicated bonds than The Bishop. Variously women render men unable and vulnerable.

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Submissive man in hood.

The hood: your universe reduced to the sound of her voice and the sensation of whatever she may choose to inflict on you. You are her puppet, a mere object for her amusement.

Woman worship, man in a stock.

We’d have one of these stocks if money hadn’t become so damnably tight.

Actually the stock couldn’t be quite so low unless you are one of the most limber men on earth.

But I can easily see myself bound thusly. My sphere of action limited to her boots when and if Alexandra should present them for service.

(There must be an alternative to a stock … )

Strict Femdom bondage.

A delirious wet dream in pen and ink.

This brings out the pure bondage whore in me. The drawing matches countless fantasies, years of wanking wishes.

Oh sigh moan whimper

Share with me if you will your own experiences and dreams of confining someone or being confined yourself.

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Hoods, Chains, Cuffs & Stocks
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