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On Being a Reaction Top

Adaptive, fluid, graceful, imaginative BDSM vs the fear of being a service top.

Training & Conditioning

Consensual BDSM mind control? Is there such a thing as risk aware behavior modification within a loving D/s relationship?

Second Ritual Caning

Recovering masochistic pleasure in pain through scheduled basic physical punishment.

D/s and Selflessness

Denying that a submissive person or slave has any right to take pleasure in pleasing his or her mistress of master.

Nudity & BDSM

What about slave clothing or some special form of attire that denotes servant status. Is naked and on knees the only way to perform kinky scenes and fetish roles?

BDSM and Food

Manipulating what the slave or submissive person eats as punishment, degradation or BDSM mind games.

Paradox of Submission

Simple, very basic defining of submission in the context of D/s relationships.

Intolerance in the BDSM Community

Bloggers who claim to know the only right or proper way to practice Femdom kink and fetish.

Labels : Submissive, Dominant

The problem of terminological exactitude within discussions of BDSM.

Objectification Room

Psychological edge play at the Garden of Carnal Delights.

May I use the restroom Ma'am?

If a male is your property, slave then you can control even his ability to urinate.

Male Slave as Woman's Property

Gynarchy and civil rights:would a malesub really be happy if his Mistress or Goddess could sell him to another woman at will?

Femdom Rules

Strict regulations that a female dominant might enforce over the behavior of a male slave.

Topping From the Bottom

Strategies and techniques for beginning or initiating BDSM play sessions and scenes.

BDSM Toy Storage

Where to keep whips, canes, floggers, clamps and cbt devices.

Backyard BDSM

What is the special thrill of outdoor S&M play, bondage and boot worship?

Erotic Hypnosis and D/s ... ?

Mental imagery, ritual phrases to trigger the submissive state.

No Safeword

By choosing to not have one I've created a situation where begging for mercy will end the scene.

Bratty Bottoms

Implications and nuances of certain terms and words as they are used in BDSM.

Wild Side Sex

Midor's examination of fetish, S&M, D/s, sadomasochism and kink life.

Do Dommes Want Sissies?

Do dominant women always want a man they can feminize? Is sissyfication always a part of F/m relationships?

Capitalization Protocol

Masters and Mistress who capitalize but force their slaves to use lower case names and pronouns.

Slave Punishment Cards

Arbitrary, random F/m slave humilation via a card game.

A Slave's Sleeping Arrangements

Forcing a slave to sleep on the floor as punishment.

The power of protocols, rituals, rules and ceremonies

To become a better slave, to worship her more deeply.

Ask a masochist a question

Curious about some aspect of sadomasochism or D/s? Ask a question, suggest a topic.

Surrendering My Bladder

She controls when I can or can't urinate.

Washing His Mouth Out With Soap?

If I don't like the idea why is it in my mind?

Urophilia, urolagnia

F/m erotic urine play.

Bondage wishes, hopes and dreams

On my need to be tied, bound, restrained.

Erotic Fear and Breath Control

Being bound to a wheel by a woman, having my breathing controlled and fear.

D/s and Human Pets

Male slave ponders the various ways in which a Mistress can turn a man into a mere human pet.

Core Fantasy: Human Furniture

I want to be objectified as human furniture for my Goddess' use.

Achieving the Slave State

On learning how to more fully and readily worship the woman who is my Goddess.

Getting Into the Mood, Setting the Mood

BDSM question: how does a dominant get into the mood to take control of his or her slave?


Psychological effects of male slave or master or mistress wearing a hood during D/s play.

Duration of Our BDSM Play

I lose track of time when acting as a male slave.

Core Fantasy: Bondage

Being locked in a cage is this male slave's deepest bondage fantasy.

My Lady (Demarcations)

On varying BDSM Mistress/slave titles as a way of embodying different states of ownership.

Wearing Her Collar

My owner has honored her slave in buying him a collar to wear.

Creativity & Variety in D/s

Developing our Mistress, male slave relationship with creative and variety of play.

D/s and Ritual

Can rituals enhance a BDSM relationship?

How Do You Punish a Masochist?

How does a master or mistress punish a slave who enjoys pain.

Bondage as Humilation

When a mistress or master puts a slave in bondage is that humilating him?

Abrasion Play

My Mistress rubbed her slave's body with a scrub brush.

Transitions & collars (The Long Night)

My owner takes control of me, feels no need to use a collar.


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