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I got rid of the bulk of the F/m photographs that I used to have. What I’ve kept is on this PC because it is a good example of one of my desires or laziness.

But there’s one photo I’ve kept because of the conscious pleasure I take it looking at it.

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Outdoor punishment strapping

But I’m not reproducing it here. Current US laws leave me uncomfortable showing photos of people not wearing clothes.

The photograph is of a woman whipping a man on his hands and knees, held down by roped tied to nearby trees.

This drawing by The Bishop shows a similar fantasy of mine. He’s getting a strapping while bound to a pole in the backyard.

I’ve been having similar fantasies of late. I’m not sure what it is about BDSM outdoors that seems especially exciting. The potential exposure? Probably not: the idea of being hassled is more wearying than anything. Besides we have a very tall privacy fence.

I remember a night of licking Alexandra’s boots in the backyard. Being there added a little zest.

Why I can’t say.


Maybe it’s because God can see you? chuckle

i think outside would be very erotic because i would imagine being seen by others. i want others to see me serve my Husband. we don’t know anyone that it would really be ok to show it to. we live in kansas - bleck. and if there are others here, it’s kept so freaking quiet. where are they?

It’s back to nature, Richard! Especially in the summertime. The backyard is a “lite” version of being out in the woods away from everyone — a popular fantasy. If there is an umbrella and a comfortable chair, She can relax whilst her slave works in the hot sun (as in your “Attitude Adjustment” series). Crawling in the dirt or on the lawn is like crawling on the floor or carpet, only better/worse: you also get bugs. Eating dropped morsels is more fun because you also eat fresh salad blades.

A high fence is a must in the city, and too much screaming in pain from the whip can be a problem, so a gag is probably in order.

A pair of those screw-in pet anchors, about six feet apart, with a four-or-five-foot chain padlocked to the slave’s collar, will do for a long-term or overnight stay. Bodily eliminations, of course, are much, much easier, although Mistress may have to have him dig a small hole the next day to bury some things. And you haven’t been really humiliated until you’ve had to wipe yourself on the grass, alone in the dark. Finally, She will use the garden hose to clean you up the next morning, so you can dry in the sunshine and be ready for another day’s hard labour.

—-boot licker

I find backyard (outdoor) bondage exicting. The “fear of discovery” makes it even more intense… tied between two trees or a fence…. spread-eagled…. and not knowing if someone will come along and “discover” you.

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