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Back when I was a boy there was a popular TV show that featured interviews with kids. I remember the boy who said his parents punished him by having him drink a bottle of BBQ sauce. My young self didn’t know what that might be like but it sure sounded strange.

Much later in my earliest discovery of BDSM I ran across quite a bit about food. Some people ate pet food. Depending on the relationship it was punishment or merely role play. Or revolting food - say - a cold mixture of mashed potatoes and liver. That was punishment.

That all vanished from my mind or I might’ve put it in an early note about punishing a masochist. I rediscovered the topic when searching for something else.

Baby food seemed popular, though I can’t convict that of being worse than boring. As was pet food about which I’ll say nothing. Let us sample some of the other suggestions:

Feeding the human pet
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Mixing uncomplimentary mushy substances is pretty gross. Especially if some are leftover or the “wrong” temperature. Soft cereal, cold leftover soup (especially creamy ones), applesauce, mashed potatoes.

Mind games:

i read somewhere about a trick to make a sub think he is eating dog food, when he is not. clean a dog food can very well, and fill it with beef stew. (probably best if you make the stew without veggies, or remove the veggies.) then top it with one of those plastic dog-food-can lids, and put it in the fridge. when you want to punish your sub, plop the food into a doggie dish (cold); apparently cold beef stew is a fair substitute in texture and so on …

Inconvenience (hence perhaps the most exciting):

well, when i’m in ponygirl mode i have been forced to eat things with a small bit in my mouth, grapes were very interesting as they have a tendency to fall and roll on the kitchen floor at which point i have to chase after them on all fours and pick them up in a bitted mouth, get the grape around the bit and into my mouth. …

Food Torture

On Collar Chat there was a thread that included textured vegetable protein, a mix of oatmeal and cream of wheat, and various other things:

You could always do stale bread with water. You should also make them take vitamin packets. Or made them drink gatorade instead of water.

Inevitable (I’ve had similar fantasies):

My Mistress/Wife feeds me instant oatmeal but instead of adding water to it she uses her own pee in it.

Even healthy:

I have also been known to partake of the infamous “tuna shake” before bedtime, which involves a can of tuna, olive oil, and some combination of raw oats, dehydrated nutritional vegetable powder (like Green Magma), cottage cheese, milk and tomato juice or V-8.

Slave Gruel

Earlier: Eating Cat Food


Don’t underestimate babyfood.

Something like strained liver could be quite unpleasant to an adult palate. My last pet hated spinach, so spinach babyfood was both humiliating and distasteful.

Even a favored food eaten in an uncomfortable manner works (as the lady chasing grapes attests). For the last pet, it was Guinness in a dog dish.

The kicker was if he couldn’t lick it all up he had to throw it away. He grumbled quite a bit about having to pour perfectly good Guinness down the sink.

Once you mention something like strained liver I can see the effectiveness of baby food.

Wasting Guinness? Now that is cruel :)

Oh goodness.

It’s rare something squicks me out, but the idea of this just makes me nervous. One of those things that I vaguely remember hearing about but never really considered. Something to think about.

Actually the most emotionally moving thing Alexandra has ever done was feed me by hand (dry cat food).

She’s also done some pretty amazing things with simply ordinary food, e.g., crushing it into the floor before I lick it up.

Hmm, lots of ideas here. Richard being the greedy perve he is probably would be happy (sometime afterwards) to try any of them.

I must confess…… Some of it squicks me a little bit. But sometimes a bit of squick can be ok, I suppose…



Yeah. :) (Was that a yes-yeah or a no-yeah? Both probably).

I heard of a guy who did an experiment to see if he could live for a week on monkey chow, pet food for monkeys.

You could use the stuff in a prolonged depersonalization scene.

Given that many people would have a healthier diet if they ate pet food I’m often mildly amused when I see people worrying about doing it for a week or two.

The first time I heard of food manipulation was by a guy who was supposedly limited to cold liver and mashed potatoes in a 24/7 relationship. And I do know of a couple where the guy goes through extended periods of eating all of his meals (normal food) from pet dishes without use of hands.

Yes, I think it would be at its most interesting during “prolonged depersonalization” which is something we’ve never done. Have no idea if we ever will.

Living on bland food, powerbars or something else without much flavor, or just a monotonous taste, could turn a grape from the Master’s hand or dab of honey on the Mistress’ breast into a huge rewards

How about making the sub LICK a piece of food for a prolonged period of time, maybe a piece of liver or steak, or make him suck on the meat pieces and then spit it back in the dog bowl. The sub will then be forced to eat it properly the next day(s).

Is that something you want done to your food?

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I am a gurl who enjoys pleasing potential masters by eating stale foods. Or dog food.Those interested…

I’m forced to eat a mix of dogfood and different food that are previously stuffed in my ass as punishment I’m timed 2min then if I don’t finished I’m stuffed with the rest forced into tight gerberpants and whipped being forced to hold it in until I’m given permission to release

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