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For the last few days I've been trying to decide what would be the most powerfully moving experience of bondage. I find my perceptions muddy.

Bondage is a form of homage: trusting your owner, to take away my freedom, make refusal impossible.

Recapitulating some of the things I've said earlier about bondage:

Bondage becomes more potent as it becomes more degrading or limiting.

Objectifying bondage, having your testicles bound, makes you lowly.

Having your arms bound to your neck emphasizes your bodily vulnerability.

Restriction of movement makes your helplessness more concrete.

Uncomfortable bondage is as inescapable reminder of your status.

Embarrassing bondage leaves you a toy for the amusement of your owner, e.g., left ankle bound to right wrist.

Each of these conditions in some way emphasizes slavery but no one seems inherently affecting than the other.

Being put in a closet - or more emphatically - something like a large box, perhaps with or without chains seems potentially mind-altering. Whether taking me more deeply into slave space or punishing I'm not sure.

Being locked in a cage would probably be my 'dream' bondage. Being able to see outside the cage but separate for it would knock me into the most surrendered, helpless state I can imagine.

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I am looking for a lady who is strong enough to feminize me and take me public. She should be interested in bondage and be able to control my life. She will feminize me permanently and keep me bondage 24 hours a day.She will make me wear ballet toe boots and a wasp waist corset.(Reduce my waist at least 8 inches so that I will have a femine form). I am ready-are you/

There must be a lady out there who will permanently feminize me and put me in permanent bondage.She will make me be a female 24 hrs-Make me wear high heels & a wasp waist corset and she will take me public. I enjoy thououghly being a 100 percent female. I want to wear permanent make-up, wear permanent falsies, wear a permanent wig.As you can see - she will have a slave to do with what ever she wants.Above all-I will be a permanent female.

I enjoy crossdressing, high heels & wasp waist corsets.I have reduced my waist from 38” to 28”.I wear the shoes & corset 24 hrs. I am a male who would like to be an open female & go public.

seeking Domme to modify me as a helpless puppy cock slut. no arms and legs below the elbows and knees and a face like a sex doll and super massive tits and in no way able to go back to my old life.

i want to be renamed slut and forced to have no memories of my past and only thoughts of pleasure.

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This entry is about the emotional impact of bondage. Anymore comments here about being feminized will simply be sent to Hell.

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