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Becoming mere furniture seems the purest form of objectification to me.

I remember the first time I saw a photograph of a woman sitting on a man, treating him as if he were a chair. What an obvious way to be made lowly - why had I never thought of it myself.

Being sat on

Alexandra sits on me sometimes. (Making me wish she could ride me. Pity human saddles are so expensive.) Never for very long whether for fear of straining me too much or because she's feeling too energetic I'm not sure.

Wearing her saddle

Human furniture is a practice we'd both like to explore.

Human table

How long could my body sustain holding something up, being part of a table? If I remember that kind of bodily exertion is called static contraction. More stressful in its way than lifting an object of equal weight.

Male under table

Of course there's the possibility of simply being left under a table, a forgotten object.

And I know she wants to have me become just a rug on the floor. That wouldn't be hard: bound and rendered immobile.

Slave as chair

I have really impossible dreams of being converted into something she sits on, just a human chair.

I suspect it would take training. Lots of stretching to develop flexibility. And workouts to enable me to sustain the weight.

Human furniture as it is practiced in real life instead of images sounds complex, requiring great skill. E.g, the House of Gord.

Objectification: being sat on by a woman

I know it would please her greatly to use me this way. I'm sure other dominants have felt likewise. I wonder how they managed to make it work. In scanning the web I've haven't run across any usable advice.

Is it really that hard? Is it impossible?

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Richard it is so good to read this side of you. I am enjoying your journey. If it helps, I have a large round dog’s bed that I use as a floor pillow, he often has me curl up on it at his feet and use me as a footstool to rest his feet upon. He is considerate of my not so co-operative hip joints and when he does desire something more substantial, it is never for long periods of time. I think the key is the mindset and the action, not the length of time one assumes the role of furniture. In my opinion, of course.

how about you just lie on the table while she eats food off you? like a table setting, perhaps? there could be small bowls of fruit and ice dotting your torso—that way, the fruit will be chilled and won’t be warm to eat, and the cold ice should leave your nipples hard and your skin red. how long could you stand the ice cubes on your body? just a thought.


The dining room table is one of those small round bistro tables and Im 63. But I could be used as a table to hold her drink. And it would have plenty of ice. Thanks.


I thought you might enjoy this site. Don’t know why it took me so long to lead you to it.

I’m interested in the psychological effect of duration on me. One of the qualities of human furniture that we want to explore is that it is simply there and needs no more acknowledgement than a regular chair or table.

We’ve played very lightly so far. But are interested in pushing, mildly at the limits.

i would love to be a womens furniture. for them to just leave me there for ever , just to be used as a rug or someone sitting on me. it would be my dream. for some girl to just humiliate me that way.

hi every, i just love the idea of being furniture to a girl,or young lady. can we call a rug, carpet, or door mat furnitue? i’ve been there, the trampling thing, many,many,many times. however to be furniture, not so much as to be down on my knees, (doggy like) the lady on my back, and my arms supporting her weight. but rather as a cushion, between her and a couch seat, chair, or stool, i find it much more rewarding. i enjoy supporting her full weight on my chest, (the thrill of the crush). having the young lady sitting on my chest, and watching a 2,or 3 hour movie, and each and every time you exhale, you ever seem to regain the same amount of expansion when you inhale. a slow crush, with very shallow breathing. i have even falling asleep in such a posistion, as well as the girl sitting on my chest,….WILD !!!!!!

i might never find this website again. i am loud and dominant in public, but very submissive to my husband. it took me a very long time to find him. i love it when he takes me by the back of my head and puts me on the floor at his feet. i fantasize about him putting his foot on my face and telling me i am on this earth only to serve him. i love it when he lays me across the bed and sits on my face. sometimes he sits me on the floor, leans my face back, and then sits on my face with his full weight. i love to be forced to lick his ass while he pinches my nipples ‘til they hurt and grits his teeth and says, “Lick deeper.” I have the hardest time finding websites with women who are dominated by men. i’m not in to torture or whips. just in to being used as his footstool or his chair. sometimes when he gets out of the shower, i go in and get on my knees and lay my hair for him to stand on. then he puts his foot on my back to dry his legs off.

I’ve yet to learn what my capacity for this is: some acts are much easier in fantasy than living out. Not that trying to live them isn’t worth the effort.

You’ll have better luck if you look for blogs by submissive women. Some write very sweetly of their D/s romance.

Hi. I’m not sure I should be posting here or not - I am a dominant gay male and my experience of using human footstools is of using men. This might not fit with what most of you are talking about but the principle is the same! :)

I love the feeling of sitting back and putting my feet on a guy who is on all 4s and naked. I have some pictures of me doing this. It is not just the psychological thing - though that is important - but there is undoubtedly a great physical comfort in resting your tired feet on a crouching human body! One of the best things is that it is an ‘adjustable’ footstool!! :) A light kick on the ass or the belly or the head will inform the slave he has to lower or raise that part of his body to attain maximum comfort for his Boss.

Usually while using a footstool I am on the phone or watching TV or just reading and resting. I am always ignoring him, in the sense that I do not talk to him. Well - if it was a wooden or chrome footstool I had bought from Ikea I wouldnt talk to it either!

What I have discovered over the years of doing this is that many slaves find it very difficult to sustain the position for long periods. i.e. for more than 10 or 20 minutes. It’s very harsh on the knees, arms and back (apparently).

I use it therefore as a very effective punishment option - for a slave who has failed in some aspect of his service (e.g. late for an appointment etc.) When punishing, I have put a slave in this position for as long as an hour. Sometimes I will compound the suffering by giving him a pen and some paper and making him write out a letter of apology to me, or repeated lines like “I will obey my Master and not let Him down again” while he is crouching there. Well it seems a waste to have him not doing anything productive. :)

Thanks for the opportunity to chat about this - it is a real favourite method of slave use for me and it is sadly very rare that we get to share these experiences.


Love your site, Richard. And adore being a piece of furniture, an object for the ladies. particularly adore the ladies sitting directly on my head.

Sitting on your head? Can you supply details? Given the potential for neck damage I’d really like to know how you keep it safe. Thanks.

some really nice comments. I love being used as furniture but I am trained as a maid and most ladies I serve want housework done. I have been used as a stool on several occasions and a table. I have been made to stand for 3 hours in a pitch dark kitchen while the couple I was serving watch television. That was wonderful

I love it when a lady sits on my chest and her leggs covering my face, my leggs are bent and used as a back rest, like a lawn chair. my lady waight is over 200 lbs, love the crush feeling. also love her to sit on my face like im not eaven there

I’m a switch, but the human furniture angle has excited me from both directions for some time now. The best I’ve been able to come up with is a sandwich affair. A lower frame meant to hold up weight, with bondage attachments, then human part of the furniture, then the upper frame, with all it’s fine trappings. Some playmates and I have built various tables, a hat rack, a 2-person clothes hanger (our arms attached to the tops of the poles stretched across our shoulders so we can feel the weight of the hangers) and an easy-chair with the lay back-feet up lever that really works. Mostly, you take the strain off the body trapped in the furniture, so they become the soul of the object: gagged or not. We’ve mostly made things bare-bones so that the body contained within has the most exposure. It’s wonderful to have a tea party like that. I particularly love the BJ table: We converted it from one of those glass-topped tables that sometimes have an umbrella in the center. Now there’s a suspension net underneath, where a person can lay on thier back. We center thier genitals in the middle, where the umbrella hole is and leave their head dangling back on one end. We replace the glass tabletop, careful not to pinch anything, then clamp it in place with luggage buckles which are attached to the table’s rim in six evenly spaced places. The pressure of that immobilizes whomever is in the net below, but if its too much, we can adjust the net points too. With men, we bring their penis out of that hole where the umbrella would have gone and fasten a small cone collar to it. -I think its to keep gerbils from biting themselves or something- Anyway, then it can be a centerpiece, or used as an m&m dish. How delicious when they reach in and brush your penis, only to come away with some candies to relish! For women, we use a dildo through there attached to a lazy susan. Every time the thing spins, so does the dildo. I’ve heard its very nice. Mostly, we bind the arms to the table legs, but sometimes it’s fun to bind then to the ankles of the “chair”. Tables and chairs were made for eachother, y’know?

I am 26 and have some experiences of being sat on and used as a footrest, but never had I the experience of being transformed into an object that women use. The idea of having hands at a party brush against my genitals only to scrummage for candy - sounds very wonderful actually.

Since childhood I have had a fantasy about serving permanently as a piece of furniture for women to use. Typically I saw myself as a chair or couch (being a table has never held much interest for me). It took till my 40s to finally bring those fantasies into the real world with the help of a very open minded girlfriend. I now get to serve as her mattress about once a week. For whatever reason I seldom read in these forums about serving as a mattress but its actually a wonderful experience, especially if you enjoy the idea of being used for long periods of time. My method for turning myself into a mattress is so effective, my girlfriend is able to sleep comfortably on me for a full night (6 to 8 hours). I can provide more details on my method if anyone is interested. It took several iterations and lots of feedback from my girlfriend to get it right. She told me that she did not want her mattress to be lumpy or jumpy, meaning I had to provide a flat comfortable surface and I had to lie very still the whole night so as to not wake her. When serving as her mattress, Im generally awake the whole time since I enjoy the sensation of being used for her comfort hour after hour. I especially love it when she shifts position such as rolling from back to side, blissfully sleeping and completely unaware of me providing cushion to those new pressure points.

i knew a woman who wanted to do use a man as a mattress. Couldn’t figure out the details so I’d be glad to see what you worked out.

Hi Richard, I would be happy to give you more info on my method for turning the male body into a functional mattress. I dont have photos or diagrams so Ill try to describe it as best I can. Its a fair statement to say the human body by itself is not an effective mattress. Its inadequately distributed, lumpy, and has pressure point limitations. After going through several designs I came up with a method that includes a surrounding frame, cavity fillers, a topper cushion and a simple ventilating system.
The best way to serve as a mattress is to lie on your back in the opposite direction of your user. My system works best when you, the living mattress, is positioned on a traditional bed although a soft, thick, foam pad may work as well. I would not recommend lying directly on a hard surface. One of the biggest problems to overcome as a mattress is making your body wider. A proper sleeping surface should have at least 30 or more inches of continuous supported width. To make myself roughly 15 inches wider I used two semi-rigid foam blocks that are 7 wide and 5 tall. The blocks are long enough to run from my ankles to just below my armpits and are held firm to my sides by a joining piece of fabric. Then I used another foam block about 15 by 30 wide and 3 thick with a rectangular notch at one end to surround my head. These 3 foam blocks create the surrounding frame I mentioned above with gaps for my arms to stick out. I also use a contoured foam block to fill the gap between my legs and place a pillow between my feet to fill that area. I then created a topper foam cushion that is 30 wide by 70 long and about 6 thick that lies on top of the surrounding frame and me. I made my topper cushion using 2 queen size foam pads (the egg-crate style) folded in half and stacked one on top of the other. I used a twin size fitted sheet and mattress straps to keep the topper bundled together. I cut a hole through just the lower 2 layers of the topper to create a cavity just big enough for my face. Since Im completely enclosed in this thing including my head, I needed a way to get air flow. I solved that by attaching a rectangular air tube to the face of one of those vertical fans and nested it between the topper and the cushion surrounding my head. It generates enough airflow to keep me breathing comfortably all night. This is probably all very confusing but it works.

You certainly put considerable effort into working all of that out. Thanks for sharing.

hi im from the philippines and i always fantasize being a human furniture for both men and women i wanted to be their human couch or sofa but i dont know if i can handle it 5 or 6 men and women would sit on my face chest stomach lap all over my body they would just drink eat talk to each other laugh just ignoring me

This is the most erotic sensation I knew. I found myself in an other world when times are given to me to be used as a carpet on the floor and women are used or become used that this person is there for only that purpose to walk and stand on sometimes for fun other times for a reason. For 20 years ago there were lots of tales about this kind furnitures and only used for rugdutys. Today there are nobody writing about it.

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