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Seems like the idea of becoming a mere pet should’ve occurred to me long before I read about it on the web. But it didn’t. Once I discovered it, the idea of becoming just a humble creature seduced me.

Femdom mistresses and human pet

Bernard Montorgueil’s attractive F/m artwork is scattered all over the web.

The web shows that there’s a huge range of human pets.

Mostly simply, perhaps most attractively, being an owner’s pet is an extension of being naked and on your knees. Which is how Alexandra keeps me when I’m her slave. While we’ve never done pet play a gentle stroke from her humbles me sweetly and thrillingly.

Pet on Mistress' leash

This drawing by the always-wonderful Sardax simply turns me into slush. Being so humbled

The next increment is perhaps begging by barking performing tricks for dog treats. The image makes me shudder. But it would probably put me unequivocally in the slave state. OK, or make me giggle: D/s is a four-edged sword. Not that any giggles might be swiftly corrected.

Human pet begs for food

Whenever I see Robert Bishop’s work I wish he had done more F/m drawings.

The next stage is probably eating food and drinking from bowls on the floor. Or lapping water from the toilet (as traditional pets seem so fond of doing).

For those for whom being a pet is a lifestyle they may sleep only on a special pet bed or spend time in a cage.

Male slave eating dog food

Another by The Bishop.

Some eat real pet food. And the water may be replaced by their owner’s urine.

Possibly the nuttiest extreme I’ve read of is of male pets whose owners try to reduce their testosterone level. The technique described involves keeping their testicle very warm. Does that work? Beats me. Where are the scientists who would conduct the research?

If it is effective it is wicked. Ordinarily I never criticize anyone’s sexual choices. But this relies on myths about men and testosterone. The goal of the owner is to make the pet more docile. But diminished testosterone has been shown to produce irritability. And an adequate testosterone level is necessary for optimal health. Biological of human puppy, reducing the pet’s wellness is simply wrongheaded.

In a couple of sketches I flirted with pet play. But I was never able to go very far. As much as I need to be humbled my mind often flees from the details. Or at least from stating them. Writing about pain is much easier.

Human pet worshipping his Goddess

The name of the artist I don’t know. But the drawing has always struck me as very sweet.

Often I know I want to worship more than be hurt (as if the distinction is really that clear in my mind). But confessing the details is almost painful in itself. You might say worship shouldn’t include degradation. But such demotion strips away layers allowing me to access buried emotions.

Pet play can be a very tender form of discipline or a deeply humiliating one. Or like much of the best of D/s: both.

Will she make me her pet? I don’t know and don’t worry about it. Knowing that she can bring out my humility is enough. The details don’t matte a whit.

Regardless it is delicious and terrifying to roll the images around your mind.

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My wife has been making me her “puppy” lately. I wear a padlocked chain collar and nothing else. I am not allowed to use furniture, talk, or anything else a dog wouldn’t do. She uses a “carrot and stick” approach of candy when I am good and/or perform a trick for her, or a whipping if I displease her in any way. I am so lucky!

That Sardax drawing is overwhelming.

I’m not going to be foolish enough to say that is my favorite Sardax illustration. But it does touch me very deeply.

i really like the art here and as of lately my fiance has taken to allowing me to be his “kitten” and i am so very happy. well wishes to all “pets” and thanks Richard for putting this site together. Blessings, ~kitten~

My Mistress wants to use me as her pet. Any sugested websites or info to give her ideas?

There are many ways to act as a human pet. It depends on what you want and she wants.

These things are subject to change and the past may be abolished and rendered irrelevant.

You need to be specific if you want help.

my girlfriend lets me hump her leg like a dog sometimes when she doesnt want sex. she acts like she doesnt like it much but then she recently bought me a lead so im thinking maybe she likes the idea of me being a naked pet at her feet. i dont know why but i just love it…

i am 24 year old slave for mistress i am ready to worship mistress i am seeking to be owned by female as her house slave

I’m a true submissive I’m seeking a Dominate cpl to adopt me I’m single and practice living as a dogg I do love diapers so I include them so I don’t have accidents in the house I eat real dogfood from a bowl Leash collar dog house I workout to stay fit I’m tired of being a stray still waiting for a master

I’m a true submissive I’m seeking a Dominant couple to adopt me I’m single and practice living as a dog I do love diapers so I include them so I don’t have accidents in the house I eat real dog food from a bowl Leash collar dog house I workout to stay fit I’m tired of being a stray still waiting for a master

Dominant couples are exceedingly rare.

You will find it easier to get a Master than a Mistress.

I suggest you write a serious and sane profile and post it on Recon.com and/or pay for an alt.com membership.

greetings madam oiam true/real slave dog/pig madam plz give me a chance under your holy feet service madam iam ready to work anything for you madam

If I were a female top looking for a male human pet my requirements would include capitalization, punctuation and actually spelling out the word please.

my husband alway joke about being my dog,found your site, he always joke even telling me to buy him a coller,i like you to e-mail him and tell him he going to be a dog,that your wife wants to make you happy,becouse she know you want to be a dog,and we well train you to act like a dog,please e-mail him

this is doverman wife,just leting you know i had it with his joke of becomeing my dog,he is now and he not injoying my friends laugh at him, i keep him down on all 4 and force him to eat dog food,and even take him for ride and to my girl friends and walk him he hate it,i just tell him you wanted to be a dog you joke about it now your going to be my dog,

I would love to find a Master who would make me his human pet. I practice in my home when I’m all alone. Acting as if i am one But need good training

I have wanted to be a Mistress’s pet forever it seems. I would love to experience it and see where it leads me. Who knows it could be a permenent life.

From the beginning my girl had told me she likes me to be her pet and own me as a pet. Within six months of our relationship she had achieved she was planning all along. She made me her pet dog, collared and leashed. She said she owns me and I am her pet (property). I was kept as a dog for many years now. I enjoy it.

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