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On my never ending quest to learn as many of the possible means by which we might enhance the D/s part of our relationship I asked:

I was wondering if anyone has experience with light hypnosis in a D/s context.

I love it when I fall into what I think of as the slave trance. So it might be interesting to explore hypnotic techniques.

I keep meaning to explore ritual phrases and mental imagery to enhance our play.

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On The Fetish Forums, as part of a longer comment well worth reading, ShadeDiva said:

I want the WHOLE person - aware and fully submitting from their conscious mind - without any shortcuts or dabbling in their subsconscious. If I get into their subconscious I want it to be because I earned it and worked for it, not because I tapped into their inner pysche and because they decided to LET me in - in a natural manner, not an orchestrated manner. It would just cheapen it for me and cause me to wonder just how genuine it was.

There was more give and take among several of us: Hypnosis and Related Techniques?

On Orgasm Denial, nylonslut said:

I had a session where a DOMINA had me completly encased (in nylon of course) and she hypnotized me. Worst (best) part was she moved far away soon after and I never saw her again. It took about 9 months before I could begin to stop thinking about HER.

Again several others commented and you might enjoy reading that thread.

It would probably have been best for me to not use the term hypnosis. I had no idea that it was highly charged and that some BDSM dominants may have misused it.

I should’ve just said mental imagery and ritual phrases. (Not that the idea of Alexandra invoking some light hypnotic state doesn’t sound exciting. But actually she often does already when I fall into the slave trance.)

Mental imagery is easy to think of. Especially right now. Obviously her boots, pet play, any humble posture: sitting at her knees or my head bowed or … .

Ritual phrases that I would recite to myself are more difficult. My fear of artificiality blocks my imagination. And I can’t really expect some stranger to suggest what would work for me. Though I might ask Alexandra to suggest some. If they were from her that might invest them with power.


Hi Richard.

Having an interest myself in both BDSM and hypnosis / trance induction/ visualization, I think that they do indeed work very well together and can be incredibly rewarding. I would definitely like to encourage you to pursue that interest farther.

If you are open to hypnotic induction, the results can be truly devestating, if you know what I mean :-)

Really, the simple act of being submissive to another can open you up all you need to hypnotic induction.

Having the person know a little bit about hypnosis and trance induction themselves are a big help, but the main keys to any hypnotic induction, sexual or otherwise is to be completely relaxed and cut off from the outside world and a head empty of thoughts ready to recieve the words of the one doing the induction. Trigger words implanted during hypnotic induction can speed you back to that erotic submissive state very quickly. Especially given recurring sessions.

Anyways, best of luck to you on that journey. Thanks for bringing that up. If you proceed with that, I’m sure that you will find it most rewarding.

For now Im going to make sure I take a short rest when I get home to clear work from my mind and relax into a receptive state. I dont find it hard to drop into an almost trance like state during D/s.

And weve talked about a ritual kissing of her shoes each day even if we arent going anything kinky. We may come up with other possibilities. And Im hoping she might suggest some ritual phrases that Id say to myself (as D/s affirmations wherever I am, not protocol).

If Alexandra decides shed like to study hypnotic techniques Ill certainly be open to it. Probably something well talk about soon after she gets back.

Though I am not into the BDSM D/s scene, I do find that hypnosis attracts many submissives. Hypnotic trance is one that is allowed by the subject to give control to their hypnotist. So, in my opinion, it is strongly similar to D/s relationships. Hypnosis will probably enhance any sensations induced imaginary or otherwise. So long as the realm of non-abuse of such trust occurs, I think it can be fun for all. Trust is also a huge part of hypnosis, just as it is for D/s relationships. Thank you


After years of employing the usual tools and toys of domination, I have recently discovered the extraordinary power of hypnosis and posthypnotic triggers, when used as part of BDSM.

There seems to be no limit to the web of illusion and control that I can impose on my sub’s (very willing) mind.

I think other Doms and subs might want to see what’s possible in this realm. Hypnotic trance looks to me very much like sub space… and when a sub willingly opens her mind to persuasive manipulation, the erotic possibilities seem endless.

She and I have created a blog to share and compare with others. We’d welcome visitors and comments.

Looks like I managed to give the wrong URL. Our site is here:

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