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I’ve written my own rules for voluntarily slavery. Let us take a peek a few of those offered by an intelligent woman who is both a lifestyle Domme and a sometimes professional dominatrix:

6. If the FEMALE is wrong, it is because of a vagrant misunderstanding which was a direct result of something the male said or did wrong.

7. If rule number 6 applies, the male must immediately apologize for causing the misunderstanding.

8. The FEMALE can change HER mind at any given point in time.

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The FemDom Rules For Males To Live By

I just grabbed three out of fourteen almost at random.

I hope Mistress V won’t object too much when I say she really knows how to write pornography.

I write often about the need for emotional clarity, compassion and safety. But does a slavishly inclined man ever completely escape the deep-rooted desire to be subject to a woman’s whims and caprices?

I still love dreaming of being the captive of a women whose regulations are subject to instant revision. Indeed made so complicated that failure will often result. Part of you is forever wanting her wrath, to be punished for an error. Even if unfairly.

Some of it is really selfish masochism. But also to be so helplessly surrendered that even fairness itself is abolished.

Nutty perhaps. But dead sexy.


My wife uses prolonged orgasm denial from my training. We live normal life outside of the bedroom, but in the bedroom the following rules apply:

1) I must wear my “uniform” of a riduculously small thong…and at least pretend that I like it. 2) I am not to speak unless spoken to. 3) I am not allowed to orgasm without permission, including during intercourse (and yes, she had had me stop and put it away for the night without relief…in fact, that is the case more often than not). 4) I am not to have any expectations for training or orgasms. 5) When she is satisfied for the evening, she “dismisses” me and I must immediatly dress and leave the bedroom so she can relax and fall off into sleep. 6) She is to intitiate any training…if I try to do so, at least one extra day is added to my time without orgasm. 7) Obviously, she is never wrong….even if she is wrong! I am to be clearly grateful for any training she offers.

Rule 7 might read “When [not If] Rule number six applies…..” and could even add “…and beg punishment for his transgression.”

And a case could be made that Rule 14 might say that while the FEMALE prevails in any event, the male does get the last word: “Yes, Mistress.”

I love this talk about women spanking men. Its your time now I feel. Men are now under pussy power. We are wearing the apron now and waiting on you girls. peter


To live under the capricious rule of a sexy and devious woman —- to give up all power and control and expectations —- to even give up basic “human rights”…

Definitely yummy.


Since signing a formal maid contract 10 months ago my live could not be better. I wear a uniform 24/7 unless I have to run errands, and then I have a full array of undergarments on. She has taken full control of my life and I love it. I would not think of touching myself or doing anything (but housework) without her permission.

Female Domination is the sexiest and most natural way to have sex or a relationship at all. Females are superior. Females rule! Pussy power is the true meaning of power!

my wife has me wear a leather bracelet around my twig and berries as a reminder of who owns my equipment. It has 4 beads that sit on top of my johnson right at the base. She love to make me hard and just look at it.

I only come if permitted.

I must please her when she desires an orgasm - maybe none for me.

I only sleep in the bed if she lets me. Otherwise, I sleep on the couch and she gets the King size bed to herself.

I wear a cb3000 when she feels like playing and she always talks about how she could fuck another guy anytime she wants and I am locked up and cannot do anything about it.

Unfortunately, she understands the power of her pussy.

I am a femdom lover and wish to be ruled by girls who love to rule men for fun or for anything. I have some experience of being ruled by femdom loving girls and do not know how to share my experience with such girls or mistresses Where I should start, plaese show me.

Richard, may I please offer a few quite subjective ideas and suggestions about what really excites this weird guy, and maybe others, too?


Mistress dresses to show Her stern authority: for instance, tight-fitting protective cat suit of leather, vinyl or rubber, in black or natural leather, or riding jodhpurs and silk shirt. Mistress usually wears plain boots made of leather or vinyl––with stiletto heels if She wishes, and minimal or no frilly jewelry. Mistress usually wears Her hair long and full. Mistress probably carries a riding-crop, sjambok, cane or coiled single-tail whip, ready to use instantly on a slave that displeases Her. Mistress speaks in a calm tone of confident command, conveying the serene expectation of being obeyed as a matter of natural law. If She can indicate Her wishes with a snap of Her fingers or a nod, wordlessly, She does so. Mistress punishes slaves in a matter-of fact manner free of emotion to teach it to serve Her better. Mistress enjoys Her slave’s suffering for Her amusement, freely says so, and expects Her slave to thank Her for the privilege of amusing Her, just as it always thanks Her for the honor of serving Her in any way. Her expectations are always higher that a slave can achieve. Mistress confers humiliating rewards with haughty generosity and gentle condescension: without a word, She extends Her toe to be kissed.

A slave wears no clothing or minimum clothing in cold weather or in public if needed, a collar, and, if Mistress pleases, wrist manacles or handcuffs, ankle manacles and a leash attached to its collar, testicle-ring or nipple rings. A slave may be shaved hairless if Mistress pleases to have it so. A slave always crawls in Mistress’s Presence on its belly––with hands cuffed behind it if Mistress pleases, or on its hands and knees (unless restrained at Mistress’s command, e.g., in a pillory). A slave answers in a respectful manner when spoken to. A slave addresses Mistress as “Mistress,” “Ma’am,” “Your Excellency,” etc., as She may be pleased to direct. Mistress calls Her slave by any names She pleases, or none. Mistress allows a slave, in the agony of punishment, to scream and plead for mercy, but when She no longer enjoys this music, She may elect to gag Her slave to silence it.

Mistress never dresses (or undresses) like a whore showing vulnerability, nor strikes coy poses like an insecure girl trying to attract men by offering sexual favors. Her clothing shows Her unattainable beauty, but never panders. Mistress never behaves or speaks in a subservient or pleading manner, but always with the certainty of dominion. Mistress never says Please or Thank you to a slave, or requests services or actions; She commands. When She is displeased by a slave’s hesitation or poor performance, She never betrays a lack of total power, authority and control by screaming, shouting, or losing Her temper, but punishes swiftly, surely and severely. Mistress never treats a slave as an equal, but as an inferior animal, suited only for degrading tasks such as cleaning Her footwear or feet with its tongue, suffering for Her amusement and entertainment or, as a special reward, pleasing Her repeatedly with unrequited oral sex. Mistress never makes existence easier for a slave, but expects it to endure pain and to suffer and sacrifice at every turn to please Her and to serve Her convenience.

A slave submits, serves and suffers for Mistress at all times, whether in Her presence or not. A slave humiliates and debases itself before Mistress as a matter of course and obeys Her every command and desire, spoken or implied. A slave speaks only in response to cues, verbal or otherwise, from Mistress, and then only in a submissive and self-abnegating tone. Unless She tells it otherwise, a slave will thank Mistress for everything She chooses to bestow on it: mercy of any kind, any command, the supreme compliment of saying that She is pleased with Her slave for any reason, privileges of service or adoration, and punishments of any kind for any reason. A slave never argues with Mistress or even doubts Her word. A slave has no opinion of its own, but agrees with everything Mistress says. A slave tries to stay clean, insofar as it possibly can, so as not to offend Mistress with its disgusting presence. A slave has no rights, including the right to any sort of pleasure or sexual release, unless granted specifically by Mistress as a merciful gift.

FEMDOM RULES for true submissives only everyone else must go to the professional

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