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There’s a famous longish set of slave rules that appears on many BDSM sites.

That a slave will have no safeword during punishment shocked me when I read it.

Afterthought made me realize the context of this set of rules was an ongoing lifestyle relationship. Presumably there’s mutual affection and respect; that the dominant knows the slave well and will be watching attentively.

When Alexandra asked me about a safeword I said “Oh, no, not that!” or something similar. So the one time something unanticipatable happened and I had to get out of it I just said “safeword.”

If you are a masochist and your fantasy life as been half as wacky as mine many the night you’ve imaged begging for mercy and not getting it. (And I hope sadists dream of ignoring those pleas: where would we be without your cruelty?)

I’ve yet to plead with her to stop. Often I’ve envied the guys who’ve talked about being taken to tears.

But I’ve put myself in a position where I can’t beg for mercy for fun. True she might send a few extra chills down my spine by not stopping right at that instance. But things would end quickly.

This surely isn’t a huge problem but it does show how choices can have the damnest consequences.

Later : Safeword? Yes!

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I have no safe word for my sub. We never have had. he is completely at my mercy, and it is entirely up to me to judge how hard and how long to whip. Similarly, I subject him to breathe play, with no safe word. I have experienced this as the victim ,and is is extremely scary and very erotic, There is a tendancy to panic as you run out of air, which makes it worse. The secret is to relax and trust in the dominant. It means you have to be able to judge exactly how long to restrict air supply, but its not too hard by trial and error to find out.

I play various punishment games with my sissy sub. one involves restraning his wrist and elbows behind him and bending hi mover a whipping horse. I have a thick plastic bag with an elasticated opening. I bag him with it. The he has to take 6 strokes with a schooling whip in total silence before the bag is removed. When he’s managed that, the bag goes back on for 8 strokes, then 10, then 12 etc. Of course, its not to hard to whip him hard enough to make him squesl, then the stroke is ignored and the count delayed one.

I know for a fact he can hold his breathe for 120 seconds. If i whip him at 20 stokes a minute, thats 40 strokes before he starts to run short, so I know pretty well how short of air hes getting by the number of strokes - once we get to 40 strokes , hes close to his limit.

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