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Bless her, Alexandra is a dream come true in so many ways, some of which have nothing to do with this website.

She’s making a set of punishment cards.

The only idea for a game I have had so far is to make him draw three cards from a shuffled pack; the punishments are then executed in the order they were drawn - This creates a sense of completely arbitrary pain and humiliation.

You could oblige each of us by making suggestions as to what some of the cards might prescribe. Let your imagination run riot. It isn’t as if we have to adopt each and every suggestion. But maybe, just maybe you’ll come up with a way to send my mind off into new and interesting places.

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Our punishment cards contain: orgasm denial, tied to chair with lit candle in mouth, Spanked with paddle while counting, Ruler to the hand, Sing and dance and put on a show (yes, it is punishment) ginger root to clit (and I have to go to the store and buy it), write reasons why I was wrong and repeat them out loud three times a day for a specified time, kneel at his feet while he writes Bad Girl on my breasts, there is even a wild card. We have a reward box too. L

Lay Richard on his back with him legs and feet bent back toward his head. Use string and Japanses nipple clamps (the clover kind that get tighter if you pull on them) to tie his big toes to his nipples. Let him choose — twenty minutes or five testical slaps in this position, to be repeated if he pulls the clamps loose.

The world is full of amazing possibilities isn’t it. I think the slaps would be the prudent choice. Otherwise we’d be at it all night.

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