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The Taser folks have released yet another popular model - this one available in pink! - stun gun. I’m sure there are sadist whose eye’s light up at the thought of a new electroplay toy.


Tasers shoot darts attached to wires from the gun and deliver a 50-thousand volt jolt of electricity, incapacitating the person.

“How many deaths related to these devices must occur before we have concrete, impartial information that accurately describes the potential dangers of use?” said Larry Cox, executive director for Amnesty International.

Taser says 30 different wrongful death or injury claims have been dismissed or successfully defended in recent years and claims it has not lost a product liability suit.

Taser rolls out new civilian stun gun

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I’d feel a lot safer walking down the streets at night with one of those :)

Not only is electroplay really not my thing, the whole risk-of-death thing really doesn’t appeal to me.

I still have ‘failed’ to have a significant fantasy about electro-play. Electricity is so abstract and unpredictable.

Give me something like a whip or a stiletto heel to work with anyway.

I would probably try some minor electroplay if it was high on pet’s list of buttons, though.

I do remember you expressing an interest in cattle prods a couple of years back.

I feel a little silly having bought the Tazapper and stuff and having never used them but electro-play doesn’t feel like any sort of priority.

Right now :)

If you have never bound your pet into doggie submission, had her grip the body probe and tickle her nether regions with a Violet Wand, you have missed a delight. I am a switch, as is my fluid-bonded partner, and we love nipple and genital “torture” with the spark. The metal pain toys are WA-A-AY too much, however. BTW, high-voltage stun guns can cause internal electrical burns with intensive or repeated use.

Tech toys are my earliest pain fantasy! I learned it from Star Wars. ;-)

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