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A toy for the Domina who’d like to be able to administer punishment without having to move. With a little duct tape the breastplate can probably be affixed many place.

Laser Shock comes in a box with 2 guns connected to 2 breastplates. Each player uses the straps to fasten their breastplate ( adjustable ) to their chest, then activates their gun by pressing the reset button and pointing the gun at their opponents breastplate.

While some of these things are setup for multiple players in he scenario I envisage there’d be only one ‘player.’ Imagine a punishment that is uncertain: maybe you’ll be shocked, maybe not.

Shocking Roulette has both a low and a high setting for the shock. Now you can find out who is a man or a pussy boy. Shocking Roulette is an electronic game for 2 to 4 players. Each player places their finger in one of the holes on the board. No, sorry it’s not big enough to get your dick in the hole, but you can try. Press the start button, and the agonizing wait begins. A flashing light makes its way around the board, accompanied by the sound of a roulette wheel. As it slows, the tension reaches fever pitch and then it stops. And one unlucky player receives a jolt of electricity through his or her finger!

Probably not the most reliable polygraph. But if - like me - you’ve had interrogation fantasies you know that accuracy is irrelevant.

The best lie detector of the century! If one of your friends or loved ones is prone to telling the little white lie then they’re in for a shock - literally! Strap your victim’s hand in and follow the setup procedure, After that’s out of the way you can get on with the questioning and if they tell a lie the machine will zap them with a well deserved shock! They may be able to get away with a few small lies but eventually the machine will catch up with them and when it does you can watch them scream with shock!

Not that we ever got up the moxie to use the TAZapper.

Entertaining electrotorment from Mr. S Leather

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