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Miss Bonnie writes about using electricity safely:

… The heart and the brain especially have very delicately balanced electrical systems of their own and serious disruption with lethal consequences could result from even a low stray current in the wrong place at the wrong moment. A good rule of thumb is to avoid placing any contacts above the waist, remembering that even placing a contact on an arm may cause current to find its way across the chest. …

I reply:

I’ve seen several people I would’ve expected would know better talk about using them on the nipples.

So many things that sound like they might be fun have hidden risks that it surprises me that people don’t actually do some research before trying them. (One of the qualities I appreciate about some of you that I know is that you may play roughly but always after doing your best to be sure that it is safe.)

Thankfully we don’t read too often of people dying in BDSM scenes (it does happen: suffocation being the most common cause). But this reckless laziness is worrisome.

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Electricity, unlike knife play and ball stretching (and a few other things), is something I still haven’t warmed to yet.

It’s just so…. I don’t know… Invisible.

One of the reasons safety is such a big concern to me is not only because it is simply a requirement to make it likely that I can physically enjoy the same sort of play again, but because it shows a kind of commitment and responsibility from the top I’m playing with that proves to me they are worth playing with.

It is sexy to see someone throw a whip with an obviously practiced hand, or sterilize a needle so carefully and yet carefully that it is obviously second-nature and habit.

Similarly, it turns me off, quickly and suddenly, when I notice that my top is being lazy, remarkably unprepared, or otherwise incompetent at what they are doing.

I liken it to the idea of sexualizing safer sex practices (such as oral condom tricks).

For the top to be well-informed and competent is no small part of the trust factor.

I certainly eroticize a sadist spending time learning safety and technique.

As you say: very sexy.

That’s why feeling tired is simply the worst thing ever for a top :)

Though of course, there’s how you deal with it.

Actually, I use the TENS for some back pain…also as an engineer I have designed a probe that works in the anus (male or female), very nice effect as well as using two regular adhesive electrodes on the other available channel across the uterus between the ovaries…

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