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This has nothing to do with the theme of this entry. I’ve used the only appropriate image I could find earlier. But I’ve always thought this was too nutty to not share one day.

As I wrote earlier Alexandra is intrigued by cattle prods. So am I. But I could never find convincing testimony of their safety. I wondered if the power might be stepped down by using a dead battery (it takes three) but don’t know.

While I liked the wireless puppy collars that have been used for remote slave control for some years they didn’t light up her imagination. While she’s always willing to explore my desires if it doesn’t excite her there’s no slavish satisfaction for me.

Noting that a prod attachment - almost any sort of attachment (it can even be connected to the humbler) can be had - I thought we’d explore electrical torment with a simple Rimba TENS Unit.

I found one for $89. It arrived yesterday. I was tired and distracted but had to give it a quick test.

The Rimba comes with pads and clamps. I put a pair of pads on the back of my hand. Slowly I notched up the power until a muscle moved seemingly of its own volition. That was spooky so I took it off.

Later I attached the clamps to my penis. Carefully rotating the knob I finally felt pulses in what a porn write would call my manhood. OK, enough. Time to stop.

Yeah, I’m brave as Hell aren’t I?

Alexandra and I chatted fairly late today but after she signed off I decided to try some more.

This time I put the pads on my cock. As I upped the intensity I had to pause until I became habituated to the sensation. Just before 7 I decided Mr. Penis had enough for the day.

At that level the sensation was somewhere between irritating and mildly painful. Having my body respond to my fiddling doesn’t give the joy of surrendering to her. It isn’t as if I can enjoy whipping myself. I can assure her of the device’s safety.

Lastly I attached the pads to my testicles. All the way up and it wasn’t much. Again, it might’ve been more exciting if the unit had been her hands.

The Rimba unit has external and internal controls. I have the internals set to the minimum. I think we’ll slowly adjust the other settings. But there’s no hurry. We’ve got plenty of time for her to torture me safely.

I wasn’t feeling sexually aroused at all when I made this first stab at using the Rimba (which is not sold as an S&M toy). Next time my penis is asserting its appetite I’ll probably give it another try and see how it combines with arousal.

The most famous player in electro-sex is Uncle Abdul. He has a page devoted to TENS Units that I plan to explore thoroughly before Alexandra returns: TENS & TENS-Like Units

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Not to make you look silly (asif I’d try to do that :}, but I don’t remember saying I wasn’t interested in the remote collar. It’s certainly interesting to me. All this electro stuff does have an slightly ‘icky’ element to it in the sense that it is unknown to me.

Once I’ve tried the device on myself on a low setting I may be more (or less?) enthusiastic…

I’m not going to claim any accurate memory of things we may have talked about eight months ago. Especially since I might’ve been guilty of ‘mind reading.’

Even without pain the TENs is sort of icky in the sense it is such a peculiar sensation and your body is being affected by an invisible force.

Think I read about the dog collar several years ago: it has very low settings. You know people are more often kinder to their pets than their family.

Sort of like how animals get more space on planes than the people in coach class do lol.

Cattle prods aren’t really safe for use on people. They are designed for 1000lb plus animals and that doesn’t translate well to roughly 150-200lb humans.

The easiest technique to depower the device is to use a wooden dowel the size of a battery and drill a hole through the middle and place a large nail through it.

If it’s a three cell unit I’d start with one live cell and see how it feels before going to two live cells.

I also believe in the top using it on themselves first to experience what it feels like before using it on someone else.

The two things that made me reject cattle prods were the knowledge of the people who thought they were a bad idea. And that when you look on farm implements site they clearly state they aren’t to be used on dogs.

Thanks for the advice of lowering the power of the device. I think for Alexandra it is the prod as icon, not the voltage. She’s happy to hurt me but would never knowingly harm me.

And she is the kind of honorable dominant who would test the device on herself before using it on me.

One of the reference books I use—either SM 101 or On the Safe Edge — recommended wrapping a small piece of dowel in aluminum foil to replace one of the batteries.

Caveat—I have not tried this myself. It does, however, seem much easier to me than driving a nail through the dowel.

When looking into cattle prods at the local farm implements store, I tried one on myself (hand). It certainly got my attention.

I have S/M 101, need to dig through it (wish these books had indexes). I’ll look for the book on edge play.

I know a kinky electrician I’ll have to ask him about stepping down the power on the cattle prod.

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