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Last Spring I bought a Rimba TENS unit. Seemed like a safe device with which to explore electro-torment. I put it on my testicles and felt only the mildest stimulation. My penis responds with involuntary spasms. Again not a strong effect. Though it might be an interesting toy for tease or in conjunction with the ClubFEM MCD or similar.

So I went back to alt.torture - they should know, right? - and asked for advice.

Morgane confirmed what I’d come to expect.

The Rimba and in particular the PES units are designed to pleasure, rather than torment.

But she also provided this pointer:

If you can adjust the wave form to be wider, and drop the frequency that would help a lot. Smaller pads bump up the punch too.

Master Mark offered these tips:

There are a few factors that can effect sensation. One is conductivity.

A thorough cleaning of the area with alcohol prior to applying patches is a good start. Also using a dab of conductive gel on the center of the patch will greatly enhance the effect. Another factor is the size of the patch and the distance between them. If you are looking for surface sting, use small patches and place them close together. For a deeper muscle response use larger patches and space them further apart, preferably across muscle groups (refer to a medical muscle chart for exact locations of muscle lines). Don’t let the patches touch each other or the current will flow from patch to patch as that is the easiest path of travel.

And Technobarbarian pointed out:

Sensitivity to electrical stimulation will vary widely from one person to another. I had a woman on my TENs unit one night that made wonder if the battery was dead.

Maybe I’ll play with it a little more. There are two exposed controls, those I adjusted. There are also too hidden controls but I haven’t been able to find any documentation to properly explain them. While it is unlikely that I can harm myself with the device (I’m not stupid enough to connect them to my nipples) I’ve been reluctant to mess with those. Though when Alexandra is back that will be worth giving a try.

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You can’t really harm yourself with your PES, except through a combination of stupidity and really bad luck.

If memory serves.. a PES runs to 200hz and has a +/- cycle of 200ms at 20 uc. In english: You can’t really screw up. that’s a tiny amount of electriity for a tiny amount of time.

I’m really curious about those hidden controls, and chances are I’ll have my hands on a PES box over the weekend , so I’ll see if I can hurt anybody with it. I don’t own a PES myself though. (hate the company)

From reading the manual - in doc format at http://www.rimba.nl/index2.html I think the hidden controls are the pulse rate and width controls are the ones inside the box.

I’ve had just enough bad luck to be fearful of somehow being the one person who manages somehow to injure himself.

I realize I probably made a mistake in buying this. I was afraid to buy from an unknown company and at the time that pretty much limited me to Rimba and Erostek and Folsom Electric. Didn’t want to spend money on those without knowing it was a form of play that we’d enjoy.

I have used a muscle toner, with on connection up my ass, and the other inserted into the end of the prick, slowly building up the current till I cum. I would like to share with a woman, and bondage, but my partner not into such things

Oddly I was just thinking this morning how I should take another look at that cheap TENS unit I bought so long ago. Might as well see if we can get any enjoyment out of it.

I have use a adjustable muzzle stimulizer on the genitals and side of the penis it worked well . The current cause mussel contractions and then the cum flowed in a couple of streams. I have the same problem my partner is not into such toys and I would like to share it with someone else.

I’ve perhaps had more fantasies about those adjustable devices than anything else ever (and they are cheap). But what is the joy if she doesn’t share it.

At least I did pretty much determine that the electrical fly swatters are safe so I guess I should put the batteries in.

I have a cheap electric fly swat. Tried it once. Hell of a jolt. Never asked mistress to use it on me. Maybe I should!

My master uses a TENS on me and he has a thin piece of steel, similar to a very large nail, with a wooden handle that he uses as one of the electrodes. He will fit a steel ring tightly around the base of my penis or he will insert a conductive butt-plug in my anus, and then with the TENS on he will establish contact by holding the tip of his “probe” electrode to the head of my penis and then he will turn the TENS up. Then he will remove the probe and start to touch it against my penis and balls. This gives quite a jolt and at the higher settings it is quite unbearable. He will touch it on the tip of my penis and then drag it slowly down the shaft and then he will probe my balls before dragging it all the way back along the underside to the head again. He will also vary the settings and power of the TENS during the session and he will also vary how long he holds the probe in place etc. For example if he holds it on longer you feel the actual TENS program whereas if he just prods you you only feel a shock although some settings produce a different type of shock.

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