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Perhaps one of the wisest people involved in S&M, Philip the Foole:

Ms Toy designed it and had it manufactured herself. I bought one (of course) and I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys electroplay. Stun guns and cattle prods are way too intense for most bottoms, especially if the top wants to apply repeated, non-damaging pain.


From the catalog description:

The TZapper delivers a concentrated spark of differential, non-penetrating static electricity across its gold plated contacts. The contacts are 5mm apart and are looped back into the nose housing to prevent snagging. The unit will deliver an impressive sounding and looking spark repeatedly until the batteries run down. Switching is a single button and is “INSTANT ON” when pushed. There is little or no recovery time for the circuit. It is safe for use on most parts of the body.

Alexandra had expressed an interest in cattle prods. When Philip and Janet Hardy spoke against them I realized we might be getting in over our heads.

Given the TZapper is short rod I’m hoping this will be an acceptable compromise. Besides they are having an introductory sale how could I not buy one?

How it goes I’ll let you know at a future date. Though part of me is willing to forget that it is already en route.

The TZapper

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It’s the cupcake cherry OF DOOM gasping and feinting from the audience

Is the rod pictured seperately or am I missing something?

Looks like Dalek larva to me. Wish I could’ve gotten a bigger photo of the whole rod or would’ve used that.

I still haven’t finished Part III on my DIY electrical play toy, but the short answer is “Great for beginners!”.

Don’t’ know that I want to get beyond the beginner’s level with electricity.

Well Part III is finally up.

I think I am going to progress as far as beginner-intermediate, and leave it at that.

Mine arrived today.

It’s a lot bigger than it looks in the photos; the handle is probably a good 18 inches. It takes two double-A batteries.

Hold it close to the body and it makes quite a spark. My husband took one look and backed away. (Could be fun to tie someone done and work one’s one up their body.)

Touch it to the body and turn it on and it hurts in a stingy sort of way. Having tried a cattle prod on myself (a former pet wanted one), let me tell you, this is much less of a wallop.

I’ll be figuring out how I want to use this toy over the next couple of weeks. Hmm.

We never used ours.

Being tied up and … well you know me.

I spent many a night thinking of cattle prods but got strong negative feedback. Kind of like hot pokers but not quite so much so.

Thanks for letting me know. Now I’ll have the nerve to put the batteries in.

Did you ever get around to trying the tazapper?

Could you open it and look at the internals - I think it’s probably a modified fly-zapper.

No: the top I was involved with was too skittish to try it on herself and her timidity left me too spooked.

Never opened the TZapper up, the circuitry wouldn’t mean anything to me anyway.

Could you post a photograph of the circuitry please?

If 1) I can find the TZapper; 2) it is easy to open; 3) my digital camera is working.

I have the feeling it’s like a fly swat, but with a much higher output voltage and much lower size of capacitor (something like 500 picofarads).

If this is true then it will feel just like a static discharge.

If you want a TZapper, better hurry.

One of the vendors at the SM con I was at two weeks ago noted that Toy’s Toys is discontinuing them.

The pet hates it, so I don’t get to use it much. Scares the hell out of him, so he jumps, which startles the heck out of me.

One of these days when I’m just feeling vicious and the pet’s enjoyment isn’t paramount I’ll do an electrical scene with him. But I’d want to do something he really liked afterwards as a treat.

Lack of demand or were there problems?


Did you ever find your tazapper?

I’m unaware of any problems; I think she’s just getting out of being a vendor.

How does the TZapper compare to the cattle prod you tried?

I really couldn’t compare in any detail; the TZapper is milder, as I recall, but I haven’t touched myself with a cattle prod for more than two years since I screwed on my courage at the farm supply store, and I have no desire to repeat the experience.

If I’m correct about how the tazapper works (and I can’t tell for sure without seeing the electronics) then they work on different principles.

Both work by charging a capacitor to high voltage, which on discharge causes pain. The difference is that a cattle prod charges a LARGE capacitor to high voltage (15kV). The tazapper (I think) charges a smaller capacitor to somehing like 3-10kV.

The tazapper cannot be charging to more than 15kV since then it would be a high enough potential for the spark to jump the gap between the prongs (they are only 5mm apart from what I read).

Putting the above in context for people, you’ve probably heard that it’s the current that kills, and not the voltage. This is a simplistic picture but it works most of the time. Unfortunately it doesn’t really work with capacitors and static electricity.

To tell how dangerous a capacitor is you have to look at the energy stored in it, Energy = 0.5 C * V*V where C is the capacitance, and V the voltage across the capacitor.

The trouble with a large capacitor is that the energy stored goes up: imagine a typical fly-swatter capacitor of about 0.5 microfarads… E = 0.25E-06 * 1500*1500 = 0.5J

If you look up a paper on medical electrical safety you’ll find that 0.5J = 500mJ is pretty extreme. 1J is enough to cause death, and this is half of that. 100mJ (0.1J) is enough to cause a “severe unpleasant reaction and involuntary muscle movement”. In short - fly swatters are bad.

The human body is a capacitor - when you touch a door handle and feel a shock it’s because you have stored up charge. Most measurements of the human body’s capacitance come to about 300-500pF, and we know that the (quite painful) shock from a car door is about 15kV: let’s do the math, E = 0.5 * 500E-12 * 15000^2 =56mJ

That’s 10 times smaller than the shock from a fly swat. Also because the capacitor is smaller the shock would occur over a smaller period of time

I’ve seen warnings about the flyswatters but only that they aren’t consistently manufactured. The people that play with them seem to do fine.

R., That you were willing to test that prod on yourself sets the gold standard for responsible sadism.

I’ve seen warnings about the flyswatters but only that they aren’t consistently manufactured. The people that play with them seem to do fine.

True - the worst you hear are burns. I’m not saying that it’s lethal (or that it’s not), just that it’s a bit too close for comfort for my liking. Also in the above calculation I used quite high-end figures: not all fly-swats actually reach the 1500V they claim (but then some will go over) and the capacitor is usually a little smaller than 500pF (more like 300).

If you’re still nervous of trying the tazapper then you could try it on the heel of your foot: when it’s dry. That usually hurts a lot less.

Or you could take one of the two AA batteries out, and replace it by foil - that halves the output voltage.

To be honest though, it’s already pretty weak - I don’t know what you’re worried about. Don’t try and compare it to a cattle prod or even fly zapper - they are much worse.

As for the internal electronics I think it’s just a low power fly zapper. Funny thing is the tazapper sparks more often than the fly zapper.

Richard, did you ever find/try your TAZapper?

So has anybody ever tried the tazapper…. I’ve seen it used a lot on videos. I haven’t participated in any bdsm but I do enjoy pain during sex like slapping or spanking….

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