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I was thinking I’d run out of colorful S&M sex toys to note. Then I discover the P.E.S. Corona “Cockhead” Stimulator with Urethral Amplifier.

Electrosex toy

Given their inventiveness I’ll forgiving them for calling it their “most unique” cockhead stimulator. This entertaining electro-toy doesn’t just directly galvanize the glans:

The Urethral Amplifier, once inserted into the Urethral cavity, transmits Erotic Electro Stimulation (EES) outward toward the head of the cock. This totally focuses EES in an overall pattern, internally and externally, over the Glans of the Penis (The Cockhead) to create what P.E.S. is known for world-wide, the best Erotic Electro Stimulation.

Having been amped up on morphine at the time I didn’t care a bit when they yanked the catheter out. Urethral play - it’d surely be different it it were something that Alexandra wanted - a form of BDSM I don’t entertain fantasies of. (Yeah, I do know it doesn’t have to involve BDSM.)

The model with small metal balls* that go across the glans is the one I’d buy if I were in the market.

Besides given my kinks the “breakthrough technology” of their testicle electrodes are more likely to take me to that space where I’m just a drooling … tell you what, you insert the noun that works best for you here.

The promise of hands free orgasms - rather self-manipulation to orgasm (I’d hope everyone has had orgasms that doesn’t involve their hands) - is what intrigues me the most about electro-play.

Imagining my penis erupting in response to electricity is fairly stupefying.

Even more so if her fingers were playing across the buttons and dials, playing me like a musical instrument.

Paradise Electro Stimulators

* Which I saw on Matisse’s journal.

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Can you get a foot pedal attatchment for it? lol..

Seriously, some kind of flat thing, like those dance mat game things that are popular in Japan, would be very interesting to me. That way I could dance on it until you came… And then some more .

Electronic Japanese dance mats are probably hard to come by. But I’m always here to respond to your rhythm as best I can. Pity about the mats, it is easy to imagine my phallus responding to your stomp. Not that anything is required beyond your boots.

P.E.S. makes some great stuff but they are expensive. I’ve managed to use an ordinary tens unit with some things found in home depot and other places to get off with. Truly an amazing orgasmic experience.

I bought a TENS unit a few months back but haven’t really done anything with it.

If you want to watch hands-free ejaculations, there is plenty of video on a free site called SmartStim. A hands-free orgasm usually takes longer than hand-on-cock, therefore builds up more fluid and the ejaculation can be spectacular—or it can ooze and ooze and ooze.

The forums are full of DIY methods to wire yourself up short of spending big bucks at PES—though their products are quite good. Also there are free downloadable software programs written for the ErosTek tens units that can get you off hands-free in many entertaining ways.

There are people on that site using Rimbas and other units also.

Hey Alexandra, look for the dance mats that are used for the Sony Playstation 2. That might work!

Hmmm…..PS2 games and accessories for adults…..can’t really picture them being sold at my local Hastings, but what an idea!

Oh - how I would love to be tightly restrained, and fitted with some electo gear - milked dry, and then some…… all while being video recorded for web publishing……

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