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Many BDSM merchants carry these electric bug zappers. I found a place that sells them for less than most.


Bugs be damned, I want to be zapped. At least I think so. I don’t have the nerve to test this on myself. I know self-experimentation is wise but sometimes without the sadist’s pleasure a masochist’s ability to absorb or transform pain isn’t there.

It isn’t that big, 6” and is powered by 2 AA batteries.

Nonetheless the zapper’s effect it reportedly quite thrilling. I.e., the recipient may jump to another part of the room (unless bound).

A quick thwack across the buttocks may tell us how deeply we want to go in electo-torment.

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I bought one and I couldn’t pull the trigger on myself. I had not said anything about it to Mistress for it only cost six bucks.She found it in the corner when I was tied and blindfolded.She didn’t bother to read the instructions and simply zapped my balls.The blue sparks and the smell of burning hair is an aquired taste.I enjoy how it works killing bugs.Mistress jokes about it from time to time and it still hides between the paddles.

I used a bug zapper on my penis and balls. It was nerve wracking at first, but I slowly began to enjoy the pain. I am not sure how safe it is to use reguarly.

I also have one these little gems. Try laying the racket flat on the ground. Then rest the bottom of your balls directly on the the exposed wires. Just tap the button at first. after a while you’ll be holding down the button yourself.

Anther variation on this is to pull your balls up by the haed of your dick, charge the racket and simply let your balls drop onto the racket head.

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