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I can’t believe that I stopped blogging for four months. Actually I was hardly online at all and then mostly visiting Hulu or Netflix.

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Sheer despair shut me down. My health, my shop’s very doubtful future, my unemployablity (and this was before hard times were officially de

clared) made thinking about my life so frightening and painful I withdrew as best I could from everything.

I didn’t fix broken websites, answer email. If it wasn’t edible or watchable I wanted nothing to do with it. While I wasn’t suicidal being alive hardly seemed like a worthwhile endeavor.

I’ve snapped out of that black funk.


My lungs are still weak but feel OK right now. I’m still using supplementary oxygen but feel like I can cut the level down.

My heart problem (Atrial fibrillation) will be with me until I die. I take my meds and don’t worry about it much more than I do being hit by a garbage truck.

Anyway, I’m back. Some my sites were updated today. I’m sure I’ll post something here in the near future.


Glad to have you back :).

I am so glad that you are back. I sensed that your disappearance was close to what you just reported and so I have been a little worried. You have been missed!:-}

Yo! Glad you’re getting along. It’s been tough holding down the fort without you.

I luvs ya to pieces. And I totally get walking away for a while. Jezuz Chrizt, you deserved to do it … even without the the sickness and the life-crap. Showing up everyday can be quite the hefty responsibility. Any blogger knows this.

We should have an official “Blogger Vacation” type of thingy … kinda-sorta like mainstream Personal Days. And since we are our own bosses, after all, we could arrange our Blogger Vacation any damn way we please.

I adore you.

xo, Angela

(PS. There’s a lot to be said for immersing ourselves in the edibles and watchables … now and again. I think — plain and simple — it’s called REST.)

I’m so glad you are feeling better Richard. This is good news. I wish you all the best for your continued resting and recovery, and re-found creativity.

Even in times of good health and good spirits, all this writing stuff online is optional after all, not some sort of obligation; it’s a choice for when you feel like doing it.

Wheeee Welcome back!

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