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I’d meant to post this after the emasculation entry but forgot about it so the flow I’d intended has been lost.

After that entry it hit me that I couldn’t recall any guy saying he wanted to be rendered literally impotent.

A CB3000 doesn’t do that. He can be very potent but unable. That is the idea.

But I can’t recall a submissive man writing of his craving for being rendered impotent via biochemistry. Since this would dovetail neatly with some of the other things they boys want I’m surprised.

Perhaps men don’t want to stop feeling aroused. Orgasm denial is a way of keeping arousal near the peak.

Then I remembered castration fantasies.

Witness this desperate fellow:

Erotic, Filthy, Sexy Fun for Submissive and Masochistic Men

Femdom Stories and Artwork


Female Domination and Male Slavery. 100% Femdom


No popups. Nothing to pay. I do this for fun. Think of me as a one-man F/m Tumblr site.

i believe in the SCUM manifesto*, and i believe that all men worldwide ought to be held in subjegation along with forced castration, with female breeders selecting the speciation through in vitro firtilization.

i believe that no man, anywhere should be permitted to have sex, or to ever ejaculate. i believe that men ought to be nothing more than chattel.

i believe that women should be allowed to ‘cheat’ and be as promiscuous as they want to, and i believe that any man who cheats even once ought to be sent to the electric chair…or at least to a ‘reeducation camp’ where they can be freely brutalized for years.

i believe in Lorena Bobbit, although if it were me in the place of ‘john wayne’ i would have asked Her to cut a little bit lower…and i would have provided a jar of formaldehyde for Her desk, to display what She removed.

Whew! Take two valium and call me in the morning.

More playful and plausible:

I always find the first time you tie your man up is a special occasion. Once he is totally committed, he starts to wonder about the wisdom of his choice. He begins to question whether he really knows you and your motives. If you should give him some reason to suddenly doubt your sanity, like by starting a conversation about castration and playing with your biggest kitchen knife, or any of a thousand other scenarios that play to your dominant impulses and his submissive ones, this can become an extremely memorable experience. The bonding and trust at the end of this type of scene echoes how powerful the fear and seclusion were during the part when the sub is mislead about your true intentions. A few merciless slaps and kicks can bring this to a peak, to be followed by a spanking that will feel worse than it is in his state of heightened emotion.

Anyway, I don’t see any connection between F/m interplay or BDSM in general and castration except in the minds of a very few.

As the most recent case of voluntary castration shows some men do want it and it can take place in a “dungeon” context.

There motivations? Discomfort with sexuality, actual sexual self-loathing and surely many, many other reasons. I’m not fool enough to pretend a right to an opinion. Anyone who feels that castration is something they need should visit Eunuch Archive Message Boards where they can read the words of men who do know.

* By Valerie Solanas who murdered Andy Warhol.


Actually, Solanas did shoot Warhol, but she didn’t kill him.

I think a lot of these diatribes and fantasies are mainly rhetorical/satirical. Solanas and Sade were writing, in part, to stir sh*t up and get people talking.

Ouch. I was misremembering the movie. (I dimly remember Warhol getting shot but didn’t really care.)

The couple of friends I can remember who were fans of hers regarded her as an amusing performance artist.

But I guess it makes gynarcho-fascist porn for men for whom Elise Sutton isn’t enough.

seeking castration by a lady. my black balls me be removed thanks

After reading several websites involving Femdom, and feeling that Female Domination is the proper order of things, I wondered if it is bizarre to desire a Dominant Female to castrate a submissive male and make him her personal slave. With my testosterone poisoning removed (along with my testicles), I should be a docile slave for my Mistress.

Thanks for your response.

I don’t know how common castration fantasies are but they aren’t so rare as to be shocking.

Women who want castrated men: so rare that you may never, ever find one.

i feel it is right that the female is dominant.they are so much more in control.

Er … well, I don’t think a woman is going to be in control if she doesn’t feel dominant. I’m not sure what your point is.

I feel that a woman want her man to be castrated and he permits it well then let him. I still have feeling of being catrasted to keep my drive down and then just take steriods give me the urge for sex. I beleive someday I will going to get castrated too! control just that!

Castrated men often still have plenty of sex drive. It just stops them from being able to reproduce. A common myth.

if a female could garauntee that i wouldn’t bleed to death i’d be more than willing to meet her so that she may castrate me! I’ve had this fantasy now for many years,so if you know of someone please give my details!!!!

Go see movie Demented. Get a castration idea from the sick bitch.

I want a beautifull woman h who need a man how me to castration fantasy

I am slave to castrated,or/and cut penis, or emascalulated by Mistress. It is very serious… Respects, solange.piggy

men are the dominant race. i dont kno why women feel the need to be in control but making them submissive and like women just makes it more clear that normal women are weak and are controlled. other than weak and pussy men, most men are dominant and in control. woman are inferior and wtf

I am a slave looking for a mistress and I am willing to be castrated are a girl that jest wants to castrate me email me at

Women looking to castrate a male I will volunteer

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